Dale Weise’s wife Lauren Weise

Dale Weise's wife Lauren Weise

Dale Weise’s wife Lauren Weise is now a mother to their son, Hunter, but she was not always just a maternal figure. At one time a few short years ago, she was a star women’s hockey player playing in a Dutch pro league alongside her…

Sam Bennett’s girlfriend Lizzy MacKay

Sam Bennett's girlfriend Lizzy MacKay

Sam Bennett’s girlfriend Lizzy MacKay‚Äč is young, pretty, and in beauty school somewhere in Canada. I don’t really know what you learn in beauty school, but my guess is how to apply makeup professionally, maybe do hairstyling, and basics of fashion design? Who knows, but…

Jonathan Toews’ Girlfriend Lindsey Vecchione

Jonathan Toews' Girlfriend Lindsey Vecchione

Jonathan Toews’ girlfriend Lindsey Vecchione is certainly a blonde bombshell. There is no question that if she began convincing any man to swing by her salon for a haircut, it’d be very difficult to say no, and that’s even if she overcharges for a cut….

Thomas Vanek’s wife Ashley Vanek

Thomas Vanek's wife Ashley Vanek

Thomas Vanek’s wife Ashley Vanek is thrilled that Thomas decided to sign with the Minnesota Wild and take less money than he could have had elsewhere. The guy inked a deal that’s still worth $19.5 million, so it’s not like he’s getting nothing. He talked…

Tyler Johnson’s Girlfriend Marissa Mazzolini

Tyle Johnson's girlfriend Marissa Mazzolini - facebook

Tyler Johnson’s girlfriend Marissa Mazzolini is apparently from Alaska, which I can hardly believe. I don’t believe I’ve ever covered a player wife or girlfriend who was from that state. My own experience with Alaska was from a trip to Anchorage, and it was very…

Tomas Plekanec’s Wife Lucie Vondrackova

Tomas Plekanec's Wife Lucie Vondrackova - blesk.cz

There’s a whole long episode about a day in the life of Tomas Plekanec done by a show called “Your Canadiens.” This program, by extension, also sort of includes a day in the life of Tomas Plekanec’s wife Lucie Vondrackova. During this program, we see…

Brian Elliott’s Wife Amanda Elliott

Brian Elliot's wife Amanda Elliot - AthletesWives.com

Brian Elliott’s wife Amanda Elliott apparently came up with the idea for Brian to take a selfie during the all-star skills challenge. I wouldn’t exactly say she entered groundbreaking thought territory, but she did lead to the crazy number of shares and retweets that he…

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