Frankie Edgar’s wife Renee Edgar

Would you look at this little sit and spin! HELLO NURSE. Renee is above average when it comes to hotness. At least in my opinion. But don’t get me wrong. If I met her face to face I wouldn’t be able to take my eyes off of her. Well tanned, fake boobies, and an awesome smile. If she asked me to buy her a drink I would probably just hand over my wallet and pray…

Georges St Pierre’s girlfriends (or whatever you want to call them)

OK we all know who Georges St. Pierre is….well most of us anyway except for the few that have been socially inactive and hiding in their mom’s basement. ::cough cough thinds:: GSP has been literally destroying the Welterweight division in the UFC for years now. Not only that…but he gets spotted with some of the hottest chicks the human race has to offer. We never really know for sure who is Georges St. Pierre’s girlfriend…

An interview with Dan Hardy’s fiancee, Elizabeth Holloway

In the 2.5+ years we’ve been operating this site, we’ve been contacted by various wives and girlfriends. Some have come calling to demand we take something down, some have contacted us to let us know there has been a status change in their relationship, while others have contacted us because they’re pissed off that we sent them a wedding gift off their public registry.

No WAG, however, has ever contacted us to let us know that we’re using old pictures, and they wanted to send us new pictures to give their star rating a bump.

No WAG, until Dan Hardy’s girlfriend fiancee Elizabeth Holloway.

Just a few weeks ago, resident MMA expert DJ Pullout wrote a post on Ms. Holloway. It wasn’t long until she came calling in her own defense. With her tongue planted firmly in cheek, we got the email from her stating:

Ya’ll seriously need some better pictures of me. Those are from years ago. You are killing my rating =) Let me know where I can send them in. Love your site.

After providing some indisputably hot pictures, an email conversation ensued, and it wasn’t long until we had convinced Elizabeth into a feature interview on her life as the girlfriend of an up and coming UFC star. At the very end of the interview, Elizabeth dropped a bomb on us, allowing PlayerWives to have the scoop on some exciting news. Read on:

Dean Lister’s Ex Wife Flavio Mazoni ‏and Current Girlfriend Milena Roucka

When you are an MMA fighter you get scars, you get weekly bruises, and you also get boat loads of women. I am constantly impressed by the quality of tail that Dean Lister pulls down. This guy marries a model, divorces her, and then pulls the old upgrade to a hotter chick who has prob way more money. Dean Lister has done what every guy wishes they could do. Divorce their fugily looking wife and…

Junior Dos Santos’ Wife Visana Piccozi

01-19-2013: Prior to his fight against Cain Velasquez at UFC 155, there was some talking of Junior Dos Santos having some “personal problems”. After getting demolished by Velasquez, it seemed that these problems may have affected Dos Santos a bit more than he may have admitted. As it turns out, those personal problems were actually a divorce from his wife, Vilsana Picozzi. 09-07-2011: Junior Dos Santos will be facing Cain Velasquez for the Heavyweight Title…

Jon Jones fiancee Jessie Moses

WHERE CAN I FIND A WOMAN LIKE THAT!!?? Take a look at those babies. Who doesn’t want mulatto babies? I mean your skin is the perfect tan color all year round, you have that cute bushy hair, and you get all the advantages of being both black and white. I myself have always wanted to be mulatto ever since my friend told me how good he had it. All the girls love him for his…

Anderson Silva’s wife Dayane Silva

07-03-2012: There is some serious trash talk going out between Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen leading up to UFC 148. Silva, who is normally pretty reserved in these circumstances has threatened to “break [Sonnen’s] teeth”. What could have prompted such a response from the normally quiet fighter? Sonnen insulted Anderson Silva’s wife by saying: You tell Anderson Silva that I’m coming over and I’m kicking down his backdoor and patting his little lady on the…

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