Madison Bumgarner’s wife Ali Bumgarner


  1. Tess

    Hi waz up? I AM A HUGE BUMGRANER FAN THE BIGGEST! I think you are the luckyest person ever! When I first saw him on tv I started to call him sad eyes!!!!!! Tell him I say hey and that he has a HUGE fan!!!!!!! When ever I see Madison on tv a go crazy!!!!!! Have a SWAGGY day!
    Go giants,

  2. Carol

    You have a beautiful wife. Getting a farm is great, it will help you to have a wonderful, down to earth life. Enjoy San Fran & the area too as it is so beautiful here. Don’t miss the beautiful redwoods, especially Muir Woods. We are so proud, and happy to have you as a pitcher. You are Awesome!

  3. Marty Laws

    We’re from Hickory and so proud of u and Madison… Fox shouldn’t make fun if his “long” southern drawl..Enjoy being married to a true gentleman

  4. Barbara Torres

    My mother’s maiden name was Bumgarner and she was from Hickory also. Her father,
    my grandfather was Allen Eugene Bumgarner. Just wanted to know what Madison’s
    grandfather’s name was?

    Enjoyed the game last night……..incredible pitching job Madison did.

    Barbara (Bost)Torres

  5. Bettie Erbele

    BIG Baumgarner fan! One problem! I don’t like it when he is called SNOTROCKET.
    Has he tried the Neti pot Sinue Rinse It is real easy & very cheap Costco, Walgreens etc. It works.

    GO GIANTS!!!!!!

  6. Amgie

    I remember growing up in SmallTown WV and catchimg for Both of My Brothers.. Yesas a girl who would Play out in the back yard catching 92 mph fast balls.. It is Awesome to see a Real Gentleman playing in the World Series and being so Humble!! You and Your Husband have been truly Blessed with a Gidt from the Good Lord above!! And I Pray for all the Blessings to You and Your Family.. TY Madison for reminding Me and bringing back My Love of the Game!!

  7. David Petsch

    Hi, Congratulations to both of you. We are fans from Augusta Georgia where Madison played A ball. We have his signed jersey from the Greenjackets from that year. We hope some day he would sign it as a World Series MVP. We enjoyed watching him develop here and know the stories of how he would truck home after a game with or without permission to see you. At that age I bet he was homesick and in love with you. As much as we were around him our pitching coach Steve Kline did a great job of letting Madison do his thing while preparing him for the major leagues. We would love to find a way for you and Madison to come for an event in Augusta to Thank Madison and Congratulate him. Even if you want to keep it small or quiet the Augusta fans that support minor league baseball deserve a chance to say thanks. Please tell me what or how we can do anything to help promote this wheich would help our minor league team and give our young kids and my grandkids a dream that they may could chase someday and experience this once in lifetime guy. Janice and David Petsch Martinez Georgia.

  8. debbie ripley

    Congrats to you and Madison for three rings! I love all the Giants. May your legend continue to shine on your proud fans because we love you! Thank you, Madison!

  9. Basil Carswell

    I wasn’t a Giant fan or really a fan of no team until Madison started playing for the Giants. I went to school with his Dad Kevin. Matter of fact we were in the 1st grade together and played sports for the same team at Hudson and graduated 1st class at South in ’78. I am so proud of Madison’s accomplishments. I used to pitch and I sit and go thru the whole game intensely when Madison is pitching. I think he made a great choice for a wife and I would like to meet Madison. I still live in Hudson. My sister married Gary Bolick of Bolick Tire in Sawmills. I know alot of people bother Madison but I would like to meet him since he is a hometown Hero. He put Bumtown on the World map. I have never seen a young man with so so much talent. God really blessed him. Keep him on the right path because behind every good man is a good woman. So you must be special also. I wish you both the best. I would like a response to my request to meet him. It would make me feel special and honored for him to take the time just to say Hello.


  10. Maggie Turbyfill

    Hello Ali: I am certain you are a wonderful person and have been blessed with the best pitcher I have ever seen. Keep him on a short leash before someone tries to steal the very good-looking; sexy and money blessed MAN away for their own. Best of luck to you both and to the Giants!!!!!!

  11. Lindsey Shank

    Just wanted to say I bought an autographed ball to be signed by Madison through after you guys won the World Series because of two reasons. Ali and Madison, I realized I watched history the other night when I watch Madison and the entire Giants team take game 7 of the World Series from the K.C.Royals. Madison, I grew up watching Mays, McCovey, Cepeda, Perry. I loved the Giants. The other night I fell in love with baseball and the Giants all over again. Ali, Madison is so lucky to have you. You gave been there from the beginning. I know he couldn’t pitch the way he does if he didn’t have your love and support. God Bless you both and I will look forward to watching the games next year. I wish you two a wonderful, restful offseason.

  12. Patsy Bumgarner

    Hi Ali, God is good all the time. May you be blessed beyond measure.
    Please come visit and eat with us at Patsy Anns, a small family country cookin
    restaurant in Rutherford Collage, you can find us on the web. My husband Harmon Bumgarner is a huge fan, he would be so thrilled. Patsy Ann

  13. Chris

    Hi Ally, I love that you and Madison are so down to earth. I share your passion for animals and horses. As a thank you gift for Madison’s hard work as an SF Giant, I would love to make a horse keepsake for both of you. If you have a “heart” horse I can create bracelets (or necklace) for you both and Madison can take some of his home with him while he travels. Visit me at… I hope to hear from you when you get a chance!!


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