Slava Voynov’s Wife Marta Varlamova

Slava Voynov's wife Marta Varlamova

UPDATE 11/20/2014: Despite all parties seemingly wanting to avoid charges, Slava Voynov has been charged with a felony domestic violence in October. Slava Voynov’s wife Marta Varlamova is the alleged victim in the attack which led to Voynov being charged with corporal injury to a spouse with great bodily injury. If convicted, the maximum penalty includes up to nine years in state prison. Slava Voynov will be arraigned on December 1. The NHL has kept…

Is Alec Martinez’s girlfriend Molly McGrath?

Alec Martinez's girlfriend Molly McGrath - Twitter

After scoring the Stanley Cup winning goal in double OT, the sports spotlight turned it’s glean upon Kings defenseman Alec Martinez. After scoring the clinching goals in both the Western Conference Finals and Stanley Cup Finals within a month, Alec Martinez is riding high and people want to know more about him off the ice. While we covered plenty of interesting and beautiful Los Angeles Kings wives and girlfriends in recent weeks, rumors about Alec…

Willie Mitchell’s Wife Megan Mitchell

Willie Mitchell's wife Megan Mitchell -

Willie Mitchell’s wife Megan Mitchell is creative. Celebrations with the Stanley Cup are getting increasingly creative. And while the associated pictures prove that point, Willie Mitchell’s wife helping pour a drink from Lord Stanley while posing on the top of a mountain may rank at the top of the cool list. Willie and Megan Mitchell took the Stanley Cup to Willie’s hometown of Port McNeil, British Columbia for his one day celebration. The Cup flew…

Tyler Toffoli’s girlfriend Taylore Bryce

Tyler Toffoli's Girlfriend Taylore Bryce - Twitter

Tyler Toffoli’s girlfriend Taylore Bryce reminds me of a pretty anime character. She has big eyes and she’s very cute in the classic sense. Tyler, on the other hand, does not look like an anime character. Tyler looks more like a Canadian tough-guy, but he does have a pretty good sense of humor. Just don’t go checking him or he’ll lose that funny bone. Tyler and Taylore, Taylore and Tyler– taking a trolly for two….

Jake Muzzin’s girlfriend Courtney Fischer

Courtney Fischer (L) - Drew Doughty's girlfriend Nicole Arruda (R)

The Muzz. Sic the Muzzle on’em. That’s what I imagine the coach is thinking when he unleashes the 25 year-old defenseman onto the ice. Jake Muzzin’s girlfriend Courtney Fischer possibly thinks the same thing, but just so you know he is a human being and not a brute beast. He doesn’t require as much shackling and unleashing as I let on. Courtney herself is a huge dog-lover, though, so she may not make a distinction….

Justin Williams wife Kelly Williams

Justin Williams wife Kelly Williams -

Justin Williams’ wife Kelly Williams has met the Stanley Cup just like he has. Back in 2012 when the Kings won the championship, the two spent their day with the large silver trophy on a boat. During their boating trip, one of their friends asked his girlfriend to marry him, and the moment was captured on video; complete with drunken screams (possibly from Kelly behind the camera). Anyway, Kelly and Justin would like to take…

Drew Doughty’s girlfriend Nicole Arruda

Drew Doughty's girlfriend Nicole Arruda - Twitter

There’s a new laboratory where the luckiest people among us (hockey players) are allowed to go. Inside, they submit a list of characteristics and traits for a perfect girlfriend, and the laboratory creates her. Drew Doughty’s girlfriend Nicole Arruda is the product of this wonderful place. Smart, funny, beautiful, professionally active, and most importantly Canadian! Nicole describes herself as a programmer and tech venue specialist. Seriously, this girl is a programmer? She also teaches young…

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