Mike Greenberg's wife Stacy Greenberg

Mike Greenberg's wife Stacy Greenberg is as big or bigger a fan of posting pictures of their dog Phoebe as he is. I know this isn't anything quite newsworthy or something to necessarily lead with, but we here at PW believe giving you a real-life perspective of someone in their day-to-day life is critical. Either that, or we just see a lot of dog pics and feel the need to blab about them.

The lady does lead a pretty charmed life, and she takes partial ownership of her husband's new accomplishment-- a book about women with cancer. Mike Greenberg's wife Stacy Greenberg helped him edit the book as he was writing it, sharing her own perspectives about how women would react to certain situations or what they'd call parts of their wardrobe (she mentioned that no woman in her 20's would use the word "blouse"). Mike and Stacy recently had a chance to pop over to Manhattan to see Larry David's new play Fish In The Dark. Those tickets were going for about 300 dollars each, and attending the show means you are high society. So my hats off to these two for getting to watch David live out the plot of his own show and act on a stage.

Stacy is one of those very nice posters on Twitter who wishes people happy holidays every time one rolls around, and she takes family photos and says stuff like "from our family to yours." Mike Greenberg's wife Stacy Greenberg is an all-around nice lady. So in between posts of Phoebe the fluffy white poodle/lab mix (I'm guessing), she posts pictures of the places she travels to with her family or with Mike. Recently, they've sort of come into a comfortable spot for independence since their youngest daughter is now graduated to high school. I think in general that means the parents can do a little more for themselves, but Stacy actually doesn't strike me as the type of lady who likes to take a break from the kids.


Arianny Celeste's boyfriend Travis Barker

Arianny Celeste's boyfriend Travis Barker is a drummer of Blink 182‚Äč and other acts. So neither one of these people are really athletes (though it could sort of be argued that Barker is an athlete because of the drumming) but since Arianny walks around a ring where athletes compete, we'll go with that connection.

Barker's always got the same tough-guy look on his face in every photo that he's ever taken in. He's like a one-note guy when it comes to having a camera pointed at him. Travis Barker's girlfriend Arianny Celeste shows a little more variety in the photos she's taken in (many of which are taken by herself). I personally am not a fan of the unnatural look, but that's just me, and Arianny is in good shape and is a pretty lady. She's recently taken to Instagram advertisements with a sponsorship coming from Protein World. She will pose next to some protein powder or a "fat melter" product for cash. I guess that's how you monetize an account that has over 1,000,000 followers. In one photo, she's wearing almost nothing, holding her phone with her right hand, and in her left hand is a product that says "lean muscle," and her silicone chest is on full display right in the middle of the photo. As soon as someone I follow on Instagram starts holding up diet pills in their photos, I hit the un-follow button, but that's just me.

That's basically it for her activity: lots and lots of skimpy pictures of herself in photographs that are generally nicely done. Travis Barker's girlfriend Arianny Celeste did share a pleasant little quote a few weeks back: "We get so worried about being pretty. Let's be pretty kind. Pretty funny. Pretty smart. Pretty strong." Spoiler alert-- when she says "we" what she actually means is "I." That's a nice sentiment, though. In the world of social media, part of the self-congratulatory nature of sharing statements like these is the act of sharing them in itself makes you feel like you've done something. I guess in a way she put out some nice vibes to a million people, so that's something right? Hey, she's not holding up protein powder every day.


Brock Holt's wife Lakyn Holt

Brock Holt's wife Lakyn Holt married him on November 9th of 2013. I would watch the wedding video, but I'm not actually sure one exists online (though with the perfect couples they tend to always surface). Now I know no couple is perfect, but these guys seem to have things pretty squared away.

I particularly enjoy Brock Holt's wife's name: Lakyn Holt is a cool name. It sounds kind of unique but not in the made up way; more like in the George Costanza way when he comes up with interesting names out of thing air like "Seven." So Lakyn and Brock like to put up pictures of their adorable chocolate labrador Tank on their respective accounts, and I cannot get enough of this dog. You see, smart athletes and their wives put up meaningless drivel that people nonetheless still enjoy, and definitely keeps them out of trouble. Putting up pictures of your cute labrador is a perfect example. They also hang out with Brock's sister's kid a lot, and I think the idea is just to spoil him and maybe train up for when they have kids themselves. That's the day that Tank the dog gets moved to second fiddle position.

Lakyn's activities pretty much are just her doing whatever she wants: traveling around, hanging out with friends and Red Sox wives, watching games at Fenway, hanging out with Tank the dog. She puts videos of Tank snoring while she watches the game (the 19-inning one versus the Yankees). She also put up a video of Tank eating ice, and I admit I too enjoy watching dogs eat ice. In fact, both Lakyn and Brock's Instagram feeds are sort of like shows based on Tank's life. Another favorite taht Lakyn posted was when Thank the dog stole the remote control and ran outside. I think Tank gets a little spoiled, but who cares it makes for some fun videos.