Andrew Shaw's girlfriend Chaunette Boulerice

Andrew Shaw's girlfriend Chaunette Boulerice is a pretty girl with a good head on her shoulders, but I question her taste in movies. She mentioned that "Hook" was one of her favorites, and I remember seeing that in the theaters when I was about seven years old and thinking it wasn't too great [Editor's note: Nope. You're wrong. It's great.]. Nevertheless, she does seem to have a penchant for finding uplifting and motivating quotes. Never underestimate what you can find out about a person from the quotes they post or repost on their personalized social media accounts. Example: "Remember that people will always question the good things they hear about you and believe the bad ones without a second thought." I don't think that's necessarily true, but it shows a healthy amount of resolve and skepticism that is often lacking in player wives.

So what else do we know about Andrew Shaw's girlfriend Chaunette Boulerice? For starters, she's a Canadian, and she let's us know that every once in awhile by praising the little perks of visiting Canada and eating at Canadian fast-food staples like Tim Horton's. I'm fairly certain Tim Horton's is a thing in the States too, but we'll let her retain her fast-food pride. Though she's a canuck, she calls her home Belleville, Illinois. I find this to be a bit of a strange spot since its far closer to St. Louis than Chicago. In fact, it's about as far away from Chicago as you can get and still remain in the state of Illinois-- over four hours drive. She describes taking trips to Chicago now and again and going out with Andrew to restaurants fairly frequently. That does make me wonder why they've chosen to live there. They've got two little dogs (standard issue for player wives) and Chaunette never fails to include them in pictures every month or so.


Bradley Beal's girlfriend Mikala McGee

Bradley Beal's girlfriend Mikala McGee is a twenty year-old athlete, so right there they've got a whole lot in common. Being a young NBA player is very often like being a perpetual free agent on the relationship/ relations market. There's just a lot going on for those guys, but with Mikala-- I sort of wonder if the two don't just talk about basketball all the time since their lives have been so wrapped up in it.

Previously, Bradley Beal's girlfriend Mikala McGee had been playing at Missouri State and doing okay there, but now she's transferred to George Mason and is "red-shirted," which I think means she can't play. That's just the rule, but she was apparently a ridiculously successful player when she was a high school player at Pattonville High School outside of St. Louis. Her man had far more success as a player at a young age-- drafted into the NBA after one season in the NCAA, and now he's averaging 15 points per game at the age of 21.

Most of Mikala's Twitter output is her quoting the bible and wishing people to have a "blessed day," which is one of the most common words used by player wives from rural areas, believe it or not. One interesting thing I noticed on her feed is that her brother died at a young age (probably early 20's) and she posted that she "always saw the goodness in you. you will always & forever be my brother. meet you in paradise." That was a somewhat unexpected fact to learn. That must have been rough to lose a brother. She operates on the "there is always a bigger picture" living model, which is a convenient way for a lot of people to move through life relatively stress-free. That's sort of the gyst of all of what she says on Twitter. Another good example of this is when she says, "When God starts pulling you out of your comfort zone, he is preparing you for his next big blessing." Another way of saying this is "ups and downs."


Frederik Andersen's girlfriend Hilary Knight

Frederik Andersen's girlfriend Hilary Knight is one of the top women's hockey players in America. Her life is all about hockey, and it makes me wonder how she can even maintain a relationship with a guy who's life is also all about hockey. These people must never see each other. I'm not exactly sure how stringent the Canadian Women's Hockey League schedule is, but I'm pretty sure it takes up most of her time, and the same is absolutely true for Frederik.

When it comes to relationship compatibility, Frederik Andersen's girlfriend Hilary Knight seems perfect. She grew up in a house with older brothers who skated and played, and her motivation was wanting to be better than them. She was a top college prospect while in high school, and was recruited by pretty much every team with a women's hockey program. She settled on Wisconsin, and she made the 2010 Olympic team where the USA got a silver medal. She also made the NCAA Championship Final all four of her years on Wisconsin. That kind of blows my mind, to be honest. Her team must have been insanely good to do that, and she was the captain! She was essentially the best player in the NCAA.

Most recently, Hilary and her team won the Womens World Hockey Championships gold medal by beating Canada. I don't know much about the event, but it's a big deal in the world of women's hockey. So I think I've sufficiently proven that Hilary is a world-class women's hockey player. She might be in the top 10 women in the world. Frederik Andersen's girlfriend Hilary Knight's Instagram account is not like a model's Instagram account, although she's a lovely girl. She definitely is more about capturing a moment than she is capturing her own visage. Every one of her photos has her smiling and having a good time with friends rather than her looking wooden and showing off clothes or a hairstyle.