NHL Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Jason Pominville's wife Kim Pominville

In an article in a Minnesota newspaper a couple years back, Jason Pominville's wife Kim Pominville was briefly mentioned and described as an "acrobat." This is the kind of description you don't see every day when it comes to player wives.

Jason and Kim have had two kids so far. They're named Jayden and Kaylee, and the Minnesota Wild once wrote a whole article about how they traveled to Columbus to surprise Jason after a game. I think those types of things are always nice for a player (especially when he's traveling and has kids back at home). I think Kim spends the majority of her time taking care of their kids, and I haven't found one mention of her on the internet as an acrobat outside the one article mentioned above. So this mysterious acrobatics act may just be a strange way to describe juggling two kids? Jason Pominville's wife Kim Pominville appears with her big happy smile in every photo she's been in with other people. She certainly seems to value her time with family and friends, and she is friends with a few of the Minnesota Wild wives.

The biggest adjustment Kim had to go through was a period of time where the couple moved a total of seven times in eleven months during the NHL lockout a few years back. This was not at all an uncommon thing at the time, but seven times in eleven months sounds brutal. Those moves included a brief sojourn to Germany so that Jason could keep playing during the lockout. That kind of traveling is less than ideal now since they have two kids and they're getting older. The family does have an offseason house in Montreal, but during the season they live in Minnesota. That's how it goes, but when all else fails you can just travel to the city the guy's playing at and surprise him.

05/11/15 (Updated)

Matt Beleskey's wife Victoria Beleskey

Matt Beleskey's wife Victoria Beleskey is viewable on youtube with Matt doing an ALS ice bucket in Tahiti. It's a pretty annoying video because they do the whole finishing each other's sentence thing. It's almost like they wrote out a script, rehearsed it, chose an exotic background, and then filmed the video. Interestingly, one of the couples they nominated was Sheldon Souray and Barbie Blank, obviously showing they're good friends of theirs. Also they poured the tiniest buckets imaginable on themselves. They were the smallest champagne buckets you've ever seen.

Back in March Victoria could be seen at the Lady Ducks Fashion Luncheon at the Hilton Anaheim. The players were all there too, and basically what these types of things do is raise money for Foundations. In this case, Matt Beleskey's wife Victoria Beleskey helped raise money for the Anaheim Ducks Foundation, which does activities for kids. They raised $315,000 in one night. So that's pretty cool. Victoria and Matt are also known to reach out for other causes like mental health in the "Bell Lets Talk" program.

At one point in their couples timeline, Matt and Victoria went to a desert and rode camels around. Matt was even bit by one. This happened in Cabo (the place every hockey player seems to go with their new wives). That included leaving their English Bulldog Karl back at home, so I'm sure Victoria spoiled him when they got back. Come on guys, you should know to take your bulldog everywhere you go because they have a lifespan of about 5 minutes. Karl is still relatively young though. Sometimes they'll just travel together to a game and spend some time exploring the city. Last summer they took a little trip to Boston on the weekend and walked around, picking up the sights and sounds of that lovely town. I think Matt is a fan of the Patriots for some reason. Maybe if you're a football fan in Ontario they're the closest thing you've got to a local team?


Kris Versteeg's wife Brittany Versteeg

I ran across a solid piece of what could be called fan fiction about Kris Versteeg's wife Brittany Versteeg. It was written back around 2010 after the Blackhawks won the championship, and it describes a scenario where Chris Versteeg went off partying to celebrate the Blackhawks win, passed out in a pool of his own vomit, and was then saved by Brittany. Brittany has to describe this to Chris because he doesn't remember any of it. It's not a bad premise for creative writing, but none of it is true.

Brittany ended up marring Kris just last year, and the wedding and reception looks like it was a pretty regal event. I can tell you pretty much all of Kris Versteeg's wife Brittany Versteeg's professional past as well. I think she may not work any longer, but from 2010 to 2014 she was working as a recruiter at a Toronto firm called Head 2 Head. Her resume is somewhat difficult to understand because it's written in the kind of ultra-professional style that abstracts what she actually did, but the gyst of her job was judging what job candidates were most qualified to get hired to other firms. Before that she was an HR assistant at First Health Care in Markham, Ontario, and before that she was a personal trainer in Whitby, Ontario. She went to the University of Western Ontario, got a bachelor's in Health Sciences.

Well, I think all of that is pretty much out the window now. Getting married to a professional hockey player will sort of blow up your professional ambitions if you let it, ladies. That's what I've observed. Still, I think a baby is not too far off in the future. That's sort of how these things tend to play out. Brittany always looks like she is having a good time in the pictures with Kris. They've been photographed skating together at the United Center and pinned up on the official Blackhawks Pinterest account.