Jesper Fast's girlfriend Amanda Lindberg

Jesper Fast's girlfriend Amanda Lindberg described herself in Swedish as a "social and happy girl who has fallen in love with the Greek islands." Back in 2011 (probably before she ever met Jesper), this was how she described herself on some kind of backpacking website she had joined to organize and meet up with other backpackers on a Greek island. Being a non-Swedish speaker, it's a little tough to get the gyst of what she was up to, but after her description of herself there was a post involving her looking for like-minded backpackers to join her and her friend.

Now, obviously the whole backpacking thing is still doable today, but it's probably not on the agenda until summer time. Come to think of it, Jesper Fast's girlfriend mentioned that she goes to a certain place to backpack every summer, so it's possible she knew Jesper back in 2011 when she posted about it. Anyway, she lives in New York when he's playing, and it's anybody's guess where they go or what they do in the offseason. It seems to me like Amanda has lived a very charmed life so far. She originally hails from a Swedish city called Jönköping, which is pronounced yon-shaw-ping. I had to go to a specially made YouTube video just to learn that, but you've gotta' do a lady's hometown justice.

The other bit of useless but mildly interesting information about Amanda is that she joins the wives and girlfriends of the other Rangers in a kind of uniform-wearing activity. They all have special shirts made with the last names of their boyfriends or husbands on the back, and they get together and watch the games and maybe do some drinking. I only know this because Amanda took a few pictures of herself with the other ladies, and they're all wearing their "playoff shirts." Other than that, I've got nothing else to tell you about the elusive and lovely Amanda Lindberg.

05/19/15 (Updated)

Corey Brewer's girlfriend Monique Mongalo

Well, Corey Brewer's girlfriend Monique Mongalo is a caring and beautiful woman whom for a long time the internet thought had hidden her identity away, but we managed to track her down. She was interviewed by the Minneapolis Star Tribune right after Corey got traded to the Rockets. The couple had planned on both being there for a charity event for kids, but Corey had to leave to be with the new team and Monique stepped in to answer some questions.

Monique is originally from Los Angeles and was more than game to answer questions from CJ in Minneapolis, who I guess is sort of a minor celebrity reporter? CJ asked her how many cowboy boots and hats they have in their closet and she told her none and that he is only allowed to wear them in Tennessee. I think I completely missed the reference here because that question made next to no sense to me. The big news that shocked NBA fans is that Corey Brewer is a very hands-on father. Corey Brewer's girlfriend Monique Mongalo said that Corey had changed more diapers than she had, which I kind of find hard to believe since he spends a ton of time playing basketball and traveling, but the point was that he takes care of his kid. They had their son, Sebastian, pretty recently. Monique also confirmed that Corey likes to do a lot of chores like go shopping for food and stuff.

I should also mention that Corey Brewer's girlfriend Monique Mongalo is engaged to him, and I'm pretty positive they haven't tied the knot yet. Most sports couples wait until the season is over to get married, which is why so many basketball marriages happen in the summer. They'll generally also take a long honeymoon in the summer to an exotic location, but that's standard for most couples with money anyway. Monique seemed happy about Corey's trade to Houston and said he'd adjust well, but she mentioned it's sort of like a new kid in a new school and that you never know what to expect. Well, things seems to be clicking at the moment.


Bud Norris' girlfriend Rachel Burns

Sometimes people break up.

I know, it's sad, but it's true. And without sounding like we're whining about how the plight of a professional athletes dating life make our job harder on this site,..... it really does make our job harder (fine, we're whining).

Fortunately for us, Bud Norris' girlfriend Rachel Burns was happy to set the record straight. The Orioles fireballer was dating someone, and then he wasn't. And without being tapped in to the Bud Norris dating update was leading with inaccurate information.

Enter Rachel Burns. She reached out to us to clear things up. While reaching out to us, in and of itself isn't unique, doing so without screaming at us is. Bud Norris' girlfriend Rachel was happy to give us a bio. Rather than slice and dice, we'll leave it to her:

A little about me, I'm from the SF Bay Area (met Bud through mutual friends). I went to law school at Berkeley and currently work as a corporate attorney in Silicon Valley. My work focuses on representing start ups in various corporate matters including equity and venture debt financings. I'm a huge baseball fan and watch as many O's games (on TV and in person!) as I can squeeze into my busy schedule. Bud and I are making the distance work for now but are looking forward to a change down the road.

In my free time I love to be outdoors, especially hiking, cycling and practicing yoga. I'm currently training for a 200 mile bike ride from Seattle to Portland. I also love live music and am a frequent concert/festival goer. Finally, I'm an avid traveler and have visited over 40 countries, often traveling solo.

It's cool when we find people worth rooting for,... and both Bud Norris and Rachel Burns fit that bill. Good luck to both of them!