NHL Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Dominic Moore's girlfriend Mary Hirst

About a year ago we told you about the sad tale of Dominic Moore's wife Katie Moore. She passed away in January of 2013 after battling cancer. She was a beautiful and brilliant young woman who was an aspiring novelist. Well, now Dominic has a new someone. Dominic Moore's girlfriend Mary Hirst actually works for the Katie Moore as the Foundation Coordinator. She graduated from Harvard the same year that Katie (also a Harvard grad) died.

I'm not entirely sure if Mary was friends with Katie or what the connection is between her and Dominic while they all attended school, but Dominic is keeping things strictly Ivy-League. Dominic Moore's girlfriend Mary Hirst is still very young. I'm guessing she's no older than 24 since she graduated from Harvard in 2013. She got a degree in sociology and another one in english, and she's also completed some kind of Harvard high-brow teaching program. She seems like a very nice and capable young woman. The other thing about her is that she was a great student athlete, and she set the women's record at Harvard for the heptathlon.

The other bit of information that jumped out at me and that other sites have mentioned is that Mary was engaged to some other guy. Rumor has it that they were set to be married in June of 2014, which is about the time Dominic started dating Mary, from what I've found on the internet. Anyway, Dominic is way cooler than Jonny Sparks, so Mary went with him. No honestly I have no idea what happened, and I even took a peek at their old wedding registry. They were apparently going to be married in Allston (barf). There's plenty of pictures of Mary with her graduation cap on and an arm around 'ole Jonny Sparkers. Well, now it's straight to the playoffs for Mary...


Jesper Fast's girlfriend Amanda Lindberg

Jesper Fast's girlfriend Amanda Lindberg described herself in Swedish as a "social and happy girl who has fallen in love with the Greek islands." Back in 2011 (probably before she ever met Jesper), this was how she described herself on some kind of backpacking website she had joined to organize and meet up with other backpackers on a Greek island. Being a non-Swedish speaker, it's a little tough to get the gyst of what she was up to, but after her description of herself there was a post involving her looking for like-minded backpackers to join her and her friend.

Now, obviously the whole backpacking thing is still doable today, but it's probably not on the agenda until summer time. Come to think of it, Jesper Fast's girlfriend mentioned that she goes to a certain place to backpack every summer, so it's possible she knew Jesper back in 2011 when she posted about it. Anyway, she lives in New York when he's playing, and it's anybody's guess where they go or what they do in the offseason. It seems to me like Amanda has lived a very charmed life so far. She originally hails from a Swedish city called Jönköping, which is pronounced yon-shaw-ping. I had to go to a specially made YouTube video just to learn that, but you've gotta' do a lady's hometown justice.

The other bit of useless but mildly interesting information about Amanda is that she joins the wives and girlfriends of the other Rangers in a kind of uniform-wearing activity. They all have special shirts made with the last names of their boyfriends or husbands on the back, and they get together and watch the games and maybe do some drinking. I only know this because Amanda took a few pictures of herself with the other ladies, and they're all wearing their "playoff shirts." Other than that, I've got nothing else to tell you about the elusive and lovely Amanda Lindberg.


Tanner Glass' wife Emily Glass

Well, looks like it's time for another edition of Pro Athlete Wedding Review. Up today on the menu are the Glasses. I'd say it's not the greatest last name for a family: The Glass family a.k.a. The Glasses, but you can't just make it up yourself (otherwise they'd have picked the Steel Family or something cool). Tanner Glass's wife Emily Glass married the fella' back in 2011. I watched their highly produced wedding video, and I've got to say I'm blown away by the production of these things every time I see one. See, this is where the money should go for a wedding. Don't spend a ton on a wedding photographer; spend it on a wedding videographer. The Glasses clearly did, and they got a really good video out of it (minus the first 2 minutes of Dr. Seuss-sounding poem reading).

Since their Washington state wedding took place back in 2011, I won't swell on it too much since they've had so much time to develop as a couple, but they did a good job on the video, and it'll be something they'll enjoy watching from time to time as they years go by. One of my only gripes that I've got to mention is there's simply too many shots of feet and legs with the heads of the people cut off. The guy with the camera was probably trying to create an effect to lead up to the head shots, but it's tiring. Anyway, Tanner Glass's wife Emily Glass had a son back around the start of 2014, and they then took a nice long vacation to the beautiful country of Portugal and visited a bunch of sites in the city of Lisbon. I, too, have visited Lisbon, and I recognized some of the spots the Glasses saw with their excellent vision.

I was a little surprised Tanner didn't include anything about his son's birth on his Twitter page, but I think he probably was too busy and caught up in actually living it to care about posting about it online. I should also mention that both Emily and Tanner both attended Dartmouth and graduated together, so they're college sweethearts and they're both smarty pants.