Andrew McCutchen’s wife Maria McCutchen

Andrew McCutchen's girlfriend Maria Hanslovan

Congratulations are in order for Andrew McCutchen’s wife Maria McCutchen. The couple was married on November 22, which aligns nicely with Andrew’s jersey number (which is 22). With McCutchen safe to avoid the drama of hot stove season, the couple is safe to jet out on…

Cam Newton’s girlfriend Kia Proctor

Cam Newton's girlfriend

Cam Newton’s girlfriend Kia Proctor gave birth to a son, the couple’s first child, last month. Newton and girlfriend Shakia Proctor have chosen the name Chosen, for their son. That must have been complicated to explain to the family the first time. It turns out that Cam’s…

Trayvon Bromell’s Girlfriend Anxieties

Trayvon Bromwell Girlfriend - Twitter

Trayvon Bromell’s girlfriend anxieties plague his thoughts, his feelings, and his very soul! No, they aren’t that bad at all, but he talks often and loud on social media about the gaping hole in his life that is a lack of girlfriend. We feel for ya’…

Soren Kjeldsen’s Wife Charlotte Kjeldsen

Soren Kjeldsen's Wife Charlotte Kjeldsen- Facebook

Soren Kjeldsen’s wife Charlotte Kjeldsen is a member of that special club of worldly people known as the Danes. They speak perfect Danish, they speak perfect English, they dress in perfect clothes, and they’re highly educated and fully covered for healthcare. Charlotte has watched her…

Nathan Eovaldi’s Wife Rebekah Eovaldi

Nathan Eovaldi's wife Bekah Eovaldi - Facebook

Nathan Eovaldi’s wife Rebekah Eovaldi gave birth to their first child in June of 2014. The internet still contains traces of their baby registry from this time. It would surprise no one to see the list; it’s just your typical bunch of baby items like…

Nathan Adrian’s Girlfriend Hallie Ivester

Nathan Adrian's Girlfriend Hallie Ivester -Twitter

Nathan Adrian’s girlfriend Hallie Ivester was lucky enough to go on an exotic trip with him to Bali in 2015. The pictures were pretty exotic. Activities included snorkeling off of what looked like a giant ancient sea vessel but was actually just a fancy tourist boat….

Micky Ward’s Wife Charlene Fleming Ward

Micky Ward Wife Charlene Ward

Micky Ward’s wife Charlene Fleming Ward has stuck by the guy’s side and watched his face get turned into mashed potatoes countless times. That’s not a dig at Micky either- that’s just the nature of boxing and boxing couples (unless you’re a defensive wizard like…

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