NHL Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


John Tavares' Girlfriend Aryne Fuller

John Tavares' girlfriend Aryne Fuller was one of those very lucky girlfriends who got a chance to go to the Sochi Olympics in 2014 and watch everything with her boyfriend. John himself was out of it early on with a season-ending knee injury (man, is there anything worse than knee problems?). That's a pretty good deal for Aryne, to be honest. Now, I know she was very concerned for John and all that, but there's got to be a part of her that's thinking, "Yes! Now I can go to all these cool winter Olympic events with my boyfriend."

Being Canadian, Aryne does something not many Americans have any experience with-- snow-shoeing. What that basically means is she goes hiking in the woods wearing snowshoes. She's got a lot of friends, from the looks of it, and the snowshoes may even act as little individual snowboards. I'm not sure because I've never actually strapped on a pair of snowshoes myself. It seems she's a graduate of Queen's University in Ontario, and she has a masters in Rehabilitation Therapy & Physiotherapy. So I'm fairly certain John Tavares' girlfriend actually knows exactly how to treat his injuries when they occur. She's like the ultimate girlfriend for a professional athlete because she knows how to rehabilitate you physically as fast as possible. In John's case, this was probably a godsend after the knee injury. He even passed on surgery.

Aryne was also in attendance at John's number retiring at his old team the Oshawa Generals. That's a pretty great honor even if it's just the Ontario Hockey League. It's still big time hockey for players 16-20. Tavares somehow got a special exemption to play at the age of fifteen, and he was the first guy to get that. They had a huge picture of him on a banner when they retired the number, and he was there with his family and Aryne on the ice to take a picture of the occasion.


Alex Ovechkin's Girlfriend Nastya Shubskaya

Alex Ovechkin's girlfriend Nastya Shubskaya is a Russian model who, like most serious models, travels all around the world and gets to see stuff a lot of us never get to see. A good example would be the Burj Al Arab, a famous ultra-exclusive (read: expensive) hotel situated on a tiny man-made island on the coast of Dubai. The vast majority of pictures she posts on Instagram are pictures of herself, and she almost always has the same expression. It's not the most exciting of accounts, but I've sort of come to expect as much from Russian models. You won't see them smiling very often; or at least not Nastya. They tend to freeze up and affect an air of icy detachment.

Nastya has also taken a picture of herself wearing a t-shirt of Russia's president Vladimir Putin in seeming support. I guess it's the thing to do if you're drawn to the macho archetype and can overlook the ocean of questionable decisions and actions he's taken. Alex Ovechkin's girlfriend Nastya Shubskaya has said "Each person has a place in which they feel comfort, tranquility, and harmony in themselves. For me it's here" referring to Italy. While she was there, she took a picture of herself holding her hair and captioned it "always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them more," which is an Oscar Wilde quote and a very confusing caption for someone whose job is simply to stay thin and stand in front of a camera. Phew, pickin' up a lot of enemies in the 'ole modeling business! After her jaunt to Italy, she returned to Moscow to be photographed in front of an old Jaguar. Nastya also does runway work and takes her little dog, whom she called a possum, along with her to as many locations as she can. Travel, snap a selfie, move on.


Jakub Petruzalek's Girlfriend Katerina Netolicka

Jakub Petruzalek's girlfriend Katerina Netolicka died at an unknown time in her apartment in a town called Litvinov in the Czech Republic. She was found slumped over her bathtub, and her two dogs were also found dead. Jakub was out of the country playing for his team in Russia in the Kontinental Hockey League. She had just celebrated a birthday 11 days before she was found. Her brother was the one that found her. She hadn't answered any of his calls, and he went to her apartment to check on her-- breaking down the door and finding her dead.

This is something of a mystery. Petruzalek's girlfriend Katerina was a top model. We're talking cover of Elle Magazine and Dior runway type of model. The type of model that you'd think of pre-social media when someone said the word "model." Katerina is also reported to have had a history of inflicting harm on herself. A former friend made a statement about her recently saying: "One minute she was very happy, almost ecstatic, then sometimes she was depressed and used to self-harm." This lends credence to theories floating that she may have committed suicide, but then another friend says that she was in a good place and was happy with her boyfriend. They suggested it may have been a stroke. Since the cause of death is totally unknown, the police requested an autopsy, and color us curious about what they find.

I'm also thinking that since the dogs were also dead, she must have been dead in her apartment for some time before she was found. The dogs must have died of dehydration and/or starvation. That's a really awful and painful way to go. Had Katerina not had contact with anyone from the time of her birthday and seeing Petruzalek to the time she was found? This is a real mystery.