Sepp Blatter's ex-wife Graziella Bianca and girlfriend Lina Barras

The FIFA President was able to stay married for two years, and that's better than a lot of athletes. Sepp Blatter's ​ex-wife Graziella Bianca was married to the guy from 2002 to 2004. Even back in 2002, the LA Times was talking about how Sepp was "jumping through hoops" to retain his status as FIFA President while "evading a calendar full of corruption charges," and the article wasn't even about that-- it was about his marriage to Graziella.

Graziella herself had a pretty damn cool job: dolphin trainer. Now come on, people, you know you've never met a dolphin trainer in your whole life. Yes, when I say dolphin trainer I am indeed talking about one of the people who jumps into the giant tank at Sea World and, you know, trains'em to do stuff and feeds them little fishies. Graziella was forty years-old at the time of the marriage, and she was a friend of Sepp's 39 year-old daughter Corrine. Graziella actually worked at a Swiss park called Conny Land, but she quit after 18 months because she didn't like how the animals were treated. She sounds like a sweet lady.

Of course, we are talking about Sepp Blatter here, so you know there's going to be some drama. Apparently there was a tornado of gossip going around that Sepp has a new girlfriend, and she's still married to some other guy. Sepp Blatter's girlfriend Lina Barras is a 49 year-old and friend of the niece of Sepp Blatter. A bunch of pictures were taken of the couple at some kind of Swiss Ballon d'Or Awards thing, and so the press asked Linda's husband about it. He responded, "I know nothing about this. I'm still married to Linda." My guess is they're separated, and she's turning over a new (err, other) leaf. So from Sepp Blatter's ex-wife Graziella Bianca to Sepp Blatter's girlfriend Linda Barras, he likes to get some age difference going, and who can blame him really? Blatter has actually been married three times and has a granddaughter named Serena. Graziella even said she was happy for Sepp that he found a new love.


05/25/15 (Updated)

LeSean McCoy's ex-girlfriend Steph

So there's a big old history of online quarreling b​etween LeSean McCoy's ex-girlfriend Steph and himself. She's the mother of his son, but that's the only connection these two seem to share at all now. So I guess I should start by reviewing some of the basics about their torn and frayed relationship and their feisty online interactions. Buckle up...

According to LeSean, the two of them got together within a week of meeting one another, but LeSean claims he "didn't know her name" when they consummated their relationship, so to speak. LeSean McCoy's girlfriend Steph also has told the entire twittosphere that LeSean "has herpes" and that his best friend has, well, had relations with her. Sorry but this is just what they've made public via their own tweets to each other and to their followers. Apparently they thought hashing these types of things out online instead of in person was a good idea.

Steph says she takes care of their son (also named LeSean) most of the time and that LeSean has very little to do with him. Their son was born in April of 2013. LeSean McCoy's ex-girlfriend seems to despise the elder LeSean and vice versa. At one point, LeSean was imploring his followers on twitter to call her a "bum" and lashed out at her, saying the only reason she had a life was because of their son and subsequent child support payments. Boy, these types of things get nasty. I'm sure it goes without saying that we urge all professional athletes to not talk about their relationships online. That way sites like us are forced to talk about only the delightful and nice things about them.

Steph is a striking looking lady, and she seems to be doing just fine taking care of her son, whom she talks about very often. Steph is a Pisces who loves to follow astrology and frequently posts things about her sign. She's also a Puerto Rican and very proud of her heritage. She talks about how Puerto Rico is part of the United States and thus no Puerto Ricans are immigrants because they're all citizens from birth. She seems to take major offense at the term "immigrant."


Shawn Marion's girlfriend Jennifer Christensen

Shawn Marion's girlfriend Jennifer Christensen is the mother of their son Shawn Jr., and she apparently is the author of an ebook as well. Its called "Real," and its about her facebook posts. I watched her on a news channel promoting the thing. You can't really make much of an impression with people who read books if your shucking an ebook about your experiences staring at a screen. She says that much of the book is her rehashing other people's stories that they shared with her online (with their permission). Essentially what this amounts to is aggregating messages from her followers on facebook into a patchwork of and then reselling it back to her followers on facebook. I wonder if the people following her on facebook were really following her for her literary prowess?

I have to applaud Jennifer for using words rather than simply Instagram photos to build up a following. Granted, her goal is still to monetize her following, but at least she tries to have something to say to them. Shawn Marion's girlfriend Jennifer Christensen specializes in retweeting catchy sayings, but some of her own tweets consist of things like: "Dear God, Easter is fattening. In honor of Jesus, please take away my sins and calories!" I wonder what Jennifer would write about if she decided to write a novel? I'll leave that one to you guys to figure out. Jennifer does seem pretty committed to the bible. Most of her tweets are quotations and sayings revolving around it.

Jennifer used to have her own website, but she's since not renewed it, and it serves no purpose now. I should also mention that she's a former beauty pageant contestant and apparently was the runner-up for the Miss Illinois USA 2012 crown. I'm not entirely sure, but the transition from beauty pageant contestant to "author" may include more than browsing your facebook page.