Jamie Rahn’s Girlfriend Kim Wienches

Jamie Rahn's Girlfriend Kim Wienches -Instagram

Jamie Rahn’s girlfriend Kim Wienches is just as physically fit as any other American Ninja Warrior. Most recently she had Jamie take a video of her doing 22 push-ups since it was the 22nd of the month. To be honest, that seems a little light. I myself do 30 push-ups every day so you’d think a ninja would pile on some more. In looking at her entire training regime, however, it’s clear that Kim stacks all kinds…

Josh Dangel’s Girlfriend Alyssa McBride

Josh Dangel's Girlfriend Alyssa McBride - Instagram

Josh Dangel’s girlfriend Alyssa McBride was a pole vaulter herself in college, and she was good. Would you expect anything less? I’ve always said it: if you want to have a sports relationship that works, get with someone who does what you do or at least gets it. Alyssa’s no Olympian, but she can work on the mechanics of pole vaulting and give good feedback when Josh needs it. She attended Cincinnati the same as Josh. When…

Kevin Love’s Girlfriend Kate Bock

Kevin Love's Girlfriend Kate Bock

This is the classic tale of successful, rebounding sports guy meets skinny, bright eyed modeling gal. Kevin Love’s girlfriend Kate Bock has graced the covers of more than a few fashionable magazines. She was also featured in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. That’s huge for any model. Kate’s got that kind of starvation chic going for her. That’s sort of the best way to describe it unless you start using words like anemic. That’s modeling, folks. Champagne…

Steven Wright’s Wife Shannon Wright

Steven Wright's Wife Shannon Wright - Instagram

Steven Wright’s wife Shannon Wright just gave birth to their second baby, James. He’s already decked out in Red Sox gear. His older sister is named Ella. She’s just getting into dolls now. So I’d peg her at about three years old. Poor Shannon made a joke about how un-pretty she felt rocking the blue paper gown during a checkup at Mass General in May. They took good care of her there and she now appears…

Kacy Catanzaro’s Boyfriend Brent Steffensen

Kacy Catanzaro's Boyfriend Brent Steffensen

Kacy Catanzaro’s boyfriend Brent Steffensen was one half of the “royal couple” featured on the show American Ninja Warrior (though he’s actually now her ex-boyfriend). In a nutshell, she’s said that “ultimately, I just want someone who knows what songs not to talk over.” Sounds about right. The theme to the television show she competed on would be one of those, right? I guess Kacy’s closest man now is Mr. Mogley, her very scruffy dog….

Ben Simmons’ Girlfriend Is Basketball

Ben Simmons Girlfriend is Basketball- Instagram

It’s draft season, so everyone wants to know about who Ben Simmons’ girlfriend is. But, guys, it’s hard to become a professional basketball player. Some people find that relationships are just distracting and sapping, and Ben Simmons seems like one of those individuals right now. I’m talking, of course, about the somewhat amusing comment he made that “basketball is my girlfriend.” If Ben Simmons’ girlfriend is basketball, you know he’s only going to draw those papa razzi…

Brandon Ingram’s Girlfriend Tiffany

Brandon Ingram's girlfriend Tiffany- Twitter

Brandon Ingram’s girlfriend broke up with him around May, but she seemed like she was all over the place about it. She’s a student right now and has apparently known Brandon since the 9th grade. Many internet folks predicted that she’d be dropped as soon as the NBA Draft happened. We’ll just have to wait and see if they’re ever in contact again. My guess is it’s not the last we’ve heard of Tiffany. Even…

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