Miscellaneous Sports Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


JJ Watt's Girlfriend Caroline Wozniacki

JJ Watt's girlfriend Caroline Wozniacki is now off of the Ryan Kerrigan Train and looks to be on the Watt Express. We posted back in December about Caroline and Kerrigan being seen together and going out, but now it seems that is over. Kerrigan was apparently saying the two were just friends, but that's a little tough to believe. I think Kerrigan or Woz probably just didn't want to get into a real relationship. It was likely Woz who put the brakes on, feeling like she wasn't ready after her breakup with Rory McIlroy.

We talked about this only a few months ago so I won't harp on it, but McIlroy dumped JJ Watt's girlfriend Caroline Woznicacki in brutal fashion-- breaking off their engagement via a call on the telephone that took less than three minutes. McIlroy then won a bunch of golfing tournaments. Anyway that's deader than dead at this point. I wonder now if Rory showed up at Caroline's door and asked her to give him a second chance, would she take him back? My guess is she would not, and now she could call her rumored boyfriend JJ Watt to smash through a wall and rescue her from such scenes. This dude is an absolute monster-- a 6'5" 290 pound wrecking ball who had 20.5 sacks last year and 20.5 sacks in 2012 (you read that correctly). Rumors started flying when the two showed up at the 2015 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship together, where JJ's alma mater Wisconsin took on Duke. They've since been photographed together, but nothing is officially official yet. I'm just waiting on Caroline or JJ to post a picture of themselves together on their social media accounts to make it, you know, social media-official. I certainly think there's something to that when someone posts a picture of themselves with the person they're dating. It's like saying "this is now a viable chapter in my life."

The Woz has been busy recently. She apparently played Barack Obama in tennis (there was a picture of them hugging at the court with rackets). She also met Justin Bieber, visited the white house, did some modeling shoots, and went to Indonesia. I think she looks a lot like Heidi Klum. She's a super catch.


Lenny Wilkens' Wife Marilyn Wilkens

Lenny Wilkens' wife Marilyn Wilkens has been married to the old chap for a very long time. I don't know when they were married, but they've been giving to a place called the Odessa Brown Clinic since 1970, so that gives you some idea of how long they've been together. That's 45 years right there, and Lenny himself was born in 1937, so he'll be 80 in two years. That's an impressive run of years in its own right.

That giving streak I just mentioned is part of what defines the best former professional coaches. I hesitate to say Lenny Wilkens is retired because he's still very active. Lenny Wilkens' wife Marilyn Wilkens travels along with him to places all across the globe. In 2010, they traveled to South Korea and Lenny acted as a consultant for their national team. This was to try and help South Korea win in the Asian Games, which is just what it sounds like. He's past the days when he'd take up coaching full time (since that would take him away from spending time with Marilyn, their children, and their grandchildren) but he's still an active and competitive person. Their children were born a long time ago and are named Leesha, Randy, and Jaime. Their grandchildren are named Ashley and Nicole. Lenny and Marilyn live in Seattle, and they've said they'd be interested in some kind of involvement if Seattle ever gets another professional basketball team. That seems unlikely, and after all the studies that have been done proving that sports arenas don't actually contribute much to a city's economy, it probably won't happen any time in Lenny and Marilyn's lifetime.

The couple also take part in a host of other philanthropic events such as the Annual Lenny Wilkens Foundation Celebrity Classic Weekend. This event includes a dinner auction and a golf tournament. They're overall great people when it comes to giving back.


Paul Casey's Wife Pollyanna Woodward

Paul Casey's wife Pollyanna Woodward just had a baby. She said last year, "We're so excited about having a little us to teach, love, and watch grow up! It's such a gift and we really can't wait to meet them." Calling the baby a "little us" is kinda' weird, but we get what you're saying, Pollyanna. Paul and Pollyanna met at the 2011 Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix while Pollyanna was presenting the checkered flag Ball with Eddie Jordan. Pollyanna was going through a divorce, and so was Paul. She says she waited until his divorce was finalized and then asked him out. I don't know why you'd wait; I mean the guy is obviously not seeing or with the woman who he's divorcing.

Polyanna's an English lady, born in one of those regions with two endings-- Nottinghamshire. It should be mentioned right away that Pollyanna is a presenter on a very successful television show called 'The Gadget Show.' It's a show about consumer electronics hosted by a bunch of people. I've never seen it, but I'm guessing she's the one who goes "out in the field" and tests out products and talks to people involved in producing them. One of the most notable things to happen to her on television was her time training with an Olympic diver named Tom Daley. She basically face-planted into the water and came out bleeding from the nose and eyes. Photographs of her face afterward showed a very painful looking two bloody red eyes and a red face. So that instantly taught Paul Casey's wife Pollyanna Woodward that putting your hands out in a dive is important to actually break up the water in front of you, I guess. Though the dive was from a 3 meter springboard where she was doing a 1.5 somersault. She screwed it up in a way where it caused her to smack her face directly into the water at a harsh momentum.