Mike Vrabel's wife Jen Vrabel

So Mike Vrabel's wife Jen Vrabel threw her hat in the Twitter trash-talking circle recently and talked some smack to the wife of Bret Bielema (the coach of Arkansas). The whole reason for this is sort of convoluted, but basically it's because Bielema's wife was saying Wisconsin losing against Arizona State was "karma." So when Rutgers beat Arkansas, Jen Vrabel said it was "karma." So there you have it-- they managed to make news out of a very subtle jab that was re-purposed to needle the wife of Bret Bielema. Nice work, Jen.

Jen and Mike have two kids, and they both look exactly like Jen. Their names are Tyler and Carter. I guess there's some resemblance to Mike as well, but I definitely think Jen has the more dominant genes. They all live in Bellaire, Texas, and they do Texas type stuff. That includes going to lots and lots of football games, naturally, but they also seem to like vacationing and hitting the beach. Jen has posted some old tropical Caribbean photos from back in the day on her Twitter. Mike Vrabel's wife Jen Vrabel is understandably happy to be living in sunshine now. She's told her friends that she doesn't want to be in Boston, and after humongous snow storms, you can guess why. Both Jen and Mike are Ohio State fans, which is an easy fate after playing and coaching for the school.

There's sort of a lot going on in Jen's life. She frequently updates her Twitter with news about her family, she's always talking about Ohio State, and she loves to update the world about what Mike is up to. She recently shared a picture of her son Tyler with his young date for some kind of homecoming game. I have no idea what she was talking about when she said "homecoming mums and garters for all you non-Texans" but then she said "it's a Texas thing." Texans always seem to have their own thing going on, and it never really makes much sense to any of the other states, but c'est la vi. Mike and Jen definitely strike me as family types, and they're always getting together to go on outings or dinners and whatnot to celebrate various life events for themselves or their kids.


Joe Thomas' wife Annie Thomas

Joe Thomas' wife Annie Thomas married him back in 2007 after about six months of being engaged. They're still doing all the same stuff now that they were doing back then. This guy's still only 30 years old, and they were married when they were both 23. He's still blocking dudes, and she's still coaching girls basketball. They were married in the beautiful city of Madison, Wisconsin. I've been there, and I love it. There were around 350 guests at the wedding, according to Elegant Wedding Mag. The magazine says his first impression of her was that she was beautiful, and her first impression of him was that he was huge. It lists their favorite thing to do together as "just sitting down on the couch and talking. Both of our schedules are very hectic."

The couple met at the University of Wisconsin while they were both students. If you've never read stories about how athletes meet their girlfriends and wives, then I'll let you know this is roughly how a third of them end up getting hitched. She came into the football training room to get her ankle taped up, and Joey-boy was there. He invited her to a cookout that he and his roommate were hosting for other athletes. Joe Thomas' wife Annie Thomas is now the assistant coach at Cleveland State. They've also got a young daughter whom they named Logan.

Annie was a color commentator for the Wisconsin girl's basketball team for about a year at some point. I don't know exactly how she transitioned into assistant coaching responsibilities at Cleveland State. Neither Annie nor Joe are are too hot for social media, and since Joe has been with the Browns his entire career, Annie probably figured it was a good idea to put down some roots in the coaching community. Joe's contract is worth about $43 million, by the way, so they don't have to worry about finances any time soon.

08/29/15 (Updated)

Scott Chandler's wife Alissa Chandler

Scott Chandler's wife Alissa Chandler is the mother of his their three daughters and someone who appreciates history and old stuff. She was recently quoted as saying how much she was loving all the old homes in New England now that the family is moving there. She's said that "home isn't a specific city but rather the place where all of us are together again." Seems like a very good outlook for an athlete's wife, as they tend to travel and move a lot. Alissa's also a fan of UFC and a Ronda Rousey supporter. She even read her memoir and said she was a "fan for life" of the world's most dangerous woman.

If you've never seen an athlete's wife who is totally focused on her man, Scott Chandler's wife Alissa Chandler is a good example. She, like many proud and supportive wives, retweets everything and anything about her husband that she can find online. Much of the other things she posts are simply about how much she misses him and how little she and their daughters get to see him. She says "ten years later and he still gives me butterflies" when she posts an interview from where he's just saying stuff like "we want to work hard and win games." Patriot player interviews can be the most boring thing on the planet because they never say anything you haven't heard one million times already. When it comes to player interviews, I think people would love to see the players' current emotional states before or after a game.

The family rented a monstrous truck in order to move out of Buffalo and into New England. Their three daughters, Lyla, Vayda and Ivy, are getting used to the moving lifestyle even though they're very young. Two of them are not even in kindergarten so it doesn't matter quite as much. Scott Chandler's wife Alissa Chandler said, "Buffalo you will always hold such a special place in my heart." That may be the first time anyone's ever said that about the city of Buffalo. You may be overdoing it a little there, Alissa.