03/20/15 (Updated)

Lance Moore's girlfriend Kasey Trione

Feels like we've been through this one before.

The last time we met Lance Moore's girlfriend Kasey Trione, we were operating on a hometown tip that she was dating Patriots breakout running back star Stevan Ridley. We learned pretty early after the post went up that while the two may have casually dated, they were in no way together. This time, however, we seem to be inundated with comments and information pointing the other way that Trione and Moore are actually together.

Kasey Trione seems to be a Lousiana girl through and through. Between her dabbling with Ridley from LSU, to moving on to Moore who plays in New Orleans, despite originally hailing from Northern California. In a shocking turn of events, Trione is a model. Trione has more Facebook friends than we've ever seen before (approaching 6,000), and is not afraid to post pictures of herself and her beau Moore for the world to see.

With the New Orleans finally out of the NFL's doghouse for the bounty scandal of 2012, the Saints are poised for a monster season. With more Moore in the spotlight, we're sure to see Trione around this season. And for that, Lance Moore, we all thank you.

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    She is hot hot hot hotter than all the peppers

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    Hi My Name Is Desha &' My Birthday This Friday February 28th 2014 .. I Have To Work All Day For My Birthday :/ And I'm Mentally Obsessed With Lance Moore &' All I Want Is An Kiss On The Cheek For My Birthday .. Oh And I Work At McDonald's On West Esplanade In Kenner :) Lol It Would Be The BEST GIFT EVER !!!!

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