Montreal Canadiens Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Tomas Plekanec's Wife Lucie Vondrackova

There's a whole long episode about a day in the life of Tomas Plekanec done by a show called "Your Canadiens." This program, by extension, also sort of includes a day in the life of Tomas Plekanec's wife Lucie Vondrackova. During this program, we see the way the NHL and the Montreal Canadiens structure their community service-type activities. Tomas picks up Lucie (who at the time of the program was just his girlfriend) from a french class she's taking at the university, and they drive to a children's hospital to visit some kids. They speak Czech in front of the woman who's following them around for the episode.

So the real story about Tomas Plekanec's wife Lucie Vondrackova is that she's a big star in the Czech Republic. She's a singer and a movie actor who's been in a bunch of movies there. She has a master's degree in arts, a Phd in philosophy, and she speaks 5 languages. In other words, she's a phenomenal person and very, very smart. In her interactions with everyone, it's immediately apparent how humble and down to earth she is. She also has an air of calmness and intelligence about her, and she's able to put things in perspective. She hangs back when people approach her husband for autographs and smiles at them.

Lucie talks with the reporter in the episode about a certain "Plekki dance" and Plekanec immediately says "no it's not me it's my fans." Lucie is quite tickled by the entire thing. Plekanec seems like a serious type-A, but he does show a sense of humor. At the end of the day, Tomas and Lucie visit the local animal shelter and Lucie says back home in the CR she had three cats and a cocker spaniel, so they go looking for a new friend. Lucie seems interested in helping an animal in need. She chose a cat named Arthur to save who'd been homeless for awhile. Lucie would like a dog, but she said she can't because she's unwilling to leave the dog alone because of all the traveling the couple does. Lucie is a class act.


Andrei Markov's girlfriend Carolina Montes

Folks, we have an interesting case of mixing business and pleasure here. Andrei Markov’s girlfriend Carolina Montes is attempting to become his official sports agent. I’ve always had trouble negotiating with beautiful women; maybe there’s something to this...

We should fill you in on Andrei’s contract backstory: he was brought into the league by the seasoned veteran agent Don Meehan. Meehan is well-known around the league as a solid rep, but after some very productive years recently, it appears Andrei just doesn’t want to pay a fee and is quite serious about having his lady represent him. It has not yet come to fruition, and since you need to register with the NHLPA, it may not be as easy as the couple would like. Andrei’s contract is up, and he’s in talks with the Canadiens for another three-year deal.

Let’s not completely dismiss Carolina Montes just because she has no experience as a sports agent. She is, after all, a successful real estate agent in Montreal. ​Don't underestimate real estate agents just because they're beautiful. ​She’s definitely no slouch. With the history the NHLPA has, you’d think she could definitely become an agent. Markov has had a great couple past seasons, and he’s widely regarded as the best Russian defenseman.

Take exhibit A: David Frost. Frost was one of the wackiest, most unstable individuals ever associated with sports representation. He was charged with twelve separate counts of sexual exploitation from 1995-2001. Without getting too much into Frost, let’s just say allowing a real estate agent to become a sports agent isn’t really that big of a jump when you put things in perspective.


Brian Gionta's wife Harvest Gionta

I am sure that Brian Gionta's wife Harvest Gionta is a lovely woman. Hell, I'm sure Brian Gionta is a nice guy,... But I have to hate him.

As a University of Maine grad, I had to spend four years watching him easily dismantle my Black Bears during his ridiculously impressive four years at Boston College. As a Bruins fan, I had to see him half a dozen times a year during his seven years with the Devils.... and now, of course he's joined the hated rival Candiens. Like I said, sure he's a nice enough guy, but I can't possibly root harder against this cat.

Now most people don't dislike the Canadiens center quite like me. One of the two shortest players in the entire league, he's made plenty of fans with his equal parts skill and grit play. And as a player dedicated to the third city to truly embrace him, Brian and Harvest Gionta are growing roots in the city.

Brian and Harvest Gionta have three children, sons Adam and James, and daughter Leah. Upon Brian being named the Montreal Captain, the English speaking, American Gionta's quickly signed their children up for French immersion school given his expected length of stay in the Canadian city. The couple spends significant amount of time in the community, with Harvest Gionta spearheading many of the Canadien wives charitable drives.

So here we are. Round 2 of the Stanley Cup finals. In the video below, Harvest Gionta talks about Brian spending all summer on the grill. For once, I'm praying the Bruins can send Brian Gionta to an early summer.