NHL Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Rick Nash's wife Jessica Nash

There are many people who are not fans of Rick Nash. I am one of them. However, that does not mean Rick Nash’s wife Jessica Nash isn’t allowed to dig the guy. If you don’t have to worry about someone high-sticking you every time he gets near you, then being married to him becomes a much easier task. All my friends who are married to habitual high-stickers tell me this.

Game 4 on Sunday had a few nice patented Nash cheapshots, including a quality stick-to-the-face on PK Subban followed by embarrassing commentary by one broadcaster saying that Subban embellished, which would have been true if he hadn’t completely tripped. Let’s focus on the positive aspects of Rick’s game for a second though. He’s a decent goal-scorer. That makes him valuable. He’s currently leading the playoffs in shots taken, though he’s only scored two goals. As the wise old sage Kobe Bryant says: you miss 98% of the shots you take; wait no I mean you miss 98% of the shots you don’t take; wait no that can’t be...nevermind. Mr. Nash actually led the league in goals scored back in 2003-2004. He pulled down $7.8 million this season. It’s good work if you can get it.

Jessica is notable for her work with nonprofits like Pelotonia, which is an organization that raises money for cancer research by riding bikes. She is originally from Dublin, Ohio, and attended Ohio State, graduating in three years. She’s currently working for a private aviation company called Wheels Up. Yes, she discovered it’s quicker to get from point A to point B by using privately chartered jet aircraft instead of bicycles. So if you’re rich and don’t want to sit with the regular schmoes, or if you want to upgrade from bikes to jets like Jessica, give her a call and she’ll book you a flight. You do have to ask for a Nashless flight though or they’ll automatically seat you with Rick Nash. It’s just one of those pesky defaults that’ll be ironed out after a few more customer questionnaires.


Brad Richards' girlfriend Rechelle Jenkins

It's been pointed out before by The New York Rangers Blog that Brad Richards' output dropped like a rock in 2012 after his breakup with screen vixen Olivia Munn. His first 39 games he scored 15 goals, and then his next 88 games after the breakup he scored 26 total. Coincidence? Maybe he had an injury or something (or a wounded heart). Well he's got himself a new lady, and Brad Richards' girlfriend Rechelle Jenkins now sports a nice diamond engagement ring. He proposed to her on a beach in the Bahamas a few months back. Classic hockey-player engagement maneuver. He almost opted for the more creative approach of dressing her up as a goalie and slap-shotting the ring at her, but walking on a beach is also fine.

Does she look like a carbon copy of Olivia? Maybe, but she's got a modeling resume of her own, and even though she hasn't been in tv shows and movies, she's still good for a Fitness Magazine cover or two. Brad and Rechelle have an apartment in Manhattan and recently attended a charity event called Wines of the World, which was for Brad's foundation that helps families with children in need. Rechelle is apparently also pregnant, according to the NY Post.

Brad has generally played solidly if not inconsistently over his 13 seasons in the NHL. He had 91 points in 2005 while playing for the Lightning and was also the playoffs MVP that year. He usually puts up good numbers if he's not injured. He put up 51 points this season. His weakest year was the year of Munn, but who isn't going to be a little off after Olivia says goodbye? I wonder if someone from the Rangers staff saw Rechelle Jenkins in a magazine and thought, "It's time to play matchmaker." Keep your hockey players happy with actresses, models, and models who look like actresses!


Brian Boyle's girlfriend Lauren Bedford

​​L​​et’s just get it out of the way: Brian Boyle’s girlfriend Lauren Bedford is an insanely hot model. Where do we go from here? There’s a lot of hot models out there, and they are damn near impossible to pry away from the ​mysterious ​magnetic force ​that draws ​them towards professional athletes. Well, the force is strong in Brian Boyle, the behemoth Rangers forward.

I am told by reliable sources that, for some reason, Rangers fans don’t really like Brian. They think he’s soft because he’s huge yet doesn’t go out there looking to run over everyone. He’s not exactly a gentle giant, and he’s actually pretty solid defensively. He’s got okay numbers (18 points this season), but he’s still an asset. I feel like I’m his agent. With a $5.1 million contract, he’s doing fine without my help. He’s from Hingham, Massachusetts so I feel like I've got to defend fella.​​

Lauren Bedford is a pretty famous swimsuit and lingerie model. She also dated the king of all model nabbers, Andy Roddick. One can only imagine if Sean Avery had dated her. He’d be a sitting duck in practice. Lauren’s portfolio includes multiple magazine covers and lots of high-end shoots and lingerie work. She’s basically the queen of Fitness Magazine covers, having done three separate fronts. Five-foot-nine, blonde, with blue eyes. In case you’re wondering, her exact measurements are 34/25/35. These model agencies post the measurements on the portfolio pages, guys, and no, it’s not how a stud like Brian makes his dating decisions. It’s all about the girl’s personality!