Joe Buck’s wife Michelle Beisner-Buck


  1. Steve

    You guys need to look into Gary Woodland’s(PGA) girl. She’s been following him non stop at the Barclays in jersey city. I was only able to get a picture from behind once I discovered your website…. My apologies. She may take the cake out of all the PGA wags.

  2. Larry M

    Michelle Beisner would make a good PERMANENT replacement for Nicole Zaloumis on the NFL AM show. She is already on the network’s payroll.

    MB seems as bright as she is pretty and she would get along great with the guys.

    NZ seems to make a career out of insulting Mark Kreigel at every opportunity. MB would be a step up for the show.

  3. Dennis wiggers

    Welcome to the St. Louis family of baseball fans!! This city loves the Buck Family.

    Feel at home here! We now lve you Misses Buck!!!


  4. roger daniels

    Joe Buck’s wife? I would have thought she would have died long ago of boredom. Living with Joe Buck must be like living with a gold fish. But then Joe Buck knows what boredom is. He has to sit next to Troy Aikman on Sundays. Now that cruel and unusual punishment.

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