Dirk Nowitzki’s wife Jessica Olsson


  1. jeff

    the whites do well in swiming lifting wrestling shot put basketball hasnt been our strong point im sorry to see dirk bring his genes to the other sidewe can use all the help we can getin that sport

  2. Phil

    “so many white players with black girls now”

    You can thank marxist feminism for that. So many European American women have embraced feminism, making them unmarriageable. No man wants to marry a woman with an anti-male attitude. Or a woman who is constantly competing with her husband. Most European American men want a feminine woman, no some wannabe man. Good men don’t want women covered in tatoos who burp out the alphabet while falling down drunk in the street. And no man wants a woman who is just looking for an alimony check and child support. It shouldn’t be like this. Sad.

  3. not phil

    Hey phil you worthless nazi, did it ever occur to you that it could be simply love that draws people together, and not the imagined socio-political drama you seem to think?

  4. chris

    races have been mixing for centuries phil. white black.latinos and asians are mixing creating beautiful people. get over it. get yourself a asian girl then.

  5. amanda h.

    Good for them that is so awesome. And what does it matter if they are different races? The only thing that should matter is that they are happy together.

  6. Ty

    Phil you should do you’re research first. Majority of the white women chose black players, so now that its a white player who fell in love with a beautiful black women its a race issue? We are all mixed with something so get over it! You’re opinion belongs on a different planet because we don’t need ignorant people who still looks at race as an issue! Love is love …Am I at risk because my white husband fell in love with me a black women …no

  7. Dirk Fan

    Wow. Racist comments toward a man who’s just gotten married?

    Good luck to he & his wife. They’ll need it when facing imbeciles like the the 2 commenters.

  8. Veronica

    A white Basket baller player choose to be with a with a black women, no body should be raping slick because half of these Black basketball payers choose to be with white women. When its the other way around it doesn’t feel to good right funny…..

  9. james phil M

    that’s good what matters to me is dirk’s performance. good luck ….. i’ll be always support you my idol!!!

  10. Tonya

    So, a white man marrying a black women means that there is something wrong with white women? All of them? Really? I guess as a black women I stupid to think a white man could like me just because.

  11. EZ Rawlins

    My gosh, she is GORGEOUS! D@MN! (Sigh). Black players coming up with all kinds of excuses why they date/marry ‘others’ – Black women are this, Black women are that – and meanwhile Dirk goes out and finds a QUEEN! Go ‘head, Dirk! Beautiful wife. Great rebound, too – that other chick was cray-cray.

  12. lurker100

    Its no biggie. What one man dont want another man will. We will be seeing alot more of these black women white male couple so get used to it and get over it!!!

  13. Kiel

    People are getting interracial marriage mixed up with interracial sex. white men have always had interracial sex with black females!!! That is why most African Americans have white blood. the term “splitting the black oak” refers to when most white males typically broke their virginity by sleeping with a black female during jim crow days.

    Here are two quotes

    “In our time something like 75% of blacks are part white, but at the end of the civil war fewer than 25% were. Most of the mixing of the races took place after the civil war, after the slaves were freed.”

    So since interracial mixed offsprinng increased 50% after the civil war that means the majority of the black female/white male sexual encounters were not rape in jim crow days!! It was just to shameful for white men to admit to it in public!!

    “Some slave women, called fancy girls, mostly light-skinned, were sold to work in the household with the understanding that they would provide special services.

    While some white men did openly live with black women, most hid what was going on as something shameful. As late as the 1970s, more than a hundred years after the civil war, we have court records where it is assumed that having sex with a black woman is so shameful for a white man that none would admit to it unless it was true.

    In most cases slavemasters who had sex with black slave women were just using them, but it was not always that simple. From court records we know that sometimes it led to divorce and contested wills. While most white men did nothing to try to free their black children and black lovers, some did.”

  14. L'Oréal

    Honestly people it is none of our business. But if I must comment, the article did state that her father was from Sweeden. Which probably makes her half Caucasian. Why wouldn’t a woman want to marry a man that looks like her dad, the man who should have been the first to protect, love and cherish her. After all he is the first love of her life. Wishing Dirk and Jessica all the best!!!

  15. Ton@y

    I’m in a interracial marriage. These ignorant comments you see. It’s pretty much standard operation. It’s America, and this is America at its best. They make a great couple, and the only reason people hate is because they can’t find happiness. Period.

  16. jayne

    Congratulations on your marriage to your beautiful wife and the joy of your 2 children.

    You’re the greatest, Dirk. Love to watch your shooting–unbelievable—you’ve been my favorite NBA player for years.

    Your fan,

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