Jacoby Brissett’s girlfriend Sloan Young


Jacoby Brissett’s girlfriend Sloan Young is his daily inspiration.  His words.  Not ours. Since arriving in New England, and taking on the Patriot Way, Brissett’s social media has gone dark.  In light of going dark, we assumed that Brissett was single.  In haste, we actually initially recommended that Jacoby Brissett begin dating Aly Raisman (assuming either party was interested).   Welp.  We were wrong.  It happens. Many an astute reader pointed out that we were wrong….

Francisco Lindor’s Girlfriend Nilmarie Huertas


Francisco Lindor’s girlfriend Nilmarie Huertas is a newfound Cleveland Indians fan. Mr. Huertas only recently became a major leaguer, so she learned to love the Indians pretty quick. Since he is earning 540,000 bucks a year, they haven’t yet reached that critical mass where you can buy mansions. The couple have been together since at least November of 2012, which was when Nilmarie posted her first picture on Instagram. That picture happened to be with…

Jake Arrieta’s wife Brittany Arrieta


Jake Arrieta’s wife Brittany Arrieta knew this was coming. After middling seasons in Baltimore, Jake Arrieta has transformed himself into the ace of his Cubs squad. Which says a lot, considering Jon Lester is also on the team. Jake also beat out Zack Greinke and Clayton Kershaw for NL Cy Young. In an article with the Baltimore Sun, Jake Arrieta’s wife Brittany Arrieta explained Jake by saying “You can’t explain him. He is his own breed of person.”…

Justin Rose’s Wife Kate Rose


Justin Rose’s wife Kate Rose claims that she did not cry at her own wedding. Or during childbirth. But Kate Rose admits to crying when her husband Justin Rose earned a gold medal at the 2016 Olympics. Many people wonder why golf was even added to the Olympics in the first place. I suppose this is as good of a reason as any. Adding golf opens up the Gold medal earning population significantly. Justin Rose’s mother Annie…

Jordan Matthews’ Girlfriend Cheyna Williams


Jordan Matthews’ girlfriend Cheyna Williams is a professional soccer player for the Washington Spirit. That’s slightly problematic for the couple since they play in different cities. However, it is better to have a girlfriend with a real career than one who has nothing going for her. Cheyna certainly keeps a busy schedule. First, her pro soccer responsibilities ensure that she is working towards goals all the time. Second, when she is not playing, she is…

Gio Gonzalez’s girlfriend Angela Rypien

Gio Gonzalez's girlfriend Angela Rypien

Gio Gonzalez’s girlfriend Angela Rypien plays in the Lingerie football league. I actually didn’t even know that this league still existed! The league rebranded itself as the Legends Football League, but it’s the same concept. She was a quarterback for the Seattle Mist and Baltimore Charm , which makes sense given the fact that she is the daughter of former Super Bowl MVP Mark Rypien. Gio Gonzalez’s girlfriend Angela Rypien popped up on Twitter with some dot connecting Tweets about…

Gio Gonzalez’s wife Berenice Lea Moures


Gio Gonzalez’s wife Berenice Lea Moures is the mother of their son Enzo. They had him in March of 2016. Since Gio asked Berenice to marry him early in 2016, she is very happy. The couple also owns a French Bulldog named Stitch. He’s a bit of a chubber, but Gio saw no reason not to commission a painting of him. It’s quite common for the two of them to take pictures with the little fellow. I…

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