Michael Del Zotto’s Texting Quest For A Girlfriend Via Lisa Ann


Michael Del Zotto has been texting Lisa Ann, whom you may know as Justin Brent’s girlfriend from an earlier update. Del Zotto has apparently been bothering her for 2 years and asking her to help him find a girl to go out with. This strikes me as somewhat strange for a couple reasons. This is what it looks like to me: the kid asks a porn star for a dating hookup thinking that she herself…

Philadephia Flyers Owner Ed Snider’s wife Lin Spivak

Ed Snider's wife Lin Spivak

We received an email from Steve who wrote the perfect description for the pair, saying: Don’t know what the hockey term would be but seems like Ed Snider out kicked his coverage…” We couldn’t agree more Steve. Glad to see Philadelphia Flyers owner Ed Snider could find some time in his busy schedule solving the NHL lockout to propose to his girlfriend of 8-months Lin Spivak. Not like the NHL is on the brink of…

Ilya Bryzgalov’s wife Zjenia Bryzgalov


This is a post we should have had up months ago and for once it has nothing to do with his wife. Yes Zjenia (also reported as Yevgeniya) Brygalov fits the part of every European hockey wife ever, as another blond bombshell and someone that should be posted on this site. Every once in a while, however, we need to talk about the athlete. And honestly, we wouldn’t be doing you the readers justice if…

Vincent Lecavalier’s wife Caroline Portelance Lecavalier

Vincent Lecavalier's wife Caroline Portelance Lecavalier

Vincent Lecavalier and his wife Caroline Portelance have been together for over 10 years, having begun dating in 2001. The pair were married in 2011. Vincent and Caroline have two child together, daughter Victoria, born May 3, 2010 and son Gabriel.

Chris Pronger’s wife Lauren Pronger


UPDATE: 02-22-2012: Speaking at the annual Flyers Wives Fight For Lives Carnival, Chris Pronger’s wife Lauren Pronger had some disheartening news about her husband. Pronger has been out since November with serious concussion problems and will not play again this year. Lauren reports that, “Unfortunately, I can’t report any major improvement. I certainly wish I could”. Concussions have become a huge focus of sports lately and Pronger certainly seems to be a case study on…