Jason Heyward’s Girlfriend Grace Heller


  1. Michelle

    This is typical of most black athletes. It is what it is. I worked in the sports industry for a while and also dated outside my race, which was liberating because I don’t have to resent anyone or beg anyone to be with me out of racial obligation. It doesn’t work and never will.

    By the way, Grace has an ex Matthew Noszka, who is a model from Pittsburgh. Wonder what happened to them. Google him, he’s gorgeous. His snapchats are little immature but he’s young. He has a spiritual side too, if that can take your mind of his good looks. I’d take him over Heyward any day, but that’s just my opinion.

  2. Emily

    noszka is gorgeous but a major corn flake with identity issues his social media is embarrassingly stupid imo she traded up with heyward looks are not everything when you have nothing going on upstairs sorry

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