Miscellaneous Sports Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Danny Willett's wife Nicole Willett

Danny Willett and wife Nicole Willett married in 2013 and are living it up as Danny continues to impress on the Tour. At the start of this month, the couple could be seen living it up in London, attending Les Miserables and drinking champagne. Not having a kid yet, as we've seen, means the couple can go out and spend some golf bucks all the time. They do a lot of hanging out with their young nieces and nephews though, so I'd expect them to have a child within two years. That's generally how these things go.

Nicole watched the Irish Open with a big golf umbrella, seated next to Alison Clarke, who happens to be the founder of Ireland's top model agency. Danny Willett's wife Nicole Willett also did us the favor of documenting what room service looks like for someone staying at the Irish Open by posting a picture of it untouched on her Twitter account, and as you might imagine it's pretty classy. Even the Diet Coke is stylized in a kind of old-fashioned way, but that might just be what they look like in Ireland. Another one of Nicole's favorite things to show off on the net is her dog, a little pug.

Danny and Nicole recently bought a new place, and they've been getting to know the grounds by taking their pug on walks. It's got big fields and forests surrounding it, and it looks like the kind of place you could practice your swing. Nicole spends a good deal of time traveling to Danny's tournaments as well. She was there for his recent action at the Open, and she mentioned how proud she was of him in a photo she took from the restaurant that overlooks the course. When Father's Day rolled around, Danny Willett's wife Nicole Willett even posted a picture of their wedding where her father was present to give her away. I've watched a few clips of Nicole golfing too, and she's not bad.


Robert Streb's wife Maggie Streb

Robert Streb's wife Maggie Streb met him at Kansas State while Robert was putting his way into NCAA Championships as a freshman. Maggie didn't really know how good he was when they first got together, but as she started to attend his games she began to realize it. Now the guy's a king in the PGA.

The couple now have a daughter named Catherine who was born in February of this year. This comes about two years after they were married in June of 2012. Robert earned his PGA Tour card in 2012 after finishing seventh on the money list, so being officially planted down with a lady apparently helped him. Robert Streb's wife says of the kid, "Ever since she was six weeks old, we've been on the road with him. She flies really well, and she's been sleeping really well." So Maggie herself goes to pretty much ever tournament. They've since planted some roots at a house close to Kansas City in Shawnee, Kansas. I watched a PGA Tour video of them at home and while some might think they're kind of boring people, more importantly is that they're very nice.

Maggie says that she walks around the lake they live on every morning, and it's a 5-mile walk. This was before she had her kid, though, so that's a whole new challenge . Now it's become a pretty standard existence for Robert Streb's wife Maggie Streb-- taking care of their daughter and just traveling around watching him make cash and birdies. Nothing much of interest happens online for either of them except Robert occasionally retweeting some nationalist tweets from Fox News, but you can't hold that against him since the PGA doesn't require anyone to have even a cursory awareness of current events and geopolitics. You just gotta' put the golf ball in the hole. Plus, there's not a whole lot of variety in the media outlets in Kansas. What's important is that Maggie and their daughter Catherine are raking in the dough thanks to Robert's sure swing and steady putts.


Jordan Niebrugge's girlfriend Molly Hobbs

Jordan Niebrugge's girlfriend Molly Hobbs is a very young lady still in college and currently attending a school called Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. She's originally from good old Mequon, Wisconsin, and that's also where Jordan grew up after his parents moved him and his sister from Bridgeton, Missouri (according to Wikipedia, who never ever lies). Molly's recently been caddying a bit for Jordan, and back in November of 2014 she posted a picture of herself wearing "Niebrugge" on her back and standing on the green with him as he pondered what to do. Molly has three brothers, all of whom look sort of like frat boys, and so she kind of takes after them, as she herself is in a sorority. I'm pretty sure it's called Chi Omega.

Since Molly is in that zone where she's having the time of her life in college, she does a lot of activities with her college friends. They travel to different things altogether like a gang, and there's no shortage of photos of them laughing and goofing around together. Jordan Niebrugge's girlfriend Molly Hobbs is pretty much always the prettiest girl in these pictures, and that's impressive since there's generally a dozen or so girls in them. I've seen a few pictures of Jordan and Molly in high school, and it wasn't so long ago that they were just little kids. So you're going to have to give them some time to see if they stick it out together. I think there's a good chance of that happening though. Golf is far less volatile for relationships than football or basketball.

Since Molly is so young, she doesn't really have much going on in her life outside of partying with friends at school and studying. She'll occasionally take part in sorority stuff, which from what I can tell basically means just dressing up in some way and taking pictures with other sorority members. It looks like Molly is also very close with her family, and they take a lot of pictures together. Her brothers look similar to her, and I think they recently got puppies (or at least took pictures with some puppies). It may be they were just watching someone else's dogs or her parents were. Either way, she seems to get along well with her brothers.