Evan Washburn’s Wife Kate Washburn

This is Evan Washburn.  This is not Evan Washburn's wife.

Evan Washburn’s wife Kate had the couple’s first child in late January of this year. They live in South Baltimore in an area called Locust Point, and before that they’d been living in a place called Federal Hill for about three years. They’ve also had a black lab doggy for around four years.  As I mentioned above, this perfect American family rounded out in January.  And it caught the couple completely off guard. Kate wasn’t…

John Saunders’ wife Wanda Saunders

John Saunders' wife Wanda Saunders and daughters

John Saunders’ wife Wanda Saunders is in mourning for her husband. This comes only days after a happy celebration. The couple had just celebrated their 29th wedding anniversary, on August 8, 2016. John passed away only a day or two later, from unspecified causes. The entire ESPN family is incredibly upset at John’s surprise passing. John Saunders was born in Canada. He played in the junior hockey leagues of Montreal. While there, he achieved all-star status as a defenseman. John eventually attended Western…

How Lindsay Brauner Helped Us Learn About The Mystery of Cameron Jordan’s Girlfriend

Lindsay Brauner - Twitter

So about this: Cameron Jordan’s girlfriend is imaginary, but he was interviewed by this chick named Lindsay Brauner and asked a question regarding Manti T’eo. The question was “If you had to make up a fake girlfriend, who would it be and why?” The video is on YouTube. Now, Cameron Jordan is sort of funny, but this bit goes on for way, way too long. Jordan doen’t really come up with anything super creative, but…

Jenny Dell’s Boyfriend Will Middlebrooks

Jenny Dell's boyfriend Will MIddlebrooks-Instagram

Jenny Dell’s boyfriend Will Middlebrooks is now firmly entrenched in a sporty and high-energy lifestyle. There’s a definite pattern in lifestyle among sideline reporters and broadcasters. For professional reason, it usually includes a lot of travel. For personal and hobby reasons, it usually includes lots of hiking and recreational sports such as golf. Hey, if you’re a already a baseball player, it’s not like you’re going to be averse to hiking. The hiking and beach-going thing…

Jamie Erdahl’s Boyfriend Sam Buckman

Jamie Erdahl's boyfriend

I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of men out there who’re jealous of Jamie Erdahl’s boyfriend Sam Buckman. The guy’s apparently a great guy, too, so it makes it all the more stinging for those fans of hers. I, on the other hand, could care less that the lovely Jamie is hitched.  I no longer have access to any sportscasting, so I haven’t been able to develop a crush on her. She’s just a blonde woman…

Tracy Wolfson’s Husband David Reichel

Tracy Wolfson

Tracy Wolfson’s husband David Reichel is the father of their three children, all boys. They all live in New Jersey together, as Tracy’s base of operations is New York. In this way, she has a lot in common with Jamie Erdahl. New York City and specifically Manhattan is considered to be ground zero for sports broadcasting since the big networks like CBS, NBC, and ABC are all headquartered there. Tracy works mostly for CBS and…

Mike Ditka’s Wife Diana Ditka

Mike Ditka’s wife Diana Ditka had some very clear statements to make about Ray Rice’s wife last year in September. In regards to Janay Palmer blaming the media for ruining their lives, Diana Ditka’s official statement was: “I’ve never understood why men hit women. It’s tragic, but it happens. But Rice’s wife blaming the press Tuesday for ruining their lives by pursuing the story is wrong. What happened is her husband’s fault. She loves him….

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