Stuart Scott’s Girlfriend Kristin Spodobalski


  1. John Bivens

    My prayers and wish go to you and family you have been a role model from the time I saw you on television and even when you were fighting with Cancer. To your family and friends you will be missed, may God prepare you for a place in Heaven so you can continue to be the Role Model that you were. I am just a fan no celebrity just a long distance friend and a fan you never met.

  2. c.cooper

    All i can say is u lost a friend,companion and soul mate……i lost an inspiration,a sports perfectionist…….but at the end of the day we have lost a good caring soul but our lord has received an angel….he is gone in the physical sense but will not……will not be forgotten……rip Stuart Scott

  3. Shellie vick

    Sorry to hear of the loss of your love one. I sincerely sends my condolences to you and the girls. My heart goes out to you because my husband is fighting cancer himself. You don’t no me and I don’t know you but may GOD bless and be with you in all that you do.

  4. Mrs. Parker

    My prayers go out to you and Stuart’s family. I applaud you for being tough and making the decision to be with him despite his condition because it is certainly easier said than done. May God comfort you and his family during this hard time and know that God will never put more on us than we can bear. Stay strong for the girls. #StuStrong

  5. Charles

    Thank you for showing unconditional support to someone you met and was battling cancer, in the face of racism and scrutiny. We don’t choose who we love, it chooses us.

  6. Regina edwards

    I’m sure ur heart is heavy but God Loves us best. I like to comment on how strong u r for suffering through with Stuart. I will never forget u and I’m praying that GOD BLESS YOU AND SEE YOU THROUGH THIS TIME. I WISH I WAS UR FRIEND SO I COULD SUPPORT YOU. U SEE STUART IS FINE. HE WITH OUR LORD AND SAVIOR. CONTINUE TO BE Strong. U did all u could now let go and let GOD. BE BLESSED! !!

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