Chicago Blackhawks Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Kimmo Timonen's wife Tanja Johanna Timonen

Kimmo Timonen's wife Tanja Johanna Timonen ​is another one of those hard-to-track-down Finns. ​Unlike Swedes (who tend to show up on social media) Finnish wives can be tougher to find mention of. ​At first, I thought she was from Helsinki originally, but in truth I'm not entirely sure where she hails from in Finland.

Kimmo and Tanja h​ave three kids: two daughters and a son​. Their daughter ​brought Kimmo in for show and tell after he won a medal in the Olympics. I don't know what ​the living situation during the season is like, but it can't be too easy with little kids. Since Kimmo has only recently been applying for a green card, I don't know that Johanna is anywhere close to being a citizen. She could just be coming over briefly during the season with the kids, but that doesn't quite make sense since they have a son who's 16 years old, and his schooling would get all messed up. They might just park themselves in Finland year-round and wait for Kimmo to get home, but I sort of doubt that. They probably take up residence somewhere around Philly during the season. Kimmo Timonen's wife Johanna Timonen told him during his blood clot problem that he knows his own body and whatever decision he made would be fine.

​Kimmo Timonen's wife Johanna Timonen stays pretty much completely out of the spotlight. The only event I've seen her photographed at was one of those Flyers Fashion Shows nights where the wives and girlfriends dress up and parade down a runway and somehow make money for a foundation of some kind. She didn't even take pictures with the proper wives; I think she was snapped with some of the wives of management and front office, but I get the vibe that it wasn't really her thing anyway.


Marcus Kruger's girlfriend Malin Molander

The world can always use more Swedish imports, am I right? Marcus Kruger's girlfriend Malin Molander is a peppy 23 year-old going to Colombia College in Chicago and majoring in marketing. She is so damn pretty. I am a huge fan of Swedish women- I'll just come out and say it. They always seem so well-adjusted too. They just know how to get along in life. Maybe I'm projecting but Malin seems like another cool Swedish woman, of which I have seen a few.

It's going to be damn hard to pull her away from the studly Kruger. Marcus Kruger's girlfriend is enjoying a high-class lifestyle, hanging out with other Swedes such as Elina Casell (whenever Elina gets a free moment from walking around Chicago in new clothes and having someone take pictures of her). Six months ago, the lovely Malin celebrated the end of her first semester with some friends that she made at the college. She occasionally throws in pictures of herself dining with pals at posh restaurants as well.

Whenever Malin posts a picture of herself with Marcus, I just photoshop him out and paste myself in his place. No but seriously this couple does some good traveling in the offseason. I've seen a number of pictures of beautiful Greek Islands, cool visits to Stockholm, and other great visits to Sweden ski slopes. Malin's favorite pose is smiling with a drink in her hand, and I'm pretty sure I could just look at different variations of that all day. She seems to fly in friends from Sweden to Chicago to hang out with her every once in awhile, and they generally go out and drink champagne. Malin also went to Los Angeles with a good friend of hers back in 2013. Seems like a great way to spend time while Marcus is playing hockey. Malin's got a real natural charm to her-- most definitely my favorite Blackhawk girlfriend.


Johnny Oduya's girlfriend Kristen Jones

Johnny Oduya's girlfriend Kristen Jones is basically a non-entity on the internet, but that doesn't mean there aren't a few pictures of the lady. Whenever pictures are taken, they're always of her hanging out with the usual Chicago Blackhawk girlfriends and wives (all of which we've covered). That includes women like Elina Casell (when she's not busy getting photographed walking around the streets of Chicago for her blog).

At some point along the line, I am guessing Johnny Oduya's girlfriend will receive a ring. That's just a hunch, though. The internet forums have only a few comments regarding Johnny himself-- saying that it would be awhile until he gets married, but most of those comments came four or five years ago. So now that Johnny's career is sort of winding down, I think the time is right. One thing is certain about the couple-- they do not like social media. Neither one of them has any presence at all, and it's probably for the best because it leaves yahoos like me to making guesses.

The only thing I know about Kristen is that she worked for Delta Cargo at one point. She was featured in a weird thing called "Air Cargo News" which is all about moving cargo. That was her job and still may be now. The article said "she comes from a transportation family; her mom has been working in the industry for over 20 years. Kristen decided early on she wasnted 'to be in cargo.'" She studied as a pharmacy student but worked for GSA as a regional sales manager. I don't really even get the business of cargo but I guess it's just about moving stuff via airplanes and out-competing other cargo handlers. She said of the business: "Things are changing-- not all at once, but we need to be tenacious and customer driven." Okay, well whatever you say, Kristen. You're probably the only person to ever use the word "tenacious" in the context of cargo moving.