Minnesota Wild Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Ryan Suter's wife Becky Suter

Ryan Suter's wife, Becky Suter, joined one of the greatest hockey families of all time when she married Ryan. Becky and Ryan are both Minnesota natives and instantly clicked when they met at Wisconsin University when Ryan played in 2003, his only year there. In that one year they formed a relationship strong enough to live together and eventually get married by July of 2009. At this time Ryan played for the Nashville Predators and was a core piece to that team. Ryan left Nashville and signed with the Wild in 2012, along with friend, and fellow Minnesota native Zach Parise.

It was speculated that the two friends would be a "package deal" in the summer of 2012 when they were both free agents, and both ended up signing with Minnesota. Becky was certainly happy to return home and began working with her father at his real estate firm again. Now Zach and Ryan are headed to Sochi in February to compete in the Olympics and Ryan happens to have another neat little tie to the Olympics. His dad played on the famous 1980 Olympic team! Oddly enough the name of his 2 year old son is named Brooks, as in Herb Brooks, the head coach from that 1980 team. When asked if there was a relation. He said "We like the name. It's not after Herbie, but with everything my dad says about him, it could easily be." Although that name is pure coincidence, maybe if the little Brooks travels with his dad to Sochi, he will bring some of the same fortune that Herb Brooks had in 1980.

02/19/14 (Updated)

Zach Parise's wife Alisha Parise

We'd like to issue an apology to all seven of our longtime readers, as well as Zach Parise's wife Alisha Parise.
We've neglected Hockey WAGS for far too long.

It hasn't been for lack of interest, and it certainly hasn't been for lack of information or quality content. There's no reasonable excuse for it outside our general gaps in hockey knowledge, and for that, we apologize.  We ran a quick post years ago about Zach Parise's girlfriend Alisha Woods - and are vowing to correct that now.

With that, we'd like to introduce you to Zach Parise's wife Alisha Woods Parise.  Zach and Alisha have been dating since college, and were engaged in August of 2011, shortly before the Devils kicked off their 2011-2012 training camp.   Just days after Parise returned home to sign with the Wild in 2012, the couple returned to Minnesota to get married in July 21, 2012.  Alisha is originally from North Dakota, who formerly worked in advertising and knows how to work the crowd.  In a cool note, the couple went pretty bare bones, and reasonable with their wedding registry, one of the most "of-the-people" registries for any sports couple we've ever seen. Seem pretty humble and down to earth to us.

On January 8, 2014, Zach and Alisha welcomed twins into the world, their first children,  Jaxson and Emelia. Alisha, Jaxson and Emilia  stayed home in Minnesota while Zach took the captain patch on his USA sweater and led the United States hockey squad to Sochi.  They take on Canada Friday, where the winner goes to the gold medal game.