TY Hilton's wife Shantrell Hilton


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On Sunday, November 23, TY Hilton's wife Shantrell Hilton gave birth to the couple's first child.

Hours later, TY Hilton honored his new baby girl by celebrating a touchdown by cradling the football.

According to Hilton's agent, the Colts star wideout was asleep at the team hotel when his wife Shantrell went into labor. After not being able to reach him, Shantrell sent one of his friends to bang on the door and wake him up. Hilton rushed to the hospital and arrived in time to see the birth of his new daughter.

Basking in the awesomeness of being a first time father, Hilton was aglow coming to the game against Jacksonville. Hilton told his agent, "It's the right thing to do to get her a TD."

Not much is known about the new mom, T.Y. Hilto's wife Shantrell Hilton. In fact, we've been searching for any relevant information about one of the leading receivers in the league for months and come up empty. Congratulations to the new parents.

11/24/14 (Updated)

Cris Collinsworth's Wife Holly Collinsworth


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Cris Collinsworth's wife Holly Collinsworth was a lawyer before they were even married. He was thirty years old, having already been to a Super Bowl with Boomer Esiason on the Bengals (they lost) and was know as a serious ladies man in Cincinnati. There was a joke that all the singles bars in Cincinnati considered his wedding a day of mourning, and the local papers of the time said the girls would be throwing themselves at the limousine before the wedding. I think maybe the city of Cincinnati just likes to play up their pro athletes' reputations.

Cris' wife Holly graduated from the University of Kentucky after having been a cheerleader (gotta' love the cheerleaders) and then graduated from the Cincinnati College of Law. Back in 2008, Holly managed to raise a whopping $7.8 million to renovate her old high school. 7.8 million dollars. That's not your usual fundraising amount. Usually you'll see amounts like 50,000 bucks or even 100,000. Everyone involved in the campaign said Holly was the reason they managed to get that much. One of the people involved said of Holly: "Yes, many people contributed through committees and contributions, but Holly is the primary reason for the successful campaign, locally and in getting the state's support." Being able to motivate and lead people is a rare talent, and this kind of thing is what makes Holly so cool. Holly also works with the Cris Collinsworth ProScan Fund which serves to educate women about breast cancer and provide low-cost mammograms (not administered by Cris Collinsworth, ladies). They've raised over a million dollars for it.

This lady gets things done! Cris used to joke about his now wife Holly working hard in order to pay for their wedding. Apparently Cris also got a law degree at the Cincinnati College of Law back in 1991. I have no idea why he did that, but maybe he thought his wife was so cool he decided he'd follow in her footsteps.


Shea McClellin's Wife Sam McClellin



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Shea McClellin's wife Sam McClellin took a very simple and direct path to marriage. She met Shea in fifth grade at elementary school, started dating him sophomore year of high school, and that was that. They dated for around eight years and then got married. Their first date was to a Boise State football game. Then a few years later they both went to Boise State, and then after Shea got drafted, he proposed at the Boise State football stadium. Like I said, this trajectory was straight and easy to follow.

Well, high school sweethearts make for a stable and supportive relationship, I suppose. Shea's wife Sam recently participated in a fashion runway for the Chicago Bears organization in order to support an organization started by Bears player Jermon Bushrod that sponsors youth sports and education. Sam was also pregnant at the time of the fashion show, but that didn't stop her from showing off her "baby bump" and whatever clothes they gave her. How do they raise money at the fashion runway show? Is it just the price of admission that raises the money? Do the players bid on clothes or something? Maybe everyone just pays a bunch of money to be there and to support the organization, and the fashion show is just something to do while they're there.

Shea's wife Sam is a fan of Target, according to Facebook, and she's interested in running since she reads running blogs and fitness sites. She's got to be pretty far along with the pregnancy since her fashion runway show was in July and it's now November. I'd say around 7 months. Shea and Sam are probably expecting the baby in January. Shea got people's attention this year after a pretty substantial weight loss and bulk-up for this season. He's in the best shape of his life, and while Sam has been bulking up, Shea has been slimming down.