Chicago Blackhawks Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)

05/21/14 (Updated)

Mical Rozsival's wife Jana Roszival

It’s every Czech’s dream to get drafted into the NHL, travel to wonderful Chicago, and skate around turning over the puck every once in awhile. Young, old, man, woman, skinny, fat, and everyone in between. They all look up to the starry Czech sky, and every constellation is the Stanley Cup. Okay, most of that’s not true, but it was true for one young man growing up in the late 80’s, listening to Murray Head and practicing dramatic skating moves. That man is Michal Rozsival, and Michal Rozsival’s wife Jana Rozsival watched him achieve NHL success.

Well, Mr. Rozsival may have made it to the big show, but he’d recently been yanked in the last couple games against the Wild, both of which the Blackhawks won. He was replaced by Sheldon Brookbank in these games. This was probably due to Rozsival’s -1 rating and turnovers. He’d been quoted in the Chicago Tribune as saying, “You want to be in, especially in the playoffs. Obviously (Quenneville) felt like this is something that's going to spark your team and I guess it did. We won two in a row and the series." He doesn’t need to worry now, because he played a good 17 minutes in the first win against the Kings. He managed to get 3 blocked shots and only one giveaway.

Jana herself is a housewife raising two kids. The fam recently took a trip to Prague to enjoy ridiculously cheap beer and walk around in Blackhawks jerseys in the summer. Fellow Czecher Michael Frolik is one of Michal’s pals, and he’s played with Michal on the Olympic team as well. Frolik is one of the only quality guys that’s reasonably young on the international squad. This may prove a problem for CR as all their best players age out of competition. Too many Pilsner Urquells destroy dreams.


Brent Seabrook's wife Dayna Seabrook

Brent Seabrook’s wife Dayna Seabrook could have been a movie star. She’s got that cool vibe about her that goes beyond her being just attractive. I wonder how her acting chops are? She’s young; she can still have a career! Okay, well she’s never been into acting, and I was never into casting, but if there’s any producers out there, consider these pictures as her head shots.

Brent and Dayna are both Canucks-- Brent from some weird-sounding place called Tsawwassen in B.C. and Dayna from the much more recognizable city of Calgary. Yes, Dayna is the elegant, cultured one. Brent is the talented, hockey-playing one. He’s a good team contributor too. This season he posted a very solid 41 points and has thus far posted 11 points in this year’s playoffs. That’s good for $29 million bucks for five years. Brent’s brother Keith, however, was not so successful. He did manage to get himself drafted by the Florida Panthers about five years back, but he could only muster a three-year stint in the AHL. Hey, he’s still a better hockey player than you.

Last year, after Dayna and Brent posted a picture of their son sitting in the Stanley Cup, it was revealed that the tot's middle name is Seven. This led many twitterers to speculate that the couple named him after the Seinfeld episode where George Costanza came up with the name Seven while trying to think of interesting names for babies. This has got to be the case, right? I mean, the odds that they did the same thing without having known about Costanza are pretty small. Dayna should call Larry David, mention that she named her son Seven (only a slight lie since it’s his middle name), and ask for a spot in the show. A great start to a great screen career.

05/14/14 (Updated)

Bryan Bickell's wife Amanda Bickell

Bryan Bickell’s Wife Amanda Bickell does not like animals fighting. No, I’m not talking about Bryan getting into scraps with big ugly mugs on the ice. I’m talking about pitbulls and the fact that she’s an outspoken advocate for them. She runs a foundation to help abused dogs find homes and give therapy to abused kids. I have to admit, their website ( is pretty heartwarming.

Amanda and Bryan were married in August of 2013, and they spent time in the Czech Republic during the NHL lockout and had their friend take the photos rather than spending an entire year’s salary on a professional. Now that Bryan is the playoffs leader with six goals, Chicago is happy they already inked his deal for four years and $16 million. Bickell is red-hot with a total of 9 post-season points, and he’s said at the last press-conference regarding his hot streak: “"You get the buildup in the regular season to get to the playoffs and the playoffs are where it really, really counts. I don't want to say the regular season doesn't count, I just enjoy this time. We don't practice much, which is good. The city is behind us, our fans (and) just the atmosphere in the dressing room, it gets me fired up."

Bryan is also missing his teammate Andrew Shaw (out with a lower body injury) but with any luck they will still be able to pull through. Bickell has called Shaw a fireball, and it’s strange how he’s the go-to guy quotes guy for the press now that he’s become such a potent offensive threat and playmaker. Amanda will not be sitting home with the team of pitbulls when Chicago is in town. Last year, Bickell again led the league in post-season numbers with 17 points and 9 goals. His regular season numbers are very modest, but as he said, the playoffs are where it really counts, and you can’t argue with success.