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Gordie Howe's Wife Colleen Howe


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Gordie Howe's wife Colleen Howe was a remarkable woman. This one does not go in the "sits around taking pictures of herself" category, folks. I'll get to that in a moment. First, we'd just like to say we hope everything turns out alright for Gordie, who suffered a large stroke yesterday and is in rough shape. His family is comforting him in his home in Lubbock, Texas. One of Gordie's sons, Murray, told the Free Press "I feel like this is his final lap around the rink."

Gordie was married to his wife Colleen Howe for 55 years. Colleen was a civic leader, and she founded the first Junior A hockey team in the United States-- the Detroit Junior Red Wings. She was even the general manager for three years. She was also responsible for Michigan's first public indoor hockey rink, which she named the Gordie Howe Hockeyland Arena. Colleen received the honor of Sportswoman of the year in the city of Detroit in 1972, and the following year she received the honor for the entire state. A few years later she created the Howe Foundation to support charities, and she was awarded the Hartford Chamber of Commerce Award for outstanding community achievement in 1979. Colleen even founded a sports agency to manage her sons Mark and Marty's careers in the WHL and NHL along with Gordie's career (as Gordie came out of retirement to play professionally alongside his sons). Oh,and she also wrote a few books.

Last but not least, this powerhouse of a woman ran for congress against the mayor of Hartford! Imagine that. "So, what's your mom up to these days?" Oh, she's running for mayor. It's not hard to see why a great guy like Gordie really fell for her. It was a sad day when Colleen was diagnosed with Pick's disease, which is an incurable neurological disease that causes dementia. She died after a struggle for seven years, but not before she helped Gordie carry the Olympic torch.

10/27/14 (Updated)

Slava Voynov's Wife Marta Varlamova



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UPDATE 10/25/2014: Representation for Slava Voynov's wife Marta Varlamova have contacted various media outlets to try to clear up confusion over the stories currently circulating online.

PlayerWives.com was contacted by Michael Walsh to clarify that Marta Varlamova is Slava Voynov's wife, opposed to our earlier report showing that she was Voynov's girlfriend. Walsh also reached out to the OC Register to update additional information:

The wife of Kings defenseman Slava Voynov, who has been accused of domestic violence, does not believe Voynov intended to hurt her and doesn’t want him to be charged with a crime, her lawyer said Saturday evening.
Irvine-based lawyer Michael Walsh told the Register that the woman involved in the incident is Marta Varlamova, Voynov’s wife, and that she desires to be publicly identified in order to clear up confusion and rumors regarding her identity.
Walsh said Varlamova is not granting interviews, but he spoke at some length about her mindset and what she wants to happen going forward. Walsh did not disagree with the assertion, presented by Voynov’s lawyer, that the incident was an ``accident,’’ but also declined to go into specifics about the incident.

Voynov has been suspended by the NHL indefinitely while the legal process plays out.


Slava Voynov was arrested on charges of alleged domestic assault late last night. Police, due to the privacy afforded victims of domestic assault, have not released the name of the victim and would not confirm whether the victim was Slava Voynov's girlfriend Marta Varlamova. However, the police did point out that, in order for the charge to be domestic assault, a certain relationship with the victim is required. The media speculation at this point is that the victim is in fact Slava Voynov's girlfriend Marta Varlamova, but that is not clear yet.

After receiving a call to their non-emergency hotline with reports of a woman crying, police responded to the 800 block of Avenue C area in Redondo Beach, but were unable to find anyone. Later, the police received a call from Little Company of Mary hospital that they had treated a woman in the emergency room and that her injuries were possibly as a result of a domestic assault. After the officers showed up, they were able to determine that this was in fact the case, and they arrested Slava Voynov.

Marta Varlamova is from the same hometown of Chelyabinsk as Slava Voynov. Marta has a daughter from a prior relationship. The police report notes that, while no child was present at the hospital, a child was present in the home and that was part of their investigation.


Matt Martin's girlfriend is Boomer Esiason's daughter Sydney Esiason



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Matt Martin's girlfriend Sydney Esiason is mixing her stellar football genes with strong, Canadian ones. She's got the genetic ladle in hand, and the potential offspring is likely to be easy on the eyes if things progress. Sydney Esiason is, of course, the very lovely daughter of Boomer Esiason, who we all know as one of the great left-handed quarterbacks in NFL history and founder of the Boomer Esiason Foundation, which raises money for research for Muscular Dystrophy. Oh, and Matt Martin is a guy who plays on the New York Islanders.

Sydney's twitter provides an interesting journey into her blonde world. We learn that she frequently implies she's not smart enough to know something or "too blonde" to figure something out, but we also learn that she's friends with the very hot Kristy Rosenberg. Apparently Islander girlfriends stick together, as Kristy Rosenberg is the girlfriend of Casey Cizikas, a fellow New York Islander and Matt Martin's teammate (whom remains lucky enough to call Sydney his girlfriend). Sometimes I wonder how the Islanders get people into their arena who actually want to watch them play. I guess there's enough people on Long Island to get bored and wander into the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum. Sydney herself is a New Yorker at heart, as she states, but she graduated from Boston College and grew up in Cincinnati, so I guess she just means she likes to associate with really rude, jaded people? That could be it.

Matt himself is okay as a player. He gets around 11-14 points per season and has played on the Islanders since he entered the NHL in 2009-- only once getting sent down to play with the Bridgeport Sound Tigers. That must've been a scary moment for him. My guess is they met somewhere in a club, Matt told his soon-to-be girlfriend Sydney that he was a pro hockey player, and Sydney ate up the competitive confidence that oozes out of such men. Matt does hold the very cool record for most hits in a single season with 374. That's intense.