Brent Burns’ Wife Susan Burns

Brent Burns' wife Susan Burns- Twitter

Brent Burns’ wife Susan Burns is a massive San Jose Sharks fan, as you might have imagined. The couple live in the San Jose area, and she goes to all the games. She hangs out with what she calls the “Lady Sharks” in the box where they all sit. They recently made some shark teeth and posed for a pretty cool photo that she captioned: “ready to take a bite out of our next opponent.”…

Logan Couture’s ex-girlfriend Ashley Rutherdale

Logan Couture's ex-girlfriend Ashley Rutherdale

Logan Couture’s ex-girlfriend Ashley Rutherdale has said that “it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” I don’t entirely agree with this statement, as it sounds like it’s geared towards getting other people’s attention. Ashley won’t have a problem with that for a very long time. She’s got the looks and she’s got the spicy attitude. She posted “I think my boyfriend runs me a bath and grabs me a bottle of wine to…

Tomas Hertl’s girlfriend Aneta Netolicka

Tomas Hertl's girlfriend Aneta Netolicka - CSN

San Jose Sharks rookie forward Tomas Hertl is the new rage. And Thomas Hertl’s girlfriend Aneta Netolicka is right up there with him. The couple from the Czech Republic is quite a pair. The lovely Aneta Netolicka is a gymnast. According to she’s the 74th most famous gymnast in the world and the 41st most famous Czech celebrity starting with the letter “A”. Since there isn’t much information going around about the gorgeous brunette,…

Joe Pavelski’s Wife Sarah Pavelski

Joe Pavelski's Wife Sarah Pavelski

Joe Pavelski’s wife Sarah Pavelski has really only ever been with her husband. The two went to high school together in Waterloo, making a great story of high school sweethearts marrying. In October of 2010, Joe and Sarah had a son, Nathan Pavelski. Joe Pavelski compared coming home to see his son everyday to being a kid on Christmas morning, filled with excitement. Speaking of excitement, Joe and Sarah made one family very happy a…

Antti Niemi’s wife Jonna Niemi


Admittedly, not much is known about Antti and Jonna’s time together. They are married, and they do have two kids. Beyond that? You got us…. However, following Antti’s unlikely rocket ascension, and surprising 2010 Stanley Cup title, she weighed in to the Chicago Tribune: “”I think at the beginning of the season he was talking about how he would get 20 games to play all year. He just got more and more and more (opportunities)….

Joe Thornton’s wife Tabea Pfendsack


The 2004-05 NHL lockout proved good for some, as Joe met future bride Tabea Pfendsack while playing in Switzerland. Tabea managed the bar where Joe’s Swiss team frequented. They were married June 26, 2009 in Switzerland. Together, they have one child, daughter Ayla, born July 14, 2010.