Freddy Sanchez’s wife Alissa Dowdy

Freddy Sanchez’s wife Alissa Dowdy was a cheerleader at Burbank High School when she began dating Sanchez. Freddy and Alissa were married August 8, 2002 and have two children together, Evan born in 2005 and Ryan born in 2008. Alissa is the twin sister of Danielle Dowdy who has also made occasional television and movie appearances. Alissa has had a few small roles and random spot appearances on television shows and movies of her own….

Ichiro’s wife Yumiko Fukushima

Ichiro’s wife Yumiko Fukushima  is a former sports reporter in Japan. Ichiro Suzuki and Yumiko Fukushima were married in Santa Monica, CA on December 3, 1999. As part of his contract with the Seattle Mariners, Ichiro insisted on a clause being entered for private English lessons to be taught to both him and his wife. The two reside in the same neighborhood as Bill Gates in Medina, WA.

Michael Young’s wife Cristina Barbosa-Young

Michael Young and his wife Cristina Barbosa-Young met while in high school and were married in 2000. They have one son together named Mateo. Cristina Barbosa-Young is active in multiple charitable foundations, and works closely with an organization called Wipe Out Kids Cancer.

Jason Bartlett’s wife Kelly Bartlett

Jason Bartlett’s wife Kelly Bartlett (maiden name Kelly Chevez). The two were married November 15, 2008.  They currently have one son together, Jayden Anthony Bartlett. The Bartlett’s reside in Fort Meyers, FL.

Brandon Inge’s wife Shani Inge

Brandon Inge’s wife Shani Inge did an interview before the 2008 season, with a local Detroit TV station.  Brandon had recently lost his starting job to all world third baseman Miguel Cabrera.  Shani described how this situation was eating Inge alive, and how he couldn’t get out of bed in the morning.  She talked about how hard  it was to watch him go through him losing his job, and how unfair it is for him to…

Mark Buehrle’s wife Jamie Buehrle

Mark Buehrle’s wife Jamie Buehrle  have a son named Braden born in July, 2007 and a daughter named Brooklyn born in March, 2009. The Buehrle’s are dog people, evidenced by Buehrle donating the proceeds of his “Buerh-lot” wine sales to a local animal shelter.  Knowing that, it’s probably a pretty safe assumption that they wouldn’t love Mike Vick. Well lucky for us, because we no longer need to assume, since Jamie Buehrle decided that her…

Shane Victorino’s wife Melissa Smith

Shane Victorino and his wife Melissa Smith Melissa Smith reside in Las Vegas in the offseason with their daughter Kali’a Makenna, who was born in March, 2007. The Flyin’ Hawaiian Victorino headed to Hawaii in November, 2009 to marry Smith. Victorino broke the news of his engagement on the radio to former Howard Stern enemy, Zookeeper John DeBella. Victorino semi-jokingly asked DeBella to become an ordained minister so DeBella could marry the couple. Melissa Smith…