Matt Stajan’s wife Katie Stajan

Matt Stajan's wife Katie Stajan

Matt Stajan’s wife Katie Stajan recently had a baby in early 2015. Having a child for Katie and Matt is a big deal. They had a baby in 2014, and he died shortly after birth. As you can imagine, this was devastating to the couple. That child was named Emerson, and he would have been the older brother to their new son, Elliot. That really is a brutal thing that Matt Stajan’s wife Katie Stajan…

Sam Bennett’s girlfriend Lizzy MacKay

Sam Bennett's girlfriend Lizzy MacKay

Sam Bennett’s girlfriend Lizzy MacKay‚Äč is young, pretty, and in beauty school somewhere in Canada. I don’t really know what you learn in beauty school, but my guess is how to apply makeup professionally, maybe do hairstyling, and basics of fashion design? Who knows, but it looks like it’s not really too constraining on young Lizzy’s schedule because she is all over the place with Sam. The two already look like they’re married (even though…

Jarome Iginla’s wife Kara Iginla (nee Kara Kirkland)

The Iginla’s have been dating since they were in 8th grade together. After dating for the better part of a decade, Jarome proposed to his long time girlfriend on Christmas of 2001. The two were married on August 6, 2003 and have three children together: daughter Jade Grace born in 2004, and sons Tij, born in 2006 and Joe, born in 2008.

Dion Phaneuf’s girlfriend/Sean Avery’s Sloppy Seconds/Elisha Cuthbert

09/04/2012: Sean Avery who? More than three years after the douchebag line about Sloppy Seconds, Sean Avery’s ex girlfriend, Elisha Cuthbert is now engaged to Dion Phaneuf. The couple announced their engagement over the weekend, which coincides with the end of their collective summer vacations.. Cuthbert will return to shooting ABC’s show Happy Endings, and Phaneuf back to NHL training camp. There’s no date on the wedding as of yet, but our best educated guess…