Jaromir Jagr’s girlfriend Katka Provaznikova

Jaromir Jagr's girlfriend Katka Provaznikova- Twitter

Okay, so Jaromir Jagr’s girlfriend Katka Provaznikova was apparently only his girlfriend for a night or two (if you can even call her girlfriend) In the morning she took one of those classic bedroom selfies and made a kissing face and a peace sign. The story goes that she then told Jaromir that if he didn’t give her 50,000 Czech Koruna (the equivalent of $2069) she’d post it on the internet. Jaromir responded, “I don’t…

Jaromir Jagr’s girlfriend Inna Puhajkova


Jaromir Jagr has had a very successful, dare we say Jeter-esque run through European trim, with a collection of models successfully bedded. The most recent model (well at least that we know of) is Inna Puhajkova. Born in 1986 and only 14 years Jagr’s junior, Inna is a successful model who hit the pinnacle of her career in 2005 when she won the title “Miss Internet,” by a random Czech website. Officially we know that…

Tim Thomas’ wife Melissa Thomas


Tim Thomas’ wife Melissa Thomas was a key member of the Bruins Wives organization, helping to organize multiple charitable events, including the annual Wives Carnival, which helps raise money for cystic fibrosis. Tim and Melissa met while Tim was attending the University of Vermont and she was attending nearby Trinity College. Together, they have three kids; daughters Kiley, born in 2000 and Kelsey, born in 2005, and son Keegan, born in 2006.