Ric Flair’s wife Jackie Beems


Ric Flair’s wife Jackie Beems has had to deal with a lot since he stopped wrestling full time. Upon hearing reports of another incident at Logan Airport in Boston, it sounds like this trend will continue. We’re getting depressed with the frequency we have to write this post….

Jared Goff’s Mom and Sister

Jared Goff's parents - Instagram

Normally on this site, we’d be prepping to learn about Jared Goff’s girlfriend before the draft, but Jared Goff’s mom and sister are his support system. And while I’m not trying to blow up his spot, it seems like Jared is kind of a momma’s…

Carson Wentz’s Girlfriend Melissa Uhrich

Carson Wentz's Girlfriend Melissa Uhrich- Instagram

Carson Wentz’s girlfriend Melissa Uhrich looks like she’s super young in most of her pictures. That’s because she’s still very young and dating a big NFL draft prospect. They’re both from Bismarck, North Dakota and attended Century High School. They’re both athletes (Melissa was an all-state…

Danny Willett’s wife Nicole Willett and Son

Danny Willett's wife Nicole Willett

Danny Willett’s wife Nicole Willett gave birth to the couple’s first child, a son named Zachariah James Willett. This would be a smaller story if it wasn’t for the fact that this occurred on March 30th, 2016 – less than 2 weeks from the Masters. Willett chose…

Bernhard Langer’s wife Vikki Carol

Bernhard Langer’s wife Vikki Carol is a wife we never thought we’d be covering on this site. And to be clear, that is not a knock on Ms. Carol. But Bernhard Langer is a name that’s been off the leaderboards for a while, and wasn’t…

Scott Piercy’s Wife Sara Piercy

Scott Piercy's Wife Sara Piercy- Twitter

Scott Piercy’s wife Sara Piercy is a massive Howard Stern fan. She’s also a huge fan of posting overly “kissy” pictures of herself with Mr. Piercy. It’s to the point where it almost seems like she’s overcompensating or something. Like, “Look at how much we love each…

Shane Lowry’s girlfriend Wendy Honner

Shane Lowry's fiancee Wendy Iris Honner -Twitter

Shane Lowry’s girlfriend Wendy Honner is actually Shane Lowry’s fiancee and soon to be Shane Lowry’s wife. The couple met for the first time randomly on a night out with friends and were instantly drawn together. They were engaged in December of 2014 and is…

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