Soccer Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Jill Ellis' girlfriend Betsy Stephenson

Jill Ellis' girlfriend Betsy Stephenson has a pretty serious job history in NCAA sports and administration. At this time, it appears that Betsy may be retired, as she lives in Florida with Jill and their daughter Lily. Besty's last known employment was working as Director of Development for the Marlborough School in Los Angeles. Maybe she works from home? Or maybe she just splits time in Florida and time in Los Angeles. It's hard to tell the difference in photographs between LA and Florida most of the time so I can't really say. She lists her last job on her resume as the one in LA, but there's also talk of her being offered a job in Miami as the Director for Sports Medicine. Someone's not keeping Betsy's resume up to date!

The actual timeline of Jill Ellis' girlfriend Betsy Stephenson's jobs starts in the early 1980's when she began working for the NCAA. It's sort of unspecified what she was doing or what her title is, but the UCLA website just sort of mentions her paying her dues, and this comes almost directly after she graduated from Kansas in 1979. Then she went back to Kansas from 1992 to 1996 to work as an Associate Athletics Director and Senior Women's Administrator. I'm guessing that means she was, like, setting their schedules or something? Or maybe she was hiring coaches? What does an athletics director do? Anyway, from there she went on to become UCLA's Associate Athletic Director and Senior Women's Administrator. I guess she decided it was a little cooler to work in Los Angeles than it was to work in...Kansas.

After leaving UCLA Betsy became Director of Athletics at Emory University, and then in 2007 she went back to Los Angeles to become a VP at Foundation Giving at Children's Hospital in Los Angeles, and then Director of Development at Marlborough School, and I guess finally taking that job in Miami? It's a pretty exhausting list of titles she was bouncing around, and it's mostly all of what I can find out about her. Jill Ellis' girlfriend Betsy Stephenson tends to keep a pretty tight ship when it comes to her personal life on the internet.


Chuck Blazer's girlfriend Mary Lynn Blanks

Chuck Blazer's girlfriend Mary Lynn Blanks is a former soap opera star from the shows "All My Children" and "As The World Turns." She appeared in the 1980's, and for a woman born in 1952, she looks great now. She can be seen in a lot of the photographs Chuck posted to his blog which, by the way, is pretty incredible. This guy has had himself an amazing life. But I'm going to do my best to focus on his girlfriend now, and a lot of the stuff that she's done recently coincides with what he's done since they're together a lot,... and no I'm not talking about any of the recent allegations levied against him.

Mary Lynn has had the good fortune to travel all over the world with Chuck and meet some of the coolest and most interesting people on the planet. How about meeting Nelson Mandela for one? Actually Mary can be seen with Chuck (who always looks like a cartoon character) in a private plane with Nelson Mandela sitting next to them and drinking from a classy whiskey glass. Mary also attended the Super Bowl in one of those exclusive boxes, and Curtis Martin was there, having been recently inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame. Chuck also met Vladimir Putin in some kind of official office/living room-looking place. I have no idea if Mary was present at that one. There's also a picture of Chuck's girlfriend Mary Lynn Blanks excitedly stretching her arms out with Chuck at Disney World in 2011.

Most of the other blog-fodder is kind of boring and is all FIFA and CONCACAF events and meetings, etc. Mary is more in the social-gathering pictures. She likes to dress up with Chuck on holidays like Christmas and on Halloween, where she dressed up as Princess Leia while Chuck was dressed as Obi-Wan Kenobi, riding a mobility scooter. Mary was also witness to their pet parrots hatching two baby parrots. And while they live a fun lifestyle, surely though Mary will be by Chuck's side as he battles his colon cancer, while putting himself directly in the middle of the FIFA corruption scandal as an informant for the federal government.

05/29/15 (Updated)

Sepp Blatter's ex-wife Graziella Bianca and girlfriend Linda Barras

The FIFA President was able to stay married for two years, and that's better than a lot of athletes. Sepp Blatter's ‚Äčex-wife Graziella Bianca was married to the guy from 2002 to 2004. Even back in 2002, the LA Times was talking about how Sepp was "jumping through hoops" to retain his status as FIFA President while "evading a calendar full of corruption charges," and the article wasn't even about that-- it was about his marriage to Graziella.

Graziella herself had a pretty damn cool job: dolphin trainer. Now come on, people, you know you've never met a dolphin trainer in your whole life. Yes, when I say dolphin trainer I am indeed talking about one of the people who jumps into the giant tank at Sea World and, you know, trains'em to do stuff and feeds them little fishies. Graziella was forty years-old at the time of the marriage, and she was a friend of Sepp's 39 year-old daughter Corrine. Graziella actually worked at a Swiss park called Conny Land, but she quit after 18 months because she didn't like how the animals were treated. She sounds like a sweet lady.

Of course, we are talking about Sepp Blatter here, so you know there's going to be some drama. Apparently there was a tornado of gossip going around that Sepp has a new girlfriend, and she's still married to some other guy. Sepp Blatter's girlfriend Linda Barras is a 49 year-old and friend of the niece of Sepp Blatter. A bunch of pictures were taken of the couple at some kind of Swiss Ballon d'Or Awards thing, and so the press asked Linda's husband about it. He responded, "I know nothing about this. I'm still married to Linda." My guess is they're separated, and she's turning over a new (err, other) leaf. So from Sepp Blatter's ex-wife Graziella Bianca to Sepp Blatter's girlfriend Linda Barras, he likes to get some age difference going, and who can blame him really? Blatter has actually been married three times and has a granddaughter named Serena. Graziella even said she was happy for Sepp that he found a new love.