NHL Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Tyler Johnson's Girlfriend Marissa Mazzolini

Tyler Johnson's girlfriend Marissa Mazzolini is apparently from Alaska, which I can hardly believe. I don't believe I've ever covered a player wife or girlfriend who was from that state. My own experience with Alaska was from a trip to Anchorage, and it was very much a different vibe than anything you can get in the other states (with maybe the exception of Colorado but on a different scale). Readers should be aware that her boyfriend, Tyler Johnson, is not to be confused with the Tyler Johnson who's marrying Emily Maynard of Bachelor and Bachelorette fame. No, this is the hockey player on the Tampa Bay Lightning.

I seriously can't imagine a bigger change in scenery between Alaska and Tampa, Florida. I mean, maybe if you went from the Himalayas to the Sahara Desert? The only things I can really tell you about Marissa are her interests based on social media sites, because she doesn't really say much outside of what she likes. There's also a strong possibility she's from the state of Washington as opposed to Alaska, and I believe strongly that she attended WSU for some time to learn about nursing. Anyway, Marissa may have met Tyler in Spokane, Washington since he was a player for the Spokane Chiefs in the WHL for about four years before steadily climbing up the ladder to play for the Lightning. It took him six years to get into the Lightning. That's a lot of work. It's probably because he's 5'9" though.

Some of Marissa's interests include baking, fashion, shopping, and home decor. A lot of the comments she puts up are very specific, and she has particular tastes that trend toward the casual but chic. She really does concentrate a lot on her personal style. It's very much a concern or hobby, but you might just come to the conclusion that she's a tad vain.


Tomas Plekanec's Wife Lucie Vondrackova

There's a whole long episode about a day in the life of Tomas Plekanec done by a show called "Your Canadiens." This program, by extension, also sort of includes a day in the life of Tomas Plekanec's wife Lucie Vondrackova. During this program, we see the way the NHL and the Montreal Canadiens structure their community service-type activities. Tomas picks up Lucie (who at the time of the program was just his girlfriend) from a french class she's taking at the university, and they drive to a children's hospital to visit some kids. They speak Czech in front of the woman who's following them around for the episode.

So the real story about Tomas Plekanec's wife Lucie Vondrackova is that she's a big star in the Czech Republic. She's a singer and a movie actor who's been in a bunch of movies there. She has a master's degree in arts, a Phd in philosophy, and she speaks 5 languages. In other words, she's a phenomenal person and very, very smart. In her interactions with everyone, it's immediately apparent how humble and down to earth she is. She also has an air of calmness and intelligence about her, and she's able to put things in perspective. She hangs back when people approach her husband for autographs and smiles at them.

Lucie talks with the reporter in the episode about a certain "Plekki dance" and Plekanec immediately says "no it's not me it's my fans." Lucie is quite tickled by the entire thing. Plekanec seems like a serious type-A, but he does show a sense of humor. At the end of the day, Tomas and Lucie visit the local animal shelter and Lucie says back home in the CR she had three cats and a cocker spaniel, so they go looking for a new friend. Lucie seems interested in helping an animal in need. She chose a cat named Arthur to save who'd been homeless for awhile. Lucie would like a dog, but she said she can't because she's unwilling to leave the dog alone because of all the traveling the couple does. Lucie is a class act.


Brian Elliott's Wife Amanda Elliott

Brian Elliott's wife Amanda Elliott apparently came up with the idea for Brian to take a selfie during the all-star skills challenge. I wouldn't exactly say she entered groundbreaking thought territory, but she did lead to the crazy number of shares and retweets that he got. I guess this picture qualified as "viral" but I don't know the official metric. 25,000 retweets seems like enough to me.

So Amanda is a beautiful woman, and she is a rabid fan of Brian and the Blues. The couple has a dog that looks like a golden retriever poodle mix (odd combination), and they posted a photo recently of Brian snoozing on the couch, and the dog was at the other end of the couch under the covers with Brian and acting as a foot warmer. These guys manage to take some entertaining social media fodder. Amanda herself seems to be fairly shy of the camera or at least of sharing photos on her Twitter account. One cool thing Brian Elliott's wife Amanda Elliott did get to do with Brian recently was take a crazy nice vacation to Turks and Caicos Islands, which is north of the Dominican Republic. She tweeted a photo of the place where they were staying, and it looked pretty extraordinary. These athletes and their wives are just like you and me on vacation-- they like to lounge around and take in some rays. I guess the vacation was cut short, though, so that they could make the all-star game.

Their adventure continued, though, when they flew back to Turks and Caicos so Brian could take a selfie with Amanda in the background in the same way he'd just taken it with Vladimir Tarasenko in the background. As you can imagine, Amanda looks pretty darn nice in a bikini. I kind of think this couple is one of the best looking in all of the NHL when they clean up and put on their nice threads.