Erin Andrews’ boyfriend Jarret Stoll


  1. Jesse

    This woman sure gets around.

    The same could be said for the guy. I mean he has nailed, Rachel Hunter, Katie Cassidy, Paulina Gretzky, and now Erin Andrews. Pretty impressive list I might add of chicks he has nailed.

  2. Dee A

    Read the above comments about Erin Andrews &sound like sour grapes!As for the hockey jersey she can afford to buy more than one if she wishes with no banging required!Funny the list of boyfriends seem to be long until you notice that Erin &the athlete says not true!Seems rumors become fact without proof&then you have people calling her nasty names! Was very happy to see Jarret Stoll announcing that they were together as many said he doesn’t make comments about dates!Turns out they have dated since November 2012 &introduced by Michael Strahan! I hope it works for them as it’s nice to see people happy! As for Jarret’s dating life since he is 30 it is not surprising that he has dated around. So hears hoping for a happy life together! Doesn’t hurt to wish someone well in life so try it maybe the sour grapes will become sweeter!

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