Jonathan Papelbon’s Wife Ashley Papelbon

11-11-2011: Given the rumors that Jonathan Papelbon is signing a four-year, $50 million contract with the Philadelphia Phillies, we felt it was high time for an update on this post. As Red Sox fans who loved his talent but grew sick of his antics, we can’t decide if he will be missed or not. Jonathan Papelbon’s wife Ashley Papelbon grew up in Hattiesburg, Mississippi and met her future husband while they both attended Mississippi State….

Chase Utley’s Wife Jennifer Utley

Chase Utley’s Wife Jennifer Utley is a native of San Francisco, CA and attended college at UCLA. As Jennifer is an avid animal lover, she and Chase  paid for the medical bills and rehabilitation of a seven month old puppy named Etana that was beaten and tortured by several people. Chase and Jennifer Utley (formally Ms. Jennifer Cooper) have been together since 2007.

Marko Jaric’s Wife Adriana Lima

In 2013, undertook the unenviable task of cleaning up every single post on our website. We’ve been attacking posts to provide updates, rewrites, and some major modifications to our formatting in the hopes that we can bring you a brand new in the coming months. One of the hardest tasks is taking the shortest posts we have up there and providing more information – to better serve you, the reader which better serves…

Mark Kotsay’s Wife Jamie Kotsay

Despite almost Internet-wide searching by this site and many others, almost nothing is known about Mark Kotsay’s wife Jamie Kotsay. We know that Mark and Jamie were married in 2000, and that they have three children – but seriously that’s about it. Oh, and the fact that Mark became catholic due in part to his wife. Mark began going to Mass with her in early 2000 and they were married later that year. Jamie has…

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