Miscellaneous Sports Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)

11/25/14 (Updated)

Al Michaels' Wife Linda Michaels


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Al Michaels married his wife Linda Anne Michaels way back in 1966. He was just 22 years old when he tied the knot with her, and they've been together ever since then. That's a pretty impressive feat in itself, and when you take a look at the guy's career, he sort of sets the gold standard for what you want to achieve if you're a professional broadcaster. Multiple Emmy awards, years of experience in the big four: hockey, baseball, basketball, and football. He's very well known as the guy who exclaimed "Do you believe in miracles? Yes!" when the USA beat the USSR in the 1980 Olympic Hockey Final.

Linda has seen and heard a lot in all that time she's been married to Al. For instance, she's heard the now legendary story of Al and Howard Cosell's spat that eventually led to Cosell being fired. The incident happened in the mid 80's when Cosell was getting so hammered during a baseball broadcast that Al had to tell him after the game that he was "ruining the fucking telecast." He then went back inside to the bar to get a big drink of vodka to try and cool off, but Cosell had all but emptied out the vodka bottle. The other awesome story he told David Letterman in 1994 was about how a drunken Cosell back in 1981 got out of a limousine in a rough neighborhood in Saint Louis to commentate on a street fight between some kids. The kids were so shocked and confused they stopped fighting and just stared.

Anyway, Linda herself has had plenty of kids with Al, and they're both grandparents now. The couple was spotted taking their grandchildren to a hockey game recently, and they were driving a classy Mercedes AMG. Life is good indeed for one of the best broadcaster ever and his lovely wife Linda.

11/21/14 (Updated)

John Madden's Wife Virginia Madden



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John Madden's wife Virginia Madden had to get used to having John around during the big holidays. Nevermind the holidays, John would be away for the better part of half a year every single year for as long as he'd known Virginia. John was first involved as a player in the NFL, though he never got to play because of a knee injury. Then, he was a coach for a good long while, winning the Super Bowl, and then he was a commentator for close to thirty years. All of this amounted to Virginia getting used to not having John around for a huge chunk of time.

So you can imagine how different it was for John's wife Virginia when he retired in 2009 and was spending all of his time with the family. John and Virginia have two sons, Joe and Mike, and a bunch of grandkids. They haul around in Madden's bus, which was formerly used for him to call games in since he was terrified of flying and vowed never to fly again after around 1979 when he had a panic attack. In her early forties, Virginia began to have dizzy spells, and she ignored them for a short time, but after they didn't go away she decided to give her doctor a visit. The doctor suspected she might have a blocked artery, and a surgeon confirmed it. She underwent surgery only after John checked his win/loss record, according to them. It was a successful surgery.

I don't really get the whole win/loss record checking thing. Was John trying to make light of the situation, or is he really that superstitious? Let's say his coaching winning percentage was .550. Was he somehow equating this to be the likelihood that Virginia would be okay after the surgery? Surgery and Madden's coaching record have absolutely nothing to do with one another. Anyway, superstitions aside, Virginia is fine and enjoying life with her now around-more-than-usual husband John.

11/24/14 (Updated)

Cris Collinsworth's Wife Holly Collinsworth


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Cris Collinsworth's wife Holly Collinsworth was a lawyer before they were even married. He was thirty years old, having already been to a Super Bowl with Boomer Esiason on the Bengals (they lost) and was know as a serious ladies man in Cincinnati. There was a joke that all the singles bars in Cincinnati considered his wedding a day of mourning, and the local papers of the time said the girls would be throwing themselves at the limousine before the wedding. I think maybe the city of Cincinnati just likes to play up their pro athletes' reputations.

Cris' wife Holly graduated from the University of Kentucky after having been a cheerleader (gotta' love the cheerleaders) and then graduated from the Cincinnati College of Law. Back in 2008, Holly managed to raise a whopping $7.8 million to renovate her old high school. 7.8 million dollars. That's not your usual fundraising amount. Usually you'll see amounts like 50,000 bucks or even 100,000. Everyone involved in the campaign said Holly was the reason they managed to get that much. One of the people involved said of Holly: "Yes, many people contributed through committees and contributions, but Holly is the primary reason for the successful campaign, locally and in getting the state's support." Being able to motivate and lead people is a rare talent, and this kind of thing is what makes Holly so cool. Holly also works with the Cris Collinsworth ProScan Fund which serves to educate women about breast cancer and provide low-cost mammograms (not administered by Cris Collinsworth, ladies). They've raised over a million dollars for it.

This lady gets things done! Cris used to joke about his now wife Holly working hard in order to pay for their wedding. Apparently Cris also got a law degree at the Cincinnati College of Law back in 1991. I have no idea why he did that, but maybe he thought his wife was so cool he decided he'd follow in her footsteps.