Jim Edmonds' wife Meghan Edmonds

Well, if you like watching scripted shows without actual actors, Jim Edmonds' wife Meghan Edmonds can help you. The duo are now signed to appear as regulars on "The Real Housewives of the OC." I watched the trailer, and it looks like your standard horrible reality show about rich people being rich-- you know, the kind that went stale almost immediately when they rose to prominence in the late 90's but still gets viewers. Sorry, but it really is bad when the big dramatic event is a woman nearing her 50's isn't invited to a soiree and they pump in cheap soundtracking to try and elevate the non-existent tension. Meghan herself is in her early 30's, by the way.

Jim Edmonds and wife Meghan Edmonds got hitched in 2014, with Meghan being quoted as saying "I promised myself I would never marry a man who was 11 years older than me and I would never marry a professional athlete." At least she's got a sense of humor. This'll be wife number three for Edmonds. A few weeks ago Meghan and Jimmy boy went to a Blake Shelton concert and got backstage passes. They looked like they were having a decent time. Meghan sort of looks like Heidi Klum in a bunch of her pictures. She's even modeling on a runway in one of them but claims she's only "pretending to be a model."

It appears that Meghan even gets to go in private jets now and again, as there's a picture of her entering what appears to be one in her Instagram. It looks like the couple's having a good time. I'm curious about the Housewives of the OC gig and how much it pays. It's probably decent money, though Edmonds doesn't need it, as he's reportedly worth $35,000,000. So again I'm left wondering-- if he's on his third wife now-- did he sign a prenup? If he didn't and they split, you can rest assured he'll either A) never marry again or B) always sign prenups in the future.


Daryl Morey's wife Ellen Morey

Daryl Morey's wife Ellen Morey is the mother of two kids named Scott and Karen. The Moreys are a little removed from having to travel around with the team, so I feel like they're a little more normal in the sense that they've all got regular facebook pages and are able to do family-oriented activities more often than coaches and players are able to. Houston's not far from Orlando, and they'll take a trip to Disney World and take pictures with all the characters. Then they'll all be at Scott's soccer game cheering him on. They're the picture of wholesomeness.

Ellen was briefly featured on the local Houston news recently for her handycraft hobby. Daryl Morey's wife Ellen Morey is apparently an excellent knitter, and she knitted a quality James Harden-- telling the news staff that she was on a mission to knit the entire team. Her next project was Dwight Howard. I'm not sure if I'd try to knit the entire team, though, Ellen. By the time you're done there will have been trades, and the amount of work it takes will feel like diminishing returns when you get around to the bench warmers. Then again, when you're talking about a high-caliber team, there aren't a lot of bench warmers.

Daryl and Ellen got engaged back in December of 1994, and that means they held off for awhile on having kids (until around 2000). They definitely strike me as the type that travel a lot and enjoy themselves. While Daryl is frequently busy with the team, it's still clear that they meet a lot of famous people. I don't think Ellen had the honor of meeting Bill Clinton, but Daryl got a picture with the man recently while he was in town to see a game. I guess the Moreys have a lot of solid connections because of Daryl being the a big shot executive. They recently took a trip to France and happened to catch some french basketball while they were there.

05/18/15 (Updated)

Dominic Moore's girlfriend Mary Hirst

About a year ago we told you about the sad tale of Dominic Moore's wife Katie Moore. She passed away in January of 2013 after battling cancer. She was a beautiful and brilliant young woman who was an aspiring novelist. Well, now Dominic has a new someone. Dominic Moore's girlfriend Mary Hirst actually works for the Katie Moore as the Foundation Coordinator. She graduated from Harvard the same year that Katie (also a Harvard grad) died.

I'm not entirely sure if Mary was friends with Katie or what the connection is between her and Dominic while they all attended school, but Dominic is keeping things strictly Ivy-League. Dominic Moore's girlfriend Mary Hirst is still very young. I'm guessing she's no older than 24 since she graduated from Harvard in 2013. She got a degree in sociology and another one in english, and she's also completed some kind of Harvard high-brow teaching program. She seems like a very nice and capable young woman. The other thing about her is that she was a great student athlete, and she set the women's record at Harvard for the heptathlon.

The other bit of information that jumped out at me and that other sites have mentioned is that Mary was engaged to some other guy. Rumor has it that they were set to be married in June of 2014, which is about the time Dominic started dating Mary, from what I've found on the internet. Anyway, Dominic is way cooler than Jonny Sparks, so Mary went with him. No honestly I have no idea what happened, and I even took a peek at their old wedding registry. They were apparently going to be married in Allston (barf). There's plenty of pictures of Mary with her graduation cap on and an arm around 'ole Jonny Sparkers. Well, now it's straight to the playoffs for Mary...