Dave Mirra’s wife Lauren Blackwell Mirra

Dave Mirra's wife Lauren Blackwell Mirra - Instagram

BMX Icon and X-Games Legend Dave Mirra was found dead after an apparent suicide on February 4, 2016. Dave Mirra’s wife Lauren Blackwell Mirra survives him along with their two children. Police in Greenville, North Carolina responded to a call for an apparent suicide around…

Lance Armstrong’s Girlfriend Anna Hansen

Lance Armstrong's Girlfriend Anna Hansen - MySpace

Lance Armstrong’s girlfriend Anna Hansen just recently took the blame for smashing into two parked cars a few days ago. The problem is it wasn’t her that did it; it was Lance. You know, I think everyone understands why all the cyclists were doping it…

Joey Chestnut’s girlfriend Neslie Ricasa

Joey Chestnut's girlfriend Neslie Ricasa - Facebook

“DON’T GET LAZY!” A popular refrain from Joey Chestnut’s girlfriend Neslie Ricasa while cheering on her hot dog eating champion boyfriend. “Boyfriend” and “girlfriend” however, are now out of date terms as of the 2014 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Championship. Immediately before the Fourth of…

Rich Froning’s wife Hillary Froning

Rich Froning's wife Hillary Froning

Let’s get the second question out of the way first: Who is Rich Froning’s wife? Easily enough, we can introduce you to Rich Froning’s wife Hillary Froning. And now that we’ve buried the narrative of this post, let’s talk about the question a lot of…

Chris Sharma’s girlfriend Daila Ojeda

Chris Sharma's girlfriend Daila Ojeda - highballblog.com

ESPN The Magazine’s annual body issue provides plenty of discussion: Who looks best? Who looks worst? Who should put more clothes on? And finally,.. Who? The 2013 issue introduced most of us to the one of the best rock climbers in the world, Chris Sharma….

David Sands girlfriend Erika Moutinho


On Sunday at the 2011 World Series of Poker, the tournament was left with 41 players. David Sands was part of a table breaking up, and after a card drawing amongst his former table mates, he drew the card to go to the ESPN feature…