Xander Bogaerts' Girlfriend Janelly Martinez



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I really hope Xander Bogaerts girlfriend Janelly Martinez didn't follow him on Twitter.

The 21 year old Red Sox rookie is a sensation in Boston with legions of fans despite less than half a season with the big club. It should be no surprise that Xander has plenty of suitors when it comes to the ladies. Unfortunately while opportunity may be thrown at him regularly, Xander needed a little more discretion when it comes to his public Twitter account.

On April 16, Xander tweeted a picture of a woman who was not Janelly Martinez in a damn revealing outfit (OK, fine, it was a short shirt and a long, long disappeared thong). After the recent controversy with a similarly unintended tweet from US Air, Xander did what most people in a relationship would do: Sprinted to delete his Twitter account.

It's not the worst thing for Xander to do. Managing social media when you're probably inundated with pictures of a similar theme is likely challenging. It's very possible that Xander truly made a mistake in his public tweet and decided his infrequently used Twitter account just wasn't worth the headaches it caused.

Xander faced the issue head on, explaining to the Boston Globe why he acted so quickly,

Once I found out, I had to do the right thing and correct it. One thing’s for sure: I don’t want any distraction on the team or for me. No one’s perfect, you know? Be a man and just face the situation. Once I found out, I took it out.”

Not much is known about Janelly Martinez (and frankly, we had to search high and low to come down with a name). We know that she traveled to Aruba with him as he was welcomed home a hero and a World Series champion last November. She was also in Boston with the rest of his family when Xander received his World Series ring in April.

No doubt that Xander has learned a quick lesson about the dangers of social media. In the Globe article he hasn't ruled out a return saying:

Why not? It was a mistake. Everyone learns from their mistakes.


Harris English's Girlfriend Becca Caldwell



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2014 is set up to be a great year for Harris English. Entering his first Master's tournament in his home state of Georgia, he started the week by acing out a par-three during a practice round. And while life is great for the PGA pro, what's happening off the course, specifically, who is Harris English's girlfriend?

Not much is known about the former University of Georgia Bulldog off the links. After spending two years on the Nationwide Tour, English applied for his PGA Tour card in December, 2012. After winning last June at the St. Jude's Classic, English inserted himself into the discussion when talking about sleepers poised to make an unexpected run at any tournament title.

So, why you're here. Harris English and his dating life. In 2012, English was rooming with a few players on the Nationwide tour, including former college teammate Hudson Swafford. At the time both English and Swafford were dating women who also happened to be living together as roomates.

Here's where our expert sleuthing unfolds. It appears that Hudson Swafford ultimately married his then girlfriend. After digging deeper, we found some material of the aforementioned double dating, which led us to a woman named Becca Caldwell. Becca Caldwell has plenty of references to Harris, including an explanation of their travel plans in advance of Pebble Beach (where Harris ultimately pulled out after Lasik surgery). While we're not entirely sure if Harris English's girlfriend was Becca Caldwell, it definitely appears that if they were dating, they have since split and are pursuing their own endeavors.

While the current status of English's dating life is unclear, you know there are plenty of suitors ready to line up for the 26 year old golf pro. We'll keep an eye on the tournaments all season to see if we see Harris English with an off-the-18th-entourage.


Klay Thompson's girlfriend Shaila Singh



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Klay Thompson’s girlfriend Shaila Singh is, well, good at looking good. That is- she’s a former Miss Pismo Beach, and she competes in beauty competitions. In 2011 she posted an unintentionally funny video of herself and trailing makeup-and-preparations entourage titled “Behind The Tiara” on youtube. Hey, her business is beauty, not storyboarding!

Klay has been with Shaila for a few years, but is in the very unusual position of not having access to his own money to wine and dine her. All of his salary payments go directly to his father, Mychal, who himself had a 13 year NBA career and was the 1978 number one draft pick. In fact, Mychal Thompson gives him an actual weekly allowance of $300, as he’s explained in numerous interviews. When asked about what Klay should do about taking his girlfriend on a date, he is quoted on Bleacher Report as saying, ““Go to Langers in Oakland … Go to the grocery store and get a nice bottle of wine for $30…”

Well, at least Shaila can get into Warriors games for free, and she’s got plenty to watch since Klay has been seeing a lot of minutes and really producing some solid numbers. At 6’7”, he’s one of the more serious threats as a stop-and-pop sharpshooter on the west coast. His free throw and 3-point percentages are also pretty decent at 42% and 80% respectively. Hopefully next year when his contract is bumped up to $3,000,000, Klay’s weekly allowance will rise past $300. Shaila is crossing her fingers!