Dirk Nowitzki’s girlfriend Cristal Taylor


  1. Jessica

    For the record, Crystal Taylor has been out of jail and living in Missouri (her state of birth) since January 2010. She served only six months of the 5-year sentence she was given.

  2. Beach Bum

    I’d LOVE to see the pics of the folks calling her ‘ugly.’ i’m sure you’re a bunch of super models who inexplicably waste their time on dumb-2ss sites…

    Dirk’s fortunate to be rid of this chick (her ‘pregnancy’ turned out to be ANOTHER lie – suprise, surprise). You can’t hide from your past – run from it perhaps, but not hide from it. Kudos to Dirk’s manager for performing a thorough investigation into this chick’s past. THAT is a manager that adds value to one’s life.

  3. nina

    Dirk seems like a nice guy..i love his game! Very talented!! What may not b my biz but is of interest is this African woman he married after dating her for just a year..no offense..just speaking from what I’ve seen..African women love to attach themselves to any man that has money!! I hope this is not the case n if it is she better b good to Dirk because he deserve love like us regular people…wishing them a forever marriage..

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