Michelle Beadle, Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews & the infamous ESPY Party


  1. Jonathan

    Sweet! I love when dudes accused of seaxul assault get endorsements. It’s awesome! six of the players were released immediately because they aren’t suspected of any criminal activity. Those players are Matt Flynn, Khalil Jones, Josh Sitton, Korey Hall, Brad Jones and Clay Mathews.

  2. sue

    She is fugly !!! Sure hope he didn’t do that … looks like a Mack truck sure did her face though ! Please don’t show a picture of her without makeup, can’t hardly look at her with it on … very scary … gross !!

  3. Jaytee 59

    Give it a Rest People !! She’s an attractive, smart young lady that did what any, or most women do but it isn’t made public !!! Whoever started this is likely to have some major Jealously Issues ?? I won’t mention the Obvious ?

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