Gyasi Zardes’ Wife Madison Zardes

Gyasi Zardes’ wife Madison Zardes married him in 2013 and they already have two kids. Their first child is a boy named Gyan, and their second child is a girl named Maylie. From what I can tell, Madison gave birth to Maylie in the middle of March. Her life has changed considerably from the time she was in college to now. She is somewhere in her mid twenties and has fully immersed herself in motherhood….

Darlington Nagbe’s Wife Felicia Nagbe

Darlington Nagbe’s wife Felicia Nagbe met him back in college at the University of Akron in Ohio. They knew each other a little over a year before Darlington worked up the courage to ask her out. He says he’s kind of a shy dude so it took him some time, but he could talk to her about anything since they first met. Then Nagbe got drafted by the Portland Timber and moved to Portland with…

Maggie Nichols’ Boyfriend Anton Stephenson

Maggie Nichols’ boyfriend Anton Stephenson is himself a high-flying gymnast at Nebraska University. This guy is ripped just like all the other talented gymnasts and seems to specialize in the pommel horse. Of course, he can also do the other cool events like the one where you jump off a springboard and do a million flips. Maggie herself is going to Oklahoma in the fall, but she’s already going to have been in the Olympics….

Mario Lemieux’s Wife Nathalie Lemieux

Mario Lemieux’s wife Nathalie Lemieux is the mother of their two kids, Austin and Stephanie. The kids themselves are basically best friends with the sister of Sidney Crosby. Her name is Taylor, and as you might have imagined- they all play hockey. They all play hockey a lot. Mario said they’re on the ice as often as possible, and when they’re not on the ice they’re on the pavement. Taylor Crosby plays on an all-boys team….

Morgan Brian’s Boyfriend Eric Bird?

It’s known that Morgan Brian’s boyfriend Eric Bird was her main squeeze for awhile, but I’ve got news for you: I don’t think they’re together any more. The problem is I can’t completely confirm that. All I’ve got to go off of is a complete lack of mention of either one of them in any form from both of them. In other words, they haven’t posted a single picture of each other or mentioned each…

Clint Dempsey’s wife Bethany Dempsey

Clint Dempsey’s wife Bethany Dempsey is most known for her appearance in a 2010 issue of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Before we dive into those details, let’s talk about what we think that she is probably more proud of. Bethany has given the couple four children, two boys and two girls. The most recent was a boy, Clayton Daniel born in June of 2015, and joined their other son Jackson Dempsey. The two girls are Elyse and Sophia…

DeAndre Yedlin’s Girlfriend Tristin Mays

DeAndre Yedlin’s girlfriend Tristin Mays is beautiful, hip, and funny. She’s also an actress getting work. Her latest feature was on the SyFy channel and is called “Night of The Wild.” It’s probably cheesy but hey it’s a major channel that people know about and she’s getting paid so let’s congratulate her. Tristin uses all those words that young people use like “bae” and “lit,” but that’s virtually the only annoying and conformist thing about her. She’s…