Liz Young’s Husband Jonathan Young

Liz Young's Husband Jonathan Young - Twitter

Liz Young’s husband Jonathan Young married her on April 19 of 2013. Then she gave him a job as a caddie. It makes it easier to golf pregnant when your husband is toting around the clubs! Liz drew headlines in Britain in July of 2016 for playing at the Ricoh Women’s British Open while seven months pregnant. She shot a 73 and was eliminated before the last rounds. Liz was born in Southampton and now…

Andrew Johnston’s Girlfriend Louise Jay

Andrew Johnston's Girlfriend Louise Jay - Instagram

In an article about his all-consuming beard, Andrew Johnston’s girlfriend Louise Jay did not want to be named by ESPN. According to Andrew, she’s very much not a fan of the wild outgrowth of beard that has been steadily expanding. I don’t know how he does it because every time I start one up I get insanely itchy. But there must be a hump that you get over where it stops being itchy? Anyway, Andrew Johnston’s…

Henrik Stenson’s wife Emma Lofgren

Henrik Stenson's wife Emma Lofgren @

Henrik Stenson’s wife Emma Lofgren has proven a long held theory that I’ve carried. And that theory is that Swedish people are boring. Now, don’t get us wrong. There is an undeniable boatload of talent (and attractiveness) that comes from Sweden, especially athletes and models. From Peter Forsberg to Mats Sundin to Elin Nordegren, there have been plenty of great Swedes, but it seems like everyone lacks a bit of a personality (ABBA would be…

Justin Thomas’ Girlfriend Jillian

Justin Thomas' girlfriend Jillian - Instagram

Justin Thomas’ girlfriend Jillian seems like a lovely young woman. She’s in a relationship with a self-confirmed mama’s boy, according to Justin. On Mother’s Day, Justin said he’s never too far from his mom. Justin and Jillian’s most recent documented outing together was a trip to Churchill Downs in May. They watched the horsies run around the track and dressed up in fancy clothes. People dress fancy because the horses (and tickets) are expensive. That’s the…

Patrick Reed’s wife Justine Reed

Patrick Reed's wife Justine Reed

Patrick Reed’s wife Justine Reed is the mother of their daughter, Windsor. Well, her full name is Windsor-Wells, but I find that very confusing so let’s just call the baby Windsor, okay? Yes, this couple is very WASPy. That’s not a bad thing. I’m just giving everybody a sense of what they’re like. This couple also has quite a lot of history that’s been covered by the media on places like I’m going to summarize a lot of…

Shane Lowry’s wife Wendy Honner

Shane Lowry's fiancee Wendy Iris Honner -Twitter

Shane Lowry’s wife Wendy Honner just removed the title of Shane Lowry’s girlfriend after marrying in April of 2016. The couple met for the first time randomly on a night out with friends and were instantly drawn together. They were engaged in December of 2014 and is hoping to tie the knot at some point in 2016. The future Mrs. Shane Lowry is not afraid to let the world know when she’s proud of him….

Sergio Garcia’s Girlfriend Katharina Boehm

Katharina Boehm

Sergio Garcia’s girlfriend Katharina Boehm may have been a PGA first. Following the 2013 Thailand Classic, Katharina Boehm might have been the first caddy to celebrate a win with their golfer by making out after holing out the 18th. Hiring Katharina as his caddy may appear to be a cheap publicity stunt, but let’s face it. With the way Sergio has performed the last few years, some positive press would be a nice change of…

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