Rory McIlroy’s girlfriend Holly Sweeney

UPDATE: Based on her Twitter account (HFCSween) and various reporting by other media outlets, it seems safe to say that Rory McIlroy and Holly Sweeney are still dating. Also worthy of note is that she refers to him as “the curly one”. She could call me whatever she wanted… Rory and Holly have dated for more than 5 years, beginning when Rory was 16. In January, 2011, McIlroy revealed that the two had decided to…

Steve Stricker’s wife Nicki Stricker

I really want this post to be about Steve Stricker’s wife Nicki Stricker. Steve and Nicki have been together for a long time, dating all the way back to when they met in college at the University of Illinois. I planned on talking about how Nicki’s dad, Dennis Tizani, is also Steve’s swing coach and the brother of former PGA pro Mario Tizani. Another interesting tidbit is Nicki, who grew up around the game because…

Lee Westwood’s wife Laurae Westwood

Lee Westwood’s wife Laurae is the sister of Lee’s former Ryder Cup teammate, Andrew Coltart. Lee met the former Laurae Coltart at a golf tournament in 1995 and the pair were married in 1999. They currently have two children, Samuel and Poppy, one born in 2001, and one born in 2004. Recently, Lee and his wife Laurae became part of the Palm Beach Gardens community when they moved into a new 10,000 sq. ft. house….

Martin Kaymer’s wife Allison Micheletti

UPDATE 06/13/2014: Last year, we learned that Martin Kaymer’s wife Allison Micheletti was no longer his wife and had moved on by marrying retired NHL great, Mike Modano. With Kaymer setting a major record 130, -10, through 36 holes at the 2014 US Open, the question now begs, who is Martin Kaymer’s girlfriend? Honestly, tough to tell. The German golf pro keeps a low profile on his dating life, which seems completely reasonable given the…

Luke Donald’s wife Diane Donald

04/06/2012: Diane Donald’s twitter account comes through again! After round 1 of the Masters, Luke Donald was almost disqualified thanks in part to get this… a smudge on his submitted score card. An error from the fax made it appear that Donald signed a scorecard giving him a 3 on the par 4 fifth hole, which Luke infact bogeyed. If he had submitted this scorecard with a 3 and signed it, he would have been…

Kevin Bieksa’s wife Katie Bieksa

Kevin Bieksa married his longtime girlfriend Katie in the summer of 2007. The two live in Smithville, Ontario, near Kevin’s hometown. They have two children together, son Cole born in 2007, and daughter Reese born in 2009. The only thing we came across about Katie specifically that she volunteers regularly with other Canuck wives. Also, Kevin acknowledged that they are both dog lovers, and that they like to watch TV and drink tea before bed….

Steve Nash’s girlfriend Brittany Richardson

When Steve Nash and his wife divorced after the birth of their third child, the rumor mill blew up. Most of the rumors were salacious, suggesting that the former Mrs. Nash had been cheating on Steve and that the other man(purportedly a teammate of Steve’s) was the father of child #3, which was ultimately debunked. While rumors persist that Alejandra Nash was unfaithful, it’s pretty clear that Nash is the father of their third child….