Justin Hunter's girlfriend Aleisha Rayner​

Justin Hunter's girlfriend Aleisha Rayner​ is a young and lovely mother of two boys, Braylon and Justin Jr. The kids are one and three years old. The couple's been together since college, where they met at the University of Tennessee. Aleisha used to be on the track team and competed as a runner. Those days are over, but she seems to have taken to motherhood very well.

The thing she's probably not taking to so well is the fighting between Justin and some guy at a bar that happened a few days ago. It's not clear if Justin Hunter's girlfriend was at the bar at the time of the fight. Alleged details of a drunken brawl are always murky, but current reports allege that Hunter punched the guy in the face twice, was separated from him, and then sucker-punched him while the guy was spitting out blood on the sidewalk. Hey, these things happen. Now there's a bit of a debate about whether Hunter should be placed on immediate leave. Personally, I tend to show a lot of leniency with bar fight situations because alcohol and men can and do create fights. Still, gotta' keep those fists from flyin' unless you want to pay big fines and be labelled a problem.

Anyway, as far as Aleisha goes-- she's currently a real estate agent around Nashville. Her bio section doesn't really give much of a sense for Aleisha as a person, but it's professional enough: "I am very big on customer service. The customer service you will receive from me will meet all of your expectations and I will make that commitment to each and every client..."

Well, what if my expectations are to get punched in the face by Justin Hunter? I need a firm commitment that you can provide that service for me.


Marquise Goodwin's wife Morgan Goodwin

Marquise Goodwin's wife Morgan Goodwin is an Atlanta native who grew up with a mom, a dad, and a stepdad in her life. The new era family provided unconditional support, which she was proud to explain in the short biography on their wedding site. She's still quite young and just finished her track and field career running for the University of Texas and graduating with a degree in public relations. She says she plans on being an actress with a backup plan of becoming a public relations professional that deals with athletes or celebrities.

I think the last part of her wedding bio is pretty funny. Morgan Goodwin says "Marquise calls me selfish, but when it comes to him, I'm not selfish at all (only sometimes...OK, maybe I am)." That's got to be one of the funniest things I've read in an "about section" of a wedding site. I want Marquise Goodwin's wife to become an actress now because she clearly has personality.

If you can see the personality coming off the page like that, it's a good thing. She's essentially saying "He said this about me, but it's totally not true. Well, only sometimes it's true. Actually, it is true."

She goes on to say:

"I love challenges and I am always on the go (Marquise hates this about me LOL)."

I'm not sure how challenges and always being on the go correlate, but then she continues:

"I can be an airhead sometimes and Marquise hates that about me too."

Okay, duly noted. She then continues:

"He also tells me that I don't listen (giggles). I can also be forgetful at times."

I'm telling you, you've got to be really charismatic if you're able to freely admit all these faults and still be lovable, as she actually states she is at the end of the bio. I believe it. There's actually a fantastic vine video (or whatever they're called) of her talking smack to Marquise and him saying under his breath "I can stand her." Check that out.

I just wanted to quickly mention that Marquise's sister, Deja, has cerebral palsy, which is a horrible and crippling disease that prohibits her from controlling any of the muscles in her body. Marquise made the statement to ESPN that "I realize that I've been blessed in my life and that I'm blessed with an opportunity to do things for myself. She lives through me, because she's never been able to do anything like that. We live vicariously through each other." That's powerful stuff.


Abby Wambach's wife Sarah Huffman

Abby Wambach's wife Sarah Huffman was visible right after the USA beat Japan in the Women's World Cup, and it was a pretty intense moment. It was one of those moments where someone holds the other person's head to their forehead and manically says stuff like "you did it, you did it, dreams come true." There were even a bunch of fans holding American flags behind them. It was awesome. I wish I could have one of these moments. It's almost a guarantee that anyone reading this won't get to experience an intense world-beating moment on a national stage ever. Maybe I'll just be one of those streaker guys and run across a sports field naked and pretend I won something. It'll be a rush.

At one time Sarah was a pro soccer player herself. She played for the Portland Thorns in the NWSL. She recently took Abby to a club on her birthday and said on Instagram: "Happy birthday to the woman who has taught me to go fearlessly after my wildest dreams. Forever glad you were born today." That's a cool thing to say on someone's birthday. Every once in awhile I see one of these messages on Instagram, and it's always nice. Abby Wambach's wife Sarah Huffman also takes a lot of pictures of their bulldog Tex. He's one of those dogs that sometimes gets their tongue caught between their teeth when their mouth is closed. He's pretty funny.

One thing I've noticed, though, about pictures of Sarah is that she likes to do a contemplative look when someone's taking a picture of her. It's not as if she's unhappy, but it's sort of like she knows how to seem at peace when the lens is on her. It makes for some cool photos. Abby also does that, and she's good at it. It's a hard thing to not smile in a photo but still look cool, you know? A lot of model-types try it but they just look miserable. I think one of the secrets is to squint skeptically the way Sarah does, but you've also got to still be in a good mood. The last bit of noteworthy info is Abby Wambach's wife Sarah Huffman somehow obtained a full life-size cardboard cutout of Abby as a Simpsons character. She had her dog Tex take a picture with the cutout. I may start a business making these things because I now want one of myself. I'll put it in the office and go visit my Simpsons self every morning.