Gordie Howe’s Wife Colleen Howe

Gordie Howe's Wife Colleen Howe

Gordie Howe’s wife Colleen Howe was a remarkable woman. This one does not go in the “sits around taking pictures of herself” category, folks. I’ll get to that in a moment. First, we’d just like to have a moment of reading silence for Gordie, who passed away earlier today. He had suffered two major strokes in 2014 but underwent stem cell treatment and had been doing better, according to his family. Howe was 88 when he…

Tomas Holmstrom’s wife Annelie Holmstrom

Tomas Holmstrom's wife Annelie Holmstrom

Another Red Wing player and another Swedish bombsell. I tell you with each passing day I’m more becoming a fan of the Detriot Red Wings. There isn’t a lot of information about Tomas Holmstrom’s wife Annelie Holmstrom. Of course this appears to be your typical Swedish girl minus the blonde hair. Looks like she met Tomas while living in Sweden and moved to Motor City when Tomas came to play for the Wings.

Pavel Datsyuk’s wife Svetlana Datsyuk


Over the last 20 years no NHL team has been able to identify young talent and develop it better than the Detroit Red Wings. Apparently Pavel was able to do the same thing when it came to his wife. Svetlana and Pavel meet when he was 18 back in Sverdloush, Russia. The great thing is Pavel didn’t even need to use the “I’m a hockey player line” on Svetlana, claiming he was to embarassed to…

Nicklas Lidstrom’s wife Annika Lidstrom

Nicklas Lidstrom's wife Annika Lidstrom @ expressen.se

Just your typical couple from Sweden right here. Nicklas and Annika meet while in high school in a city called Avesta. The couple married early in Nicklas’ career and have 4 sons who of course are all blonde (Kevin, Adam, Samuel and Lucas). The couple split their time between Detroit and Sweden. While in Detroit unless non-Swedish speaking people are present the parents insist the kids speak in Swedish. Since we are near the holidays…

Ian White’s wife Tess White


If anyone can find a picture of Ian White’s wife Tess please send the picture in ASAP… Why you ask? Because I want to see what the woman of my dreams looks like. Let me set the scene: 2011 Stanley Cup playoffs, Sharks vs. Red Wings in Game 7 of the Western Conference Semifinals. At some point during the game a very pregnant Tess realizes she is going into labor. Now most women would start…

Jimmy Howard’s wife Rachel Howard


Being the starting goalie at Univeristy of Maine has to be like shooting fish in a barrel when it comes to women. Seriously if you’ve ever been to UMaine then you know exactly what I’m getting at (Editor’s note: He’s not kidding. I went to UMaine. The PuckSluts are a plentiful). Considering his rock star goalie status, it should come as no surprise that Jimmy was able to land a knock out like Rachel. Jimmy…

Todd Bertuzzi’s Wife Julie Bertuzzi


One would think that being married to a first round pick and a future member of Team Canada would be a dream come true for a girl. That would not be the case for Julie, the wife of Todd Bertuzzi. The couple married in 1996 right as Todd’s career was taking off. Everything changed for the couple in 2004. Todd viciously assaulted Steve Moore on the ice during a game and was suspended 20 games….

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