Ladislav Smid’s ex-girlfriend Amanda Vanderpool

Ladislav Smid and his girlfriend Amanda Vanderpool met while he was in Anaheim for a road trip, and Amada was working for the Mighty Ducks as a cheerleader. After being a Ducks cheerleader, Amanda has gone to work as a successful model and television host in the Los Angeles area. She has extensive work on red carpet events for Maximo TV (No, we’ve never heard of it either). According to her website, she’s an active…

Ryan Kesler’s wife Andrea Kesler

Ryan and Andrea have two kids together, daughter Makayla and son Ryker born in December, 2010. Ryan is a self described family man, who wants a lot of kids (his words from his blog). The family lives in Vancouver with their three dogs during the season, and return to Ryan’s hometown of Livonia, Michigan during the off-season.

Jarome Iginla’s wife Kara Iginla (nee Kara Kirkland)

The Iginla’s have been dating since they were in 8th grade together. After dating for the better part of a decade, Jarome proposed to his long time girlfriend on Christmas of 2001. The two were married on August 6, 2003 and have three children together: daughter Jade Grace born in 2004, and sons Tij, born in 2006 and Joe, born in 2008.

Martin St. Louis’ wife Heather

Martin St. Louis is married to Heather St. Louis. Martin began dating the former Heather Caragol before their senior year at the University of Vermont, in 1996. He married his long time girlfriend, on July 15, 2000. They have three kids together, sons Ryan (2004), Lucas (2005), and Mason (2008). They reside in South Burlington, VT in the off-season, just a few miles from where they met at UVM.

Henrik Sedin’s wife Johanna Sedin

Henrik married his long time girlfriend Johanna in the summer of 2007. The two Swedish born Sedin’s have two sons together, Valter, born in 2006 and Harry, born in 2010. As we mentioned in the post about Henrik’s brother Daniel, Henrik and Johanna recently joined forces with Daniel and his wife to make a $1.5M donation to a Vancouver Children’s Hospital. The money was donated to help set up a pediatric intensive care and diagnostic…

Tim Thomas’ wife Melissa Thomas

Tim Thomas’ wife Melissa Thomas was a key member of the Bruins Wives organization, helping to organize multiple charitable events, including the annual Wives Carnival, which helps raise money for cystic fibrosis. Tim and Melissa met while Tim was attending the University of Vermont and she was attending nearby Trinity College. Together, they have three kids; daughters Kiley, born in 2000 and Kelsey, born in 2005, and son Keegan, born in 2006.

Daniel Sedin’s wife Marinette Sedin

When Daniel came to the NHL in 2000, he took his long time girlfriend Marinette with him. The two were married in 2005. They have two children together; daughter Ronja, and son Erik. Marinette obtained a degree in psychology from the University of British Coumbia, which helped ease her into her role with the Canucks Family Education Centre. The Centre is designed to help immigrant Canuck wives and girlfriends transition to the English language. In…

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