Minnesota Wild Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Jason Pominville's wife Kim Pominville

In an article in a Minnesota newspaper a couple years back, Jason Pominville's wife Kim Pominville was briefly mentioned and described as an "acrobat." This is the kind of description you don't see every day when it comes to player wives.

Jason and Kim have had two kids so far. They're named Jayden and Kaylee, and the Minnesota Wild once wrote a whole article about how they traveled to Columbus to surprise Jason after a game. I think those types of things are always nice for a player (especially when he's traveling and has kids back at home). I think Kim spends the majority of her time taking care of their kids, and I haven't found one mention of her on the internet as an acrobat outside the one article mentioned above. So this mysterious acrobatics act may just be a strange way to describe juggling two kids? Jason Pominville's wife Kim Pominville appears with her big happy smile in every photo she's been in with other people. She certainly seems to value her time with family and friends, and she is friends with a few of the Minnesota Wild wives.

The biggest adjustment Kim had to go through was a period of time where the couple moved a total of seven times in eleven months during the NHL lockout a few years back. This was not at all an uncommon thing at the time, but seven times in eleven months sounds brutal. Those moves included a brief sojourn to Germany so that Jason could keep playing during the lockout. That kind of traveling is less than ideal now since they have two kids and they're getting older. The family does have an offseason house in Montreal, but during the season they live in Minnesota. That's how it goes, but when all else fails you can just travel to the city the guy's playing at and surprise him.


Thomas Vanek's wife Ashley Vanek

Thomas Vanek's wife Ashley Vanek is thrilled that Thomas decided to sign with the Minnesota Wild and take less money than he could have had elsewhere. The guy inked a deal that's still worth $19.5 million, so it's not like he's getting nothing. He talked about how it was really important for him to be around Ashley and their three sons in St. Paul, Minnesota. Obviously having set up shop already in Minnesota is going to factor into the decision in a major way.

Ashley is originally from the area and feels right at home there. I'm fairly certain she attended the University of Minnesota along with Thomas. However, I've got to tell you about something that happened outside of Minnesota: one of the the weirdest and most tragic things happened when the couple was living in Clarence, New York outside of Buffalo while Thomas was on the team. A passenger plane crashed a few hundred yards next to their house. According to Wikipedia, the plane was a Bombardier Dash-8 Q400, and it stalled out and crashed into a house (right next to Ashley and Thomas). The entire crew and all 49 passengers died as well as someone who was living inside the house. Four people inside the house survived. That's pretty intense stuff. I don't imagine Thomas Vanek's wife Ashley Vanek wants to revisit that memory any time soon.

Ashley did give it a go when Thomas was traded to Montreal, but Ashley got tired of all the trades and set up shop permanently in St. Paul. Being away from his wife and kids affected Thomas, according to him, and he says his performance in the Stanley Cup series suffered because of it. As you might imagine, Ashley has more than enough to take care of with the three kids, and she'll appreciate whatever help she can get from Thomas now that he's back in town.


Ryan Suter's wife Becky Suter

Ryan Suter's wife, Becky Suter, joined one of the greatest hockey families of all time when she married Ryan. Becky and Ryan are both Minnesota natives and instantly clicked when they met at Wisconsin University when Ryan played in 2003, his only year there. In that one year they formed a relationship strong enough to live together and eventually get married by July of 2009. At this time Ryan played for the Nashville Predators and was a core piece to that team. Ryan left Nashville and signed with the Wild in 2012, along with friend, and fellow Minnesota native Zach Parise.

It was speculated that the two friends would be a "package deal" in the summer of 2012 when they were both free agents, and both ended up signing with Minnesota. Becky was certainly happy to return home and began working with her father at his real estate firm again. Now Zach and Ryan are headed to Sochi in February to compete in the Olympics and Ryan happens to have another neat little tie to the Olympics. His dad played on the famous 1980 Olympic team! Oddly enough the name of his 2 year old son is named Brooks, as in Herb Brooks, the head coach from that 1980 team. When asked if there was a relation. He said "We like the name. It's not after Herbie, but with everything my dad says about him, it could easily be." Although that name is pure coincidence, maybe if the little Brooks travels with his dad to Sochi, he will bring some of the same fortune that Herb Brooks had in 1980.