About PlayerWives

Playerwives was born out of a simple bar room argument:

"What player on the Red Sox has the hottest wife?"

What seemed like a simple question spawned a slew of different answers. The argument resolved without a clear answer. After discovering the caliber of the wives on the Red Sox alone, there was no concrete agreement about who the hottest wife was between Kelli Pedroia, Farah Johnson Lester, Ashley Papelbon, and Jamie Kotsay. The only agreement that could be made is that Tiffany Ortiz did not take the crown.

This conversation led to more conversations about the hottest wives and girlfriends in sports and so we went digging for further information. What we found was that while a ton of players were able to date and marry way out of their class by taking home the shiniest trophy on the shelf, some of them stayed with girls from home that may or may not win any beauty contest. Our search made us realize 2 things:

  1. There is no pattern when it comes to the romantic life of a pro athlete, and
  2. There is no one site dedicated to chronicling the wives and girlfriends of a pro athlete

Playerwives seeks to fill that void, while having some fun in the process.

Playerwives is created by two guys from Boston who know a thing or two about dating girls way out of their league.

thinds is a guy that used to play his "I play college football" card in a desperate effort to pull trim. It should come as a surprise to no one that this line never seemed to work. The pathetic romantic foibles of an "athlete" that never made it to the level where that card counts for something is probably the birth of his snarky and cynical commentary on the girls he chronicles. He enjoys spending time bragging to people about his fantasy baseball team and getting mad about the fact that Scott freakin Podsednik managed to pull Lisa Dergan.

BigRed fakes his way through sports arguments and golf outings, sometimes convincingly. A diehard Celtics fan, he made it through the 90's by rooting for the Round Mound of Rebound (and catching a fair amount of shit for it). He continuously finds new ways to justify his Celtics season tickets ("business" expense...) and hopes this site is the path to closer seats. BigRed is the Utah Jazz of fantasy sports - great regular season, awful in the playoffs. This is the year. Really.