NHL Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


David Backes' Wife Kelly Backes



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David Backes, a 6'3" forward and high scorer for the St. Louis Blues is set to take the ice on the USA Olympic Hockey team in 2014. As we anxiously watch the medal round in Sochi let's take a look at David Backes' wife Kelly Backes.

David is known for being a supportive team captain and a tough competitor who has definitely thrown a punch or two when necessary. However, outside of Hockey he shows a true soft spot for his lovely wife and a special cause that is close to both of their hearts.

Kelly and David make a very good looking All-American couple. There is not much out there about Kelly's specifically, but David's Twitter account is full of tidbits about Kelly and David's personal philanthropic endeavors. From the looks of things Kelly is a lot more than a trophy wife cheering from the stands. Kelly and David are an extraordinary team who focus much of their attention off the ice supporting animal rescue organizations. In fact these two are so devoted to animal rescue they each have their own rescue organizations: Kelly's Kats and David's Dogs.

As the NBC Broadcast of the semi-final game of the USA vs Czech mentioned, David and Kelly have taken up the fight for the stray dogs in Sochi.  As has been reported over and over, many of the homeless have been put down in preparations for the international Olympic event.  David and Kelly Backes have teamed up with other athletes competing in Sochi and their families to help save as many animals as possible.  The Backes have spearheaded a campaign to have strays rounded up, checked out, treated and sent overseas to be adopted in other countries, rather than find the fate so many have already met.  As Doc Emrick pointed out during the broadcast, it's yeoman's work, and the true definition of selflessness.

Their spirit for animal related philanthropy isn't new.  In the months leading up to the Olympics, the popular Hockey couple took on their greatest domestic endeavor yet: Athletes for Animals or A4A. On a night full of glitz and glamour professional athletes from sports across the board strutted their stuff on the red carpet to raise money and awareness for Kelly and David's newest charity A4A. Kelly and David hope to sign more athletes as voices for their cause in the next year.


Paul Bissonnette's girlfriends, Bibi Jones and Paulina Gretzky



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Ladies and gentleman, you may not know this man but the ladies love him… introducing Paul Bissonnette!

Talk about maximizing your athletic prowess. Likely the only reason you have know the name Paul Bissonnette is because of the girls he has been linked to. We say this because he only averaged six (yup, six) minutes a game in the regular season.

Most recently, he was seen with Paulina Gretzky. The two were recently spotted together in Vegas. Paulina (who, as you know, is the daughter of Wayne Gretzky) is no stranger for getting attention due to her behavior rather than what she does. While there is no confirmation of the events that went down together, there were plenty of blind items tipped to the gossip rags indicating the two spent a very "close" couple of days together. That said, Paulina is now happily engaged to pro Golfer Dustin Johnson, so this lead went cold.

Last year, Bissonnette’s name was dropped by adult film star Bibi Jones as one of the many athletes she had slept with though Bissonnette denied the fling when asked about it during a radio interview. For those who don't remember, Bibi Jones, caused some controversy when she posed for a picture with a shirtless Rob Gronkowski while she wore his jersey and also for publicly claiming to have slept with Dan Uggla (who by the way was married).

Back to Bissonnette,... we'd be remiss to ignore his twitter page (@BizNasty2point0). He is definitely not shy about telling the world what he is doing, which includes hanging out with women. A lot of them. It’s safe to say that Bissonnette spends much more time between the sheets then on the ice.

Keep it posted here on Bissonnette news. I imagine there will be more girls to come...


Loui Eriksson's wife Mikaela Eriksson



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The most popular stories surrounding the Bruins surprising trade of promising 21 year old Tyler Seguin was that they were fed up with his hard partying ways interfering with hockey. With endless stories about Seguin's drinking and hitting clubs in pursuit of girls (hey, what 21 year old wouldn't want to do that), they turned to someone with a more reliable resume off the ice in Loui Eriksson. One person who will surely help the Bruins make sure they don't run into the same problems twice will be Loui Eriksson's wife Mikaela Eriksson (nee Kanold).

Loui and Mikaela are the parents of two children, and have established amazing charitable roots in their local communities. In an ESPN.com article from November, 2011, Scott Burnside passed along this fact about Eriksson:

Away from the rink, Eriksson already has pledged to donate all revenues from endorsement deals to a new foundation his wife will help administer. The money generated in North America will go to charitable works in the Dallas area, and any Swedish-based revenues will go to charities in the Goteborg area.

Hey, there's always Dunkin Donuts endorsement deals passed out in Boston. The pink-hats will quickly forget about Seguin if Loui and Mikaela start developing charitable roots like this in Boston.