Carolina Hurricanes Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Justin Faulk's girlfriend Chloe Lappen

Justin Faulk's girlfriend Chloe Lappen is a quick reminder that the players on Team USA are young guys, fresh out of school.

21 year old Justin Faulk, currently wearing the stars and stripes, but who also normally wears the Assistant Captain patch for the Carolina Hurricanes, would still be in school had he stayed.  After helping the University of Minnesota - Duluth win a national title in the 2010-2011 season, he signed an entry level contract with Carolina.  Now, we'd normally finish that sentence with a colloquial, trite  comment saying that Faulk signed with Carolina and never looked back,... but that's not the case this time.  As a senior at Minnesota - Duluth, we'd imagine that Justin Faulk's girlfriend would have something to say if he didn't.

Outside the Olympian, NHL star of a boyfriend, Chloe appears to have a normal life for a college student.  She likes popular music, bad movies and posting pictures with her friends.   The couple appears to be holding strong despite the distance.

In the coolest move ever, we found a picture of Minnesota native Faulk wearing a Mighty Ducks tee.  I very, very much support this wardrobe choice.

07/01/12 (Updated)

Jordan Staal's wife Heather Staal

Professional athletes have both advantages and disadvantages when planning a wedding:
Advantages: easier to foot the bill, automatic off seasons built in to not worry about work, and friends and family excited to be a part of their big event.

Disadvantages: schmucks like us keeping tabs on you, having to try keep up with other millionaire friends and teammates weddings, and of course, the possibility of getting traded on your wedding day.

Timeout. What?

If you're Jordan Staal, that's exactly what you need to worry about. Staal, who also happens to be one of the four professional hockey playing Staal brothers, admits that when planning his wedding day, he didn't take into account that it was the same day as the NHL Draft (which also happens to be a very common day for player transactions). Staal found out from his agent during the reception that he had been traded from the Pittsburgh Penguins to the Carolina Hurricanes.

While some might be devastated by such news, this may have actually been the best wedding gift the Penguins could have given him. Staal reportedly turned down a 10 year extension from the Penguins, and admitted that the possibility of playing with his brother Eric (who is the captain of the Canes), was an exciting proposition on his mind when he passed on the contract. His youngest brother, Jared also plays for Carolina's AHL affiliate.

As for his new bride, unfortunately, not much is known about Heather She has been involved in a number of Pittsburgh Penguins Wives charity events, so it's easy to speculate she'll be involved in Carolina as well. Beyond that,... let's hope she enjoys packing this summer.

06/20/13 (Updated)

Scott Walker's wife Julie Walker

Scott Walker's wife Julie Walker was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer  during the Canes Bruins series, thankfully, the cancer is being described as fully treatable, and Julie is expected to make a full recovery. Scott Walker played the role of the villain perfectly in the 2009 NHL Eastern Conference Semi Finals following his sucker punch of defenseless Bruins defenseman Aaron Ward.  However, the genesis of his actions may have come from a personal problem off the ice.

While our thoughts and prayers are with Julie Walker, Scott Walker is still a dick for sucker punching a dude(and former teammate) who didn't have his arms up or his gloves off.