Jay Williams' Girlfriend Charissa Thompson



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We always struggle with how to title posts like this one. Is it about Jay Williams' girlfriend Charissa Thompson, or is this Charissa Thompson's boyfriend Jay Williams? Either way, the love birds would seem to compete head to head in the sports broadcasting arts, and while all of Charissa Thompson's career aspirations may have com true, this definitely isn't what Mr. Williams planned. As you may or may not know, Jay suffered some pretty jarring injuries back in 2003 when he crashed a motorcycle into a streetlight and cried out for mercy from the gods of career-ending injuries. They did not heed his calls, and he was dropped from every team that he tried to play on afterwards.

Charissa Thompson's boyfriend's once promising career lasted just 75 games. He was drafted second overall at the age of 21, and he averaged close to 10 points per game his rookie season. The injuries he sustained were just the right combination to put him on the screwed-for-life list of professional basketball players. He and Greg Oden have some things in common. Anyway, Jay Williams is now kicking it with his new girlfriend Charissa Thompson, who is known for looking good in front of a camera and being into sports. Fox Sports knows what people like. She graduated from UC Santa Barbara in 2004 and became the hot chick who the broadcasters on NFL On Fox check in with on the field. I'm pretty sure she's most known for reporting on what was going on during the game on the sidelines and in the huddle etc. There's actually a Youtube compilation of her "check-ins" from games. I guess some obsessive fan has way too much time on their hands. It has basically no value unless you just really like watching Charissa Thompson talk about sideline activity. Maybe it was Jay Williams who put the Youtube clip together.

Now Jay Williams girlfriend has probably been hit on by dozens of NFL players, and lucky for Jay, it may be part of her contract that she can't date any of them. I've always wondered how often pro players hit on the hot women who interview them. My estimation is that it is very, very frequent. I'm going to assume dating Jay is a pretty solid fit since they both have pretty much the same job. Currently, Williams' girlfriend Charissa has been recruited to talk about celebrity gossip with the beautiful-woman-engulfing Mario Lopez. So are they going to keep the same "checking in" format and have her report live from the streets of Beverly Hills and update people with injuries to actors and famous people?


Cam Thomas' girlfriend Adrienne


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Cam Thomas' girlfriend Adrienne wants the judicial system to know that Cam Thomas gave her herpes.

Cam Thomas wants the world to know that he absolutely did not.

Now that we've gotten the attention grabbers out of the way, let's rewind a bit. Cam Thomas's ex-girlfriend Adrienne filed suit against the Steelers D-Lineman alleging that he gave her herpes, and that he is the only person capable of giving them to her.

After the two began dating in 2010, the plaintiff noticed "puss-filled bumps on his buttocks and inner thigh" and sores on his genitalia, both of which Thomas allegedly explained away either football or zipper related issues. Adrienne initially tested negative for herpes in 2010, but later tested positive for the disease in early 2012.

Thomas' lawyers responded by calling Adrienne a bitter, telling TMZ Sports, "She's angry, vindictive and mean because he has another woman, and a baby in his life." According to Thomas' lawyers timeline, Adrienne tested positive five months after the couple split up, and it's impossible to prove him as the source.

Seeking unspecified damages, Adrienne is suing for sexual battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, fraud through intentional concealment and negligence.


Noah Syndegaard's girlfriend Samantha Van Veen



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Noah Syndegaards’s girlfriend Samantha Van Veen doesn’t have to be concerned that her Mets’ boyfriend is not likely to reach the big leagues until later this season. As the 11th top prospect in all of baseball, the minor league pitcher is giving New York fans a reason to pay attention this spring.

On September 1 2010, the tiny blonde from Mansfield Texas posted on facebook that she was in a relationship with Noah Syndeguaard. And since then, Samantha Van Veen has been Noah Syndeguaard’s biggest fan. The Texas A&M senior proved herself from her dude’s first spring outing, when she was glued to Twitter waiting to see the results. “When the game isn't televised= twitter stalking to the max to get updates,” tweeted Samantha Van Veen.

Aside from her boyfriend, Samantha Van Veen loves her dog Miley. She apparently enjoys guns, an occasional keg stand and the Aggies. Samantha Van Veen is also involved in an on-campus student organization. As the Secretary for the Agricultural Economics Society at A&M, Samantha Van Veen is part of an organization that is the representative of the national Agriculture & Applied Economics Association (AAEA).

But this spring, Samantha Van Veen will likely be paying more attention to her man’s playing instead of school. Although the Mets have indicated the front-runners for their positions will be veterans, they have a history of bringing up heralded prospects a few months into the season. This was true of both Harvey and Wheeler. With Noah Synderguaard’s high-octane fastball and “hook-from-hell” it seems apparent he is on the same track to success. Alongside Samantha Van Venn, we here at PlayerWives will surely be watching and waiting to see.