Soccer Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Abby Wambach's wife Sarah Huffman

Abby Wambach's wife Sarah Huffman was visible right after the USA beat Japan in the Women's World Cup, and it was a pretty intense moment. It was one of those moments where someone holds the other person's head to their forehead and manically says stuff like "you did it, you did it, dreams come true." There were even a bunch of fans holding American flags behind them. It was awesome. I wish I could have one of these moments. It's almost a guarantee that anyone reading this won't get to experience an intense world-beating moment on a national stage ever. Maybe I'll just be one of those streaker guys and run across a sports field naked and pretend I won something. It'll be a rush.

At one time Sarah was a pro soccer player herself. She played for the Portland Thorns in the NWSL. She recently took Abby to a club on her birthday and said on Instagram: "Happy birthday to the woman who has taught me to go fearlessly after my wildest dreams. Forever glad you were born today." That's a cool thing to say on someone's birthday. Every once in awhile I see one of these messages on Instagram, and it's always nice. Abby Wambach's wife Sarah Huffman also takes a lot of pictures of their bulldog Tex. He's one of those dogs that sometimes gets their tongue caught between their teeth when their mouth is closed. He's pretty funny.

One thing I've noticed, though, about pictures of Sarah is that she likes to do a contemplative look when someone's taking a picture of her. It's not as if she's unhappy, but it's sort of like she knows how to seem at peace when the lens is on her. It makes for some cool photos. Abby also does that, and she's good at it. It's a hard thing to not smile in a photo but still look cool, you know? A lot of model-types try it but they just look miserable. I think one of the secrets is to squint skeptically the way Sarah does, but you've also got to still be in a good mood. The last bit of noteworthy info is Abby Wambach's wife Sarah Huffman somehow obtained a full life-size cardboard cutout of Abby as a Simpsons character. She had her dog Tex take a picture with the cutout. I may start a business making these things because I now want one of myself. I'll put it in the office and go visit my Simpsons self every morning.


Zach Ertz's girlfriend Julie Johnston

Zach Ertz's girlfriend Julie Johnston is a defender on the World Cup winning USA team (or is it that Julie Johnston's boyfriend Zach Ertz is a Tight End for the Eagles). She is flying pretty damn high right now after the defeated Japan. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't that the pinnacle of soccer. I'm no expert but I'm sure it's a very big deal for her. Zach was in Vancouver watching her play for her team against Japan, and he told a New Jersey paper, "She's great. She probably runs more than anyone on the field. She has to sprint up for a set piece and then sprint back on defense. I kind of laugh when I see her blond hair streaking across the field." Actually blond hair streaking across fields is sort of funny, so I'm with him I guess.

Zach Ertz's girlfriend Julie Johnston met him at a Stanford baseball game. He was with a couple buddies, and he saw her sitting in the student section and decided to go hit on her, or in his words "just decided I wanted to meet her." They hit it off pretty fast too. They saw each other a few more times and that was it. I'm telling you, athletes who date athletes are always the best off. When both parties have the same career and are always busy playing their sport, they can relate amazingly well to each other. Now that Julie won the Cup with her team, she's the big cheese in the relationship too. Ertz said watching her achieve what she has is a big motivating thing for him.

Julie lives in Chicago and plays for the Chicago Red Stars in the National Women's Soccer League. Julie said she was "heartbroken" over the men's loss in the World Cup, but I kind of don't believe that. I mean, they were outclassed by whatever team that was that handed them the first loss (I think it was Belgium) the entire game, and Germany controlled them like puppets. Of course, it sucks when you yourself are a World Cup player and you have to watch the men's side lose. Americans aren't used to being mediocre in sports. These days when they're not playing, they go out and do fun stuff like wine tasting Vegas vacations.


Jill Ellis' girlfriend Betsy Stephenson

Jill Ellis' girlfriend Betsy Stephenson has a pretty serious job history in NCAA sports and administration. At this time, it appears that Betsy may be retired, as she lives in Florida with Jill and their daughter Lily. Besty's last known employment was working as Director of Development for the Marlborough School in Los Angeles. Maybe she works from home? Or maybe she just splits time in Florida and time in Los Angeles. It's hard to tell the difference in photographs between LA and Florida most of the time so I can't really say. She lists her last job on her resume as the one in LA, but there's also talk of her being offered a job in Miami as the Director for Sports Medicine. Someone's not keeping Betsy's resume up to date!

The actual timeline of Jill Ellis' girlfriend Betsy Stephenson's jobs starts in the early 1980's when she began working for the NCAA. It's sort of unspecified what she was doing or what her title is, but the UCLA website just sort of mentions her paying her dues, and this comes almost directly after she graduated from Kansas in 1979. Then she went back to Kansas from 1992 to 1996 to work as an Associate Athletics Director and Senior Women's Administrator. I'm guessing that means she was, like, setting their schedules or something? Or maybe she was hiring coaches? What does an athletics director do? Anyway, from there she went on to become UCLA's Associate Athletic Director and Senior Women's Administrator. I guess she decided it was a little cooler to work in Los Angeles than it was to work in...Kansas.

After leaving UCLA Betsy became Director of Athletics at Emory University, and then in 2007 she went back to Los Angeles to become a VP at Foundation Giving at Children's Hospital in Los Angeles, and then Director of Development at Marlborough School, and I guess finally taking that job in Miami? It's a pretty exhausting list of titles she was bouncing around, and it's mostly all of what I can find out about her. Jill Ellis' girlfriend Betsy Stephenson tends to keep a pretty tight ship when it comes to her personal life on the internet.