Mario Lemieux’s Wife Nathalie Lemieux

Mario Lemieux's Wife Nathalie Lemieux

Mario Lemieux’s wife Nathalie Lemieux is the mother of their two kids, Austin and Stephanie. The kids themselves are basically best friends with the sister of Sidney Crosby. Her name is Taylor, and as you might have imagined- they all play hockey. They all play hockey a lot. Mario said they’re on the ice as often as possible, and when they’re not on the ice they’re on the pavement. Taylor Crosby plays on an all-boys team….

Phil Kessel’s Girlfriend Sandra Pereira

Phil Kessel's Girlfriend Sandra Pereira -Instagram

Phil Kessel’s girlfriend Sandra Pereira is a self-described food enthusiast who gets clothes gifted to her by the by. She has about 3000 followers on Instagram, but my guess is her goal is to pump that up as much as she can. She takes a lot of selfies, and she posts a lot of pictures of her dog, Coco. The dog itself is one of those tiny little cute furries who you can’t help but…

Conor Sheary’s girlfriend Jordan Sullivan

Conor Sheary's girlfriend Jordan Sullivan

Conor Sheary’s girlfriend Jordan Sullivan attended Cushing Academy with her future husband. Cushing is a private high school in Ashburnham, Massachusetts that is known as somewhat of a hockey factory for high school kids. When the pair graduated, Conor moved on to UMass Amherst while Jordan attended Northeastern University. During his final year at The University of Massachusetts-Amherst, Sheary led the team with 28 points in 34 games, including a team-best 19 assists (and 9 goals for those who aren’t so great at math). Conor Sheary’s girlfriend Jordan…

Matthew Murray’s girlfriend Christina Sirignano


Matthew Murray’s girlfriend Christina Sirignano is a student at Lakehead University in sunny and occasionally frigid Thunder Bay, Ontario. Christina’s squad includes two small doggies, one of which appears to be a shaggy dog named Z. The other is indeterminate. I’m okay at spotting dog breeds but I don’t know them all, folks. Both the dogs are just over 1 years old. I can’t exactly tell if she got them together as a package deal,…

Pascal Dupuis’ wife Carole Dupuis

Pascal Dupuis' wife Carole Dupuis -Facebook

Pascal Dupuis’ wife Carole Dupuis​ is the mother of their four children, Maeva, Kody, Zoe, and Lola. HBO Sports actually featured the Dupuis family’s homelife on their show. They live in a suburb outside of Pittsburgh with two dogs and a cat, speaking French to each other and then switching to English at random intervals. I wonder if the dogs respond to both French and English commands. It’s always funny to me to see a…

Nick Bonino’s wife Lauren Bonino

Nick Bonino's wife Lauren Bonino-Twitter

Nick Bonino’s wife Lauren Bonino’s European jaunt this postseason included a stopover to the sinking city of Venice, Italy. This was just one of those getaways from the lovely city of Vancouver, which was their home until very recently when Nick was traded to the Pittsburgh Penguins. So now I don’t know what their plan is, but I imagine they’ll be packing up and moving to Pittsburgh or one of the surrounding areas. Hey, you…

Brooks Orpik’s wife Erin Lilly Orpik

Brooks Orpik's wife Erin Lilly Orpik

Two words describe this couple; true leaders. As the second oldest player on the men’s US Olympic hockey team, Brooks Orpik is known by his teammates as a player who leads by example. But less known by hockey fans is that Brook Orpik’s wife Erin Lilly Orpik leads by example as well. Before Erin Lilly became Erin Lilly Orpik, she established herself as an innovator. While she was still dating Penguins’ defenseman Brooks Orpik, Erin…

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