Ben Zobrist’s wife Julianna Zobrist


  1. Tim

    Why shouldn’t he promote his wife? What is wrong with that? If his wife is the love of his life, and the fact that he married her is a strong indication, what better inspiration than hearing her sing before he steps up! Also, regarding the quality of the music are you saying that being the relative of someone famous automatically diminishes the quality of what you do? Nepotism rules in entertainment and politics and I don’t thing Ben has anything to be ashamed of compared to Mr. Ramirez for example.

  2. A

    You’re absolutely ridiculous for bashing him for supporting his wife’s Christian music career. I see nothing wrong with this.

  3. Anonymous

    Who says he doesn’t get pumped up by his wife’s song? I’ve been to a game and seen him knock it out of the park! So, stop bashing him and/or his wife. They sound like two people in love! It’s not like they announce the song his walking up to. Jeez, people get a life. Not everything is business related. He’s in love and gets pumped listening to his wife sing!!

  4. Anon

    I think I’d be more surprised if he DIDN’T have a song from his wife play when he came up. It’s called being supportive of your family.

  5. Gina

    I think it is wonderful that Ben is promoting his wife. Obviously know one knows the detail of their support to each other, but I know Ben’s walkup song is his wife’s and I wished when she sang at the Playoffs in 2010, she was wearing a Rays jersey demonstrating her support to him and the Rays. Even her son was not wearing a Rays jersey. I would have thought that she would have dressed him in the Zobrist 18 shirt for his son…

    I am a “big” Rays fan and I just hope that Juliana will demonstrates in public her support to her husband next time.

    Go Rays!

  6. Jacqueline Strand

    Why are you being so cynnical about this guy walking on field to a song written by his wife? Pretty ridiculous no matter how you slice it. I think all the comments posted pretty much say it all. I say hooray for this baseball player/singer wife duo – more power to you and I wish you lots of success.

  7. Amy Reynolds

    The song is amazing I have met julianna in person she is the nicest person I have ever met and I was not even at a concert I was a Rays vs. Yankees game I am a rays fan I just travled with the team that one time and she was super nice I can not stop saying good stuff about her pluse her music is great I love to hear it on my iPod and when Ben zobrist is up to bat it is a very nice thing of him to do and it is a song about GOD so it is always nice to hear I love you julianna and Ben so keep hitting and rocking your new songs

  8. joe "baker"

    halleluja! praise Him, ben &julianna.make love not war.jump each others bones for Christ to your hearts’ content. with respect,courage & confidence I am joe “baker”,not the candlestick maker.’s a party without the pain & suffering; so neighbors around the world let’s finally give peace a chance for once in our sad little lives,thank you again I remain at peace & in happiness with our Lord & Master for eternity! No $USD required :)!!!

  9. Guest Star

    Should’ve kept the brown hair. That washed-out, bleached-out blonde hair looks horrible. (Sigh). Blacks and their weaves and whites and their blonde hair. let’s hear it for women who are happy in their own skin and with their own hair (and natural color)!

  10. lee doloff

    ok Zobrist is getting divorced hes worth 70 million bottomline they are all biatches in the end they go crazy wacked out and there is no medicince to cure the biatch disease nothing she is what she is a vindictive little biatche simple as that

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