Nathan Peterman’s Wife Morgan Peterman

Nathan Peterman’s wife Morgan Peterman married him on April 30, 2016. According to, they celebrated their one-year anniversary on April 31 of 2017. The article mentions they started to date in 2012. Morgan also celebrated her twenty-third birthday on November 5 of 2017. She was either seventeen or eighteen when they began to date. The age depends on if they started to date before or after her birthday. Nathan celebrated his twenty-third birthday on May 4….

Dabo Swinney’s wife Kathleen Swinney

Dabo Swinney’s wife Kathleen Swinney is the mother of their three children, Clay, Will and Drew. Since they started to date in high school, they both decided to attend Alabama for college. Both earned Masters Degrees there. Kathleen earned her Masters in education while Dabo earned his in business. According to a Fox Carolina from September 24, 2015, they knew each since first and second grade. In that same article, Kathleen said all three of her boys…

Mark Richt’s wife Katharyn Richt

Mark Richt’s wife Katharyn Richt  is the mother of their four children, Jon, Dave, Zach, and Anya. Zach and Anya come from Ukraine. Mark and Katharyn adopted them. In a short video, the couple also talked about the adoption and their motivations. Katharyn said after the birth of their first two sons, they felt they could give more. Mark described a passage in the Bible which he felt gave them reasons to adopt. So they…

Artie Burns’ Wife Ella Burns

Artie Burns’ wife Ella is the mother of their two children. The names of the children are Saint Cairo and AJ. Ella appears prominently in his social media posts. As of May 8, 2017, she became engaged to Artie because he proposed. He shared a photo of him on one knee, presenting the ring to her on top of their boat. He called her his partner on the roller coaster of life in the photo….

Greg Schiano’s wife Christy Schiano

Greg Schiano’s wife Christy Schiano is the mother of their four children. Their names are Joe, Matt, Katie, and John. Two of the sons play football for schools. Since Greg played football for Bucknell, it follows that their son Joe followed in his footsteps. Joe started his freshman season at Bucknell in 2014. Both he and his brother Matt attended Berkeley Preparatory School before college. The University of Tennessee courted Greg Schiano to become their…

Evan Engram’s Sister Mackenzie Engram

Evan Engram’s sister Mackenzie Engram is a talented young lady who attends the University of Georgia. And no folks. We’re still not talking about Evan Engram’s girlfriend. Evan Engram’s sister stands 6’2″ and averages 11.2 points per game. She also entered her senior year in 2017. Her team bio says she involves herself heavily with the community and helps out with the Special Olympics. Of course, she comes from the same place that Evan does….

Shaun Livingston’s Wife Joanna Livingston

Shaun Livingston’s wife Joanna Livingston modeled professionally for over 12 years, according to a profile Melting Pot Beauty posted. They mention Joanna’s business partner at the time, and since she also modeled, they might mean twelve years combined. She married Shaun in early August of 2017. Joanna also already gave birth to their daughter in February, 2017. They named the kid Tyler Marie. Seems like a somewhat bold move to name a girl Tyler. However, I prefer…