Jon Jones girlfriend Jessie Moses

Jon Jones’ girlfriend Jessie Moses met him in high school. They both lived outside of Binghampton, New York, which is not the greatest place in the world. However, it’s not the worst place on earth either. They attended Endicott High School and dated ever since. While he attended college, they continued to date, and she got pregnant for the first time. Since that time, they had three girls. The names of the kids are Leah, Carmen, and Olivia….

Jose Aldo’s Wife Vivianne Aldo

Jose Aldo’s wife Vivianne Aldo is a professional fighter too! She fought twice professionally in Muay Thai. Now, she mostly takes care of their child, Joanna. Starting out in professional fighting, Jose’s primary motivation was to make enough money to own his own house. He was so poor growing up that he would often not be able to eat for days, and his trainers would buy him food. Like Jose, Vivianne is Brazilian and understands…

Mike Weir’s Girlfriend Michelle Money

Mike Weir’s girlfriend Michelle Money is a reality tv personality.  Michelle was on a few versions of The Bachelor shows. She’s also acted in some movies, though not of wide release scale.  They have been dating for some time. Michelle has already introduced him on her social media feed. She has a cool 250K+ followers on Instagram. When you have a few hundred thousand followers, showing a picture of Mike Weir enjoying a glass of wine with her…

Michael Bisping’s wife Rebecca Bisping

Michael Bisping’s wife Rebecca Bisping is a content mother of three. She even describes herself as such on social media: “Mother to three amazing humans; that’s pretty much it.” Furthermore, the family includes two dogs. One of the dogs is a German Shepherd, and the other is a small and scruffy breed. They drool while they watch Rebecca make lunches for her kids. Since Rebecca’s lifestyle is domestic, she loves being at home with her family….

Daniel Cormier’s Girlfriend Salina Deleon

Daniel Cormier’s girlfriend Salina Deleon is the mother of their two children, Daniel and Marquita. Daniel posted a picture of them all together and said, “This is why I fight!” He appears to love to take them on vacation in between big fights. The time following a big fight is a good time for all that. You’ve got to heal those cuts and bruises, and you mine as well do it with a pina colada in your…

Rex Burkhead’s Wife Danielle Burkhead

Rex Burkhead’s wife Danielle Burkhead married him in 2014. She posted an anniversary message to him in February of 2017 and thanked him for his support. Apparently she suffers from anxiety when she flies in planes. Her thanks were in response to his holding her hand during those flights. This couple loves their outdoor activities. Last year, they traveled to Utah for some high-quality skiing. That trip also included some tube rides down the slopes….

Stipe Miocic’s Wife Ryan Miocic

Stipe Miocic’s wife Ryan Miocic married him in June of 2016. The wedding took place in Parma, Ohio because Stipe is from the area. She posted a few photos of the wedding, and she characterized one of them as an encapsulation of their relationship. It is a picture of the couple amused and laughing. That sounds like an absolutely healthy relationship to me. Generally speaking, I’ve found MMA fighters have a pretty good sense of humor, and…

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