Montreal Canadiens Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)

08/19/15 (Updated)

David Desharnais' ex-girlfriend Cynthia Desrosier

UPDATE 08-19-2015: David Desharnais and former girlfriend Cynthia Desrosier have been broken up for over a year and a half, per an email we received from Desrosier's agent today.

Well, at least you can say that David Desharnais' former girlfriend Cynthia Desrosier has a personality. It seems to be one of intense self-regard and vanity, but what's wrong with that - the world needs people like that even things out, right? We are talking about someone who had a custom-made hat with her last name printed in bold letters. I think she's funny; she says of the hat: "I'm proud what else to say."

It's also true that Cynthia Desrosier has some pretty intense opinions about the way others conduct themselves on social networks. Example 1: "When girls upload a photo of themselves in their bra and undies and write a massive inspirational quote-- Are you on meth c*nt?" Yikes, okay. Well at least we know how you feel in that very specific instance. She also says, "The better I eat, the better I look. The better I look, the better I feel. The better I feel, the better I eat. I could get used to this cycle." I'm not really even sure what that means, but I do know Cynthia is big time in nutrition these days. Here's one more entertaining one: "Good men are hard to find because they're not looking for you. They're too busy building careers, they don't have time to be patrolling Instagram, leaving supid ass emojis under your pics." That's probably true, but I'm pretty sure Cynthia would be bummed out if no men left any comments and emojis under her pictures. Imagine if every single one of her Instagram posts had no responses at all. I don't think she'd like that.

One of the more charismatic things she posts is a picture of her small dog Romeo, who apparently sleeps with his eyes open because of the way his head is shaped.


Dale Weise's wife Lauren Weise

Dale Weise's wife Lauren Weise is now a mother to their son, Hunter, but she was not always just a maternal figure. At one time a few short years ago, she was a star women's hockey player playing in a Dutch pro league alongside her husband (playing in the men's version of the same league). She's also genuinely attractive and you'd never think she's a hockey player. Certainly not the toothless goon you may stereotypically associate as a hockey player.

Both Dale and Lauren come from Winnipeg. Lauren has been a hockey player since she was just a little lady, and I think most Americans don't really know how hardcore a hockey culture it is up there in the frozen land known as Canada. Everybody plays hockey! It's really pretty odd the difference in skill level between Canadian players and Dutch players, but I'll let you come to your own conclusions. I can only imagine what would happen if you take an actual Canadian all-star and put them in the Dutch League. Dale Weise's wife Lauren Weise wasn't complaining.

Well, life ain't so exciting for Lauren now, or at least not in the same way. It might be more exciting with the arrival of their son Hunter, but there's fewer goals scored as a couple. Since they're both from Winnipeg, they usually fly in Lauren and get a lot of tickets for both of their families to see the games whenever Dale plays there. Now, Lauren is already pregnant with their second child, a girl this time. She's gone into full-on motherhood mode. It's very unlikely she'll ever lace up the skates again, but I'm sure she has a few mementos of her league-crushing days in The Netherlands. In just a few short years, the couple have changed their life drastically, going from pro European athletes to newlyweds to having two kids.


Tomas Plekanec's Wife Lucie Vondrackova

There's a whole long episode about a day in the life of Tomas Plekanec done by a show called "Your Canadiens." This program, by extension, also sort of includes a day in the life of Tomas Plekanec's wife Lucie Vondrackova. During this program, we see the way the NHL and the Montreal Canadiens structure their community service-type activities. Tomas picks up Lucie (who at the time of the program was just his girlfriend) from a french class she's taking at the university, and they drive to a children's hospital to visit some kids. They speak Czech in front of the woman who's following them around for the episode.

So the real story about Tomas Plekanec's wife Lucie Vondrackova is that she's a big star in the Czech Republic. She's a singer and a movie actor who's been in a bunch of movies there. She has a master's degree in arts, a Phd in philosophy, and she speaks 5 languages. In other words, she's a phenomenal person and very, very smart. In her interactions with everyone, it's immediately apparent how humble and down to earth she is. She also has an air of calmness and intelligence about her, and she's able to put things in perspective. She hangs back when people approach her husband for autographs and smiles at them.

Lucie talks with the reporter in the episode about a certain "Plekki dance" and Plekanec immediately says "no it's not me it's my fans." Lucie is quite tickled by the entire thing. Plekanec seems like a serious type-A, but he does show a sense of humor. At the end of the day, Tomas and Lucie visit the local animal shelter and Lucie says back home in the CR she had three cats and a cocker spaniel, so they go looking for a new friend. Lucie seems interested in helping an animal in need. She chose a cat named Arthur to save who'd been homeless for awhile. Lucie would like a dog, but she said she can't because she's unwilling to leave the dog alone because of all the traveling the couple does. Lucie is a class act.