Geoff Britten’s Wife Jessica Britten

Geoff Britten's Wife Jessica Britten

Geoff Britten’s wife Jessica Britten is another one of those wonder-moms who seemingly can do just about anything. I mean, she swings on monkey bars and does all those crazy physical feats of agility and strength, and she’s also a mom and wife. That impresses me because it takes a lot of dedication to be good at the obstacle courses that American Ninja Warrior throws at their contestants. I myself am in good shape, but I’d be surprised if…

Paul Hamm’s Girlfriend Victoria

Paul Hamm Girlfriend Victoria

Paul Hamm’s girlfriend Victoria hangs out with him in Chicago and is generally jazzed about him being a new contestant on American Ninja Warrior. The big thing for the Hamm Brothers and their ladies is getting on a boat and cruising around the Chicago harbor. The Hamms are originally from Wisconsin but Chicago’s more exciting so that’s where they both live now. Occasionally Paul and Victoria will make a trip to his hometown to visit the…

Jamie Rahn’s Girlfriend Kim Wienches

Jamie Rahn's Girlfriend Kim Wienches -Instagram

Jamie Rahn’s girlfriend Kim Wienches is just as physically fit as any other American Ninja Warrior. Most recently she had Jamie take a video of her doing 22 push-ups since it was the 22nd of the month. To be honest, that seems a little light. I myself do 30 push-ups every day so you’d think a ninja would pile on some more. In looking at her entire training regime, however, it’s clear that Kim stacks all kinds…

Kacy Catanzaro’s Boyfriend Brent Steffensen

Kacy Catanzaro's Boyfriend Brent Steffensen

Kacy Catanzaro’s boyfriend Brent Steffensen was one half of the “royal couple” featured on the show American Ninja Warrior (though he’s actually now her ex-boyfriend). In a nutshell, she’s said that “ultimately, I just want someone who knows what songs not to talk over.” Sounds about right. The theme to the television show she competed on would be one of those, right? I guess Kacy’s closest man now is Mr. Mogley, her very scruffy dog….

Dave Mirra’s wife Lauren Blackwell Mirra

Dave Mirra's wife Lauren Blackwell Mirra - Instagram

BMX Icon and X-Games Legend Dave Mirra was found dead after an apparent suicide on February 4, 2016. Dave Mirra’s wife Lauren Blackwell Mirra survives him along with their two children. Police in Greenville, North Carolina responded to a call for an apparent suicide around 4pm. Officers found Mirra with a self-inflicted gunshot wound while sitting in a pick up truck. Aound 3pm, not long before police were called to the scene, Mirra was posting…

Lance Armstrong’s Girlfriend Anna Hansen

Lance Armstrong's Girlfriend Anna Hansen - MySpace

Lance Armstrong’s girlfriend Anna Hansen just recently took the blame for smashing into two parked cars a few days ago. The problem is it wasn’t her that did it; it was Lance. You know, I think everyone understands why all the cyclists were doping it up for the Tour De France, but when you start to speak out against the practice of doping when you yourself are doing it, you are setting yourself up to…

Joey Chestnut’s girlfriend Neslie Ricasa

Joey Chestnut's girlfriend Neslie Ricasa - Facebook

“DON’T GET LAZY!” A popular refrain from Joey Chestnut’s girlfriend Neslie Ricasa while cheering on her hot dog eating champion boyfriend. “Boyfriend” and “girlfriend” however, are now out of date terms as of the 2014 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Championship. Immediately before the Fourth of July tradition, Chestnut dropped to one knee to propose to Ricasa. Ricasa, who also hails from Chestnut’s hometown of San Jose, is self described as “accounting graduate, sushi server, forever…

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