Craig Anderson’s wife Nicholle Anderson


Craig Anderson’s wife Nicholle Anderson is in the midst of a battle with cancer. Craig left the team to be with her. Then, she made him go back. Now, he left the team again indefinitely. As you can imagine, this is a brutal situation for the couple. They married in 2010, and she found out about the cancer this year. Following the diagnosis, she posted how grateful she is for the love and support from fans. The…

Mario Lemieux’s Wife Nathalie Lemieux

Mario Lemieux's Wife Nathalie Lemieux

Mario Lemieux’s wife Nathalie Lemieux is the mother of their two kids, Austin and Stephanie. The kids themselves are basically best friends with the sister of Sidney Crosby. Her name is Taylor, and as you might have imagined- they all play hockey. They all play hockey a lot. Mario said they’re on the ice as often as possible, and when they’re not on the ice they’re on the pavement. Taylor Crosby plays on an all-boys team….

Gordie Howe’s Wife Colleen Howe

Gordie Howe's Wife Colleen Howe

Gordie Howe’s wife Colleen Howe was a remarkable woman. This one does not go in the “sits around taking pictures of herself” category, folks. I’ll get to that in a moment. First, we’d just like to have a moment of reading silence for Gordie, who passed away earlier today. He had suffered two major strokes in 2014 but underwent stem cell treatment and had been doing better, according to his family. Howe was 88 when he…

Brent Burns’ Wife Susan Burns

Brent Burns' wife Susan Burns- Twitter

Brent Burns’ wife Susan Burns is a massive San Jose Sharks fan, as you might have imagined. The couple live in the San Jose area, and she goes to all the games. She hangs out with what she calls the “Lady Sharks” in the box where they all sit. They recently made some shark teeth and posed for a pretty cool photo that she captioned: “ready to take a bite out of our next opponent.”…

Herb Brooks’ Wife Patti Brooks

Herb Brooks wife Patti Brooks -

Herb Brooks’ wife Patti Brooks remembers his life in vivid detail, and his run as coach of the 1980 “Miracle” team is especially detailed. He passed in 2003, but Patti was giving personal accounts of the actual events of the movie in 2010 to She married Herb in 1965 and stayed married to him for 38 years. Back in 1965, Herb was five years removed from a 1960 Olympic USA hockey gold medal. The…

Phil Kessel’s Girlfriend Sandra Pereira

Phil Kessel's Girlfriend Sandra Pereira -Instagram

Phil Kessel’s girlfriend Sandra Pereira is a self-described food enthusiast who gets clothes gifted to her by the by. She has about 3000 followers on Instagram, but my guess is her goal is to pump that up as much as she can. She takes a lot of selfies, and she posts a lot of pictures of her dog, Coco. The dog itself is one of those tiny little cute furries who you can’t help but…

Logan Couture’s ex-girlfriend Ashley Rutherdale

Logan Couture's ex-girlfriend Ashley Rutherdale

Logan Couture’s ex-girlfriend Ashley Rutherdale has said that “it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” I don’t entirely agree with this statement, as it sounds like it’s geared towards getting other people’s attention. Ashley won’t have a problem with that for a very long time. She’s got the looks and she’s got the spicy attitude. She posted “I think my boyfriend runs me a bath and grabs me a bottle of wine to…

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