James Brown’s Wife Dorothy Brown


  1. Brenda Harris

    I seen Dorothy Brown with husband James Brown on Andrew Womack program I would like to say I felt such joy in my heart from the Lord as their spirit is genuine an clearly felt the love of God coming from them I know God has bigger places to take them as Jesus s love flows from their hearts to people this is a gift from God . Truely Jesus has blessed both of you an I pray for both of you to touch lives an hearts as you have touched my heart as well may Jesus Christ guide you in all things

  2. Charlie Wenger

    Mr. Brown,
    Hi, my name is Charlie Wenger and I am a car guy as I under stand you are also. Several years ago at the Ocean City MD show I met Barney Fifer, who told me you and he are friends. In fact he said you would stop by his welding shop when you were in the area (DC/VA). My question is, do you have a current phone or e-mail address for him. The info on his business card no longer works and I would like to make contact with him again.
    Looks like you’ve done well with your weight loss. KUDOS for that and please tell me how you did it (heh, Heh).
    Thank you in advance,
    Charlie Wenger,

  3. Sandra Fierlinger

    Hi Dorothy it’s Patrick from the Catholic boarding house on 88th and 3rd. I met you on 86th st. Look ing good

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