Anton Stralman’s wife Johanna Stralman

Anton Stralman's wife Johanna Stralman

Just last year in September, Anton Stralman’s wife Johanna Stralman moved into a new, huge house with Anton and their four kids. It is in Tampa, naturally, as the guy plays for the Lightning. Johanna is loving the awesome house that was built in 1926 and had 5700 unnecessary square feet. It’s also got five bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms. I took a look at it; it’s one of those impress-your-rich-friends houses, but…

Victor Hedman’s girlfriend Sanna Grundberg

Victor Hedman's girlfriend Sanna Grundberg

If you’re compiling a list of newly financially-secured girlfriends in the NHL, Victor Hedman’s girlfriend Sanna Grundberg would appear somewhere on it. We’re talking, of course, about Victor’s $20,000,000 contract extension from 2011. That’s smile-making money right there. There was a short article about it in the Tampa Bay TImes involving how happy he and Sanna were bacj when it happened. They’re still reaping the benefits from it. Sanna is a Swede just like Hedman….

Valtteri Filppula’s girlfriend Jordan Falcusan

Valtteri Filppula's girlfriend Jordan Falcusan

Valtteri Filppula’s girlfriend Jordan Falcusan has a first name that is easy to pronounce after reading it, so she’s already got her boyfriend beat in that category. She’s also a former Lady Vol of the soccer variety, and she spent some time at Texas A&M before Tennessee. She’s originally a Michigan girl, and she was born in 1986. So now that we’ve got the essential background stats out of the way, let’s talk about what…

Ondrej Palat’s girlfriend Barbora Bartikov

Ondrej Palat's girlfriend Barbora Bartikov

Those Czechs can get very blonde. Ondrej Palat’s girlfriend Barbora Bartikova is a near-platinum natural blonde with pretty eyes. She’s almost always wearing a big smile too, which makes her very photogenic. She travels everywhere with Ondrej from what I can tell. I’ve seen pictures of her at all sorts of social gatherings revolving around hockey, from the players’ lounge to the Winter Olympics. Another one of those fancy get-togethers that Ondrej Palat’s girlfriend was…

Ben Bishop’s girlfriend Andrea Talmadge


So there’s quite a lot of mystery surrounding Ben Bishop’s girlfriend Andrea Talmadge. It took a little digging, to find out Andrea’s name, but the Lightning net minder (justifiably) doesn’t seem to hesitate to bring his arm candy around, so it was worth the effort. Hey, the guy is a big deal right now, and we’ve got to do what we can to show you his girlfriend because that’s what we do, and do it…

Tyler Johnson’s Girlfriend Marissa Mazzolini

Tyle Johnson's girlfriend Marissa Mazzolini - facebook

Tyler Johnson’s girlfriend Marissa Mazzolini is apparently from Alaska, which I can hardly believe. I don’t believe I’ve ever covered a player wife or girlfriend who was from that state. My own experience with Alaska was from a trip to Anchorage, and it was very much a different vibe than anything you can get in the other states (with maybe the exception of Colorado but on a different scale). Readers should be aware that her…

Steven Stamkos’ girlfriend Sandra Porzio

Here’s what we’ve figured out: Lightning star Steven Stamkos has been rumored to be dating a girl named Sandra for months now. This winter, the Lightning players and their wives decorated various Christmas ornaments to auction off for charity. Steven Stamkos decorated his globe with his girlfriend Sandra Porzio. Further details on their relationship are hazy at best. Though neither has a perfect resemblance to the self made Christmas ornament, we can assure you that…

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