Lance Kendricks’ Wife Danielle Kendricks


Lance Kendricks’ wife Danielle Kendricks is an activist for lung cancer. If you want to pick a thing to help eradicate, lung cancer is a good thing to pick. She focuses on the subject on social media because it means something to her. Danielle also posted about another subject in April: the giant wall of sneakers Lance built up in St. Louis. Since they moved to Los Angeles, that wall no longer remains. It’s common for a…

Lamar Miller’s Girlfriend Jess


Lamar Miller’s girlfriend Jess attended Florida International University and was a track athlete. They started dating in the summer of 2009, and this became apparent after I saw that the summer of 2013 was their four year anniversary. That means they started dating when Jess was eighteen years old because she is current 25. In fact, after years of study, she became a registered nurse on her 25th birthday! That day came in July of 2016….

Dirk Koetter’s Wife Kim Koetter


Dirk Koetter’s wife Kim Koetter celebrated their 27th anniversary in 2016. They married in 1988 when Dirk was coaching Texas-El Paso. She used to play volleyball at Idaho State. When they met, Kirk was coaching high school football at the high school he attended. A coach at Idaho State actually introduced them, and they started dating. They had four kids over the years. Their youngest son Davis still lives with them in Tampa, while the…

Blaine Gabbert’s girlfriend Bekah Mills


Blaine Gabbert’s girlfriend Bekah Mills is the spitting image of a young Laura Dern. I half expect her biography to contain a paragraph about how she went sleuthing with a young Kyle MacLachlan and escape the clutches of a psychotic Dennis Hopper. Alas, she is not a movie star. Bekah was a basketball player at Missouri while her boyfriend was a football player there. They met and started dating sometime around 2008, and they’ve been…

Odell Beckham’s Girlfriend Zendaya Coleman


At this point, we should just start a separate website devoted to tracking all the women this guy dates.  (Editor’s note: You’re right. We should. I’m going to.) Odell Beckham’s girlfriend Zendaya Coleman isn’t necessarily his new squeeze, though. So basically this all started when they were hanging out at a Grammy party way back in February. They appeared to be very warm and close with one another.  But, there was a looming figure in…

Kenny Britt’s Wife Sabrina Britt


Kenny Britt’s wife Sabrina Britt is known for her vigilance around Kenny. In a recent episode of Hollywood and Football, she told a woman to give her husband five feet. Actually, it started with five inches and then became five feet. I have my doubts whether half the show is real at all, but that’s the magic of “reality sports television.” Pro footballers and their wives now pull double duty as actors and entertainers as well…

Dontrelle Inman’s Wife Jessica Inman


Dontrelle Inman’s wife Jessica Inman is “the laces that keep the shoes tied”. That’s how Dontrelle describes her. I love that little saying. You can see on her face how down to earth she is. She seems very stable and rational to me. Dontrelle says she’s “the toothpaste that whitens his teeth,” which isn’t a description that’s going to land him in Poetry Monthly anytime soon. Regardless of the wacky analogies, these two seem to have a really…

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