Sarah Davis’ Boyfriend?


  1. Jon

    I saw Sarah when she worked for Fox Soccer Channel. She is FUCKING CLUELESS!!!! She is dumber than a Bag of Rocks. She has a nice face and a really nice rack but this broad is so stupid it hurts to watch her on TV. MARK MY WORDS – she will be vilified in the press for being so awful to watch. Unless she does her work topless so we can see her rack and not listen to her this is a BRUTAL hire.

  2. Rotex

    I believe that our friend Jon above seems angry and displaced in his thoughts and comments. Its all ok though, because nobody knows who he is and he can say what he wants to the world without repercussion.
    Sarah Davis is a pretty good host, particularly because she is from Canada and understands hockey pretty well. We see her on the sports network here and she holds her own. She presents well, is attractive and doesn’t flub her lines.
    Not sure what kind of info a “bag of rocks” would deliver, Jon, so any clarity there would be beneficial so we readers can see where you’re coming from and why this hate and anger, that’s all. Cheers, man.
    The Rock.

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