Jonathan Toews' Girlfriend Lindsey Vecchione

Jonathan Toews' girlfriend Lindsey Vecchione is certainly a blonde bombshell. There is no question that if she began convincing any man to swing by her salon for a haircut, it'd be very difficult to say no, and that's even if she overcharges for a cut. I read on the crazy 'ole internet that Jonathan "hides her away," but I really don't see that as the case. She still has a day job at a salon in Chicago, and she posts her work regularly on Instagram. Lindsey is actually a native of Chicago and has lived there all her life.

The posting of her clients' haircuts is a rather professional move, if you ask me. It allows her to showcase her work, and there's no pictures of her on the account (other than one or two of her working). But make no mistake-- the internet cannot get enough pictures of her. I believe she was featured as on Playboy in some capacity, but I don't think she posed nude. Instead, I think Jonathan Toews' girlfriend was at one point a member of the Chicago Bliss, which is one of the lingerie football teams in the Legends Football League. Anyway, I'm pretty sure Lindsey had a boobjob at some point-- probably shortly after she started dating Jonathan in late 2011. Forgive me if that strikes you as a stray observation, but people want to know these things. There's a picture of them together from the early days where she looks a little less endowed.

I'm a little surprised Jonathan and Lindsey haven't tied the knot yet, but it may just be their preference not to marry. Athletes do tend to get hitched if they're with someone for a few years. It's generally quite beneficial to have that sort of stability in their life while they're traveling around with their team. They know they have a wife to come home to, but it appears that's not really a concern for Jonathan.


David Blatt's wife Kinneret Blatt

David Blatt’s Wife Kinneret Blatt is a pretty interesting woman. She’s an Israeli native who met David there during his 33-year stint as the Maccabi Tel Aviv head coach. Israeli basketball is actually pretty decent. A lot of NBA’ers that would otherwise be put out to pasture seem to migrate there to continue their career, and the money’s not too bad either, from what I’ve seen.

So David Blatt and wife Kinneret have a total of four children, but their oldest is David. David is around 18 years old and plays for a team called Hapoel Tel Aviv now. That’s something of a big deal in Israeli basketball since its “first tier,” but their arena only holds around 3500 people. Well you can’t always be the big show. Kinneret is also a doctor, and she graduated from Tel Aviv University. David actually coached Kinneret before they were married in 1991. That seems pretty weird, but it’s perfectly legal so who really cares. I’m sure she was a super hot basketball player back then.

I’m still not entirely sure what Kinneret is a doctor of, but she apparently still lived in Israel shortly after David got the job at Cleveland. I think it’s a strong possibility she’ll relocate to the Cleveland area to be around her husband if she hasn’t already. When he was hired, David mentioned that they would all move to the States eventually. Getting visas for that sort of thing can take a little time. I think Kinneret may be aware that Lebron James holds serious influence over the fate of her husband David’s job. Like it or not, in the NBA franchise players sometimes get to dictate to the ownership and front office whether something is working or not, and Kinneret is likely crossing her fingers that their relationship will strengthen.


Thomas Vanek's wife Ashley Vanek

Thomas Vanek's wife Ashley Vanek is thrilled that Thomas decided to sign with the Minnesota Wild and take less money than he could have had elsewhere. The guy inked a deal that's still worth $19.5 million, so it's not like he's getting nothing. He talked about how it was really important for him to be around Ashley and their three sons in St. Paul, Minnesota. Obviously having set up shop already in Minnesota is going to factor into the decision in a major way.

Ashley is originally from the area and feels right at home there. I'm fairly certain she attended the University of Minnesota along with Thomas. However, I've got to tell you about something that happened outside of Minnesota: one of the the weirdest and most tragic things happened when the couple was living in Clarence, New York outside of Buffalo while Thomas was on the team. A passenger plane crashed a few hundred yards next to their house. According to Wikipedia, the plane was a Bombardier Dash-8 Q400, and it stalled out and crashed into a house (right next to Ashley and Thomas). The entire crew and all 49 passengers died as well as someone who was living inside the house. Four people inside the house survived. That's pretty intense stuff. I don't imagine Thomas Vanek's wife Ashley Vanek wants to revisit that memory any time soon.

Ashley did give it a go when Thomas was traded to Montreal, but Ashley got tired of all the trades and set up shop permanently in St. Paul. Being away from his wife and kids affected Thomas, according to him, and he says his performance in the Stanley Cup series suffered because of it. As you might imagine, Ashley has more than enough to take care of with the three kids, and she'll appreciate whatever help she can get from Thomas now that he's back in town.