Jason Babin's Wife Sara Babin



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Jason Babin's wife Sara Babin is your garden variety kid-raiser. She stays at home, helps with kids, makes the house, looks on the internet and uses Pinterest to bookmark hairstyles, drink mixes, dessert recipes, fashion, and fitness. The couple have three kids, all under 10 years old. She's into Ellen Degeneres and Modern Family, and most of her time is spent with the kids and listening to country music in the background.

Jason met his wife Sara in college, and they've been together ever since. Sara is fine with Jason teaching their five year-old how to shoot a gun. They own a 500 acre ranch in Texas where there's zebra, deer, elk, and all sorts of wild animal just waiting to be hunted down for the pleasure of it. I'm not really into it at all, but it's legal. PETA has sent a number of letters to Jason about his hunting ranch, and Jason says he "loves to antagonize them." He sounds like an oaf to me. In an interview from, the interviewer seems particularly concerned about Babin teaching his 3 year-old how to clean a handgun. He says his wife Sara is on board with it. I get the sense Sara isn't too bright either, and allow me to explain why.

Sara once lashed out at Reuben Frank for asking where Cole and Babin were all year in 2012-- referencing their unproductive start to a season. Babin's wife Sara said "Shame on you I'm a lady and I understand more about football." Reuben's response was "Oh so 7 sacks in 5 games is good? Wow, you really know the game!" What bothers me about her response the most is that she's playing up her gender role, perpetuating the idea that women can't understand sports. It's actually pretty ignorant, but I don't think she's sophisticated enough to pick up on it. Sorry, Sara, you're not invited to my book club.


Toby Gerhart's Wife Meredith Ayres Gerhart


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If you're looking for a weird last name, here's one: Ayres Gerhart-- belonging to Toby Gerhart's wife Meredith Ayres Gerhart. Do you pronounce that eye-res? How do you even say this guy's name? Gurrrr-heart? Anyway, this lady is pretty much the bomb, as you will soon learn.

And guess what? So is Toby. He scored a 30 on the Wonderlic test (I'll remind you quickly it's a test they give to incoming football players to see how they are with problem solving). 30 is way above normal. He has the highest Wonderlic score of any running back in the NFL. His wife Meredith has got him beat though. She's getting a Phd in genetic counseling from Northwestern. That is no joke, or at least it doesn't sound like a joke to me-- who has any idea what genetic counseling is? Christian Ponder made a statement regarding the wives on the Vikings: "If there's a stereotype that everybody is a former model or a girl who was a cute waitress in college, it's not necessarily like that." Yeah, no kidding! Thanks, Meredith, now all the other wives feel like dum-dums.

Toby himself doesn't really do much. He had 36 carries last season for a total of 283 yards. Not exactly Dickersonesque. Toby went to Stanford just like his wife Meredith (I'm told Stanford is one of the absolute nicest campuses in the country). Meredith was also pretty much the best collegiate swimmer in the country. She was a letter winner every year and an all-academic first team in the Pac 10. This chick is awesome. She's pretty, she's smarter than you, she swims faster than you, she's got better genetics than you, but she will also counsel you and educate you on why those genetics are superior. After all, she will soon be a doctor on the subject, and we'll all just be football fans who likes to ogle hot football wives and girlfriends.


Mike Evans' girlfriend Ashli Dotson


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By now, many of us have seen the rough footage of Mike Evans fight outside a club in the months leading up to the 2014 NFL draft. When reading up on the details to the fight, TMZ put Mike Evans' girlfriend Ashli Dotson right in the middle of their investigative efforts, when it came to the night in question.

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The person who shot the video told TMZ the fight went down on a weekend in August, but Mike's agent told the site that the fight took place in March, before the NFL draft.

The Gossip site settled their internal confusion over the timing of the fight pointing back to an Instagram picture from Mike Evans' girlfriend Ashli Dotson in March. In the photo, Ashley sent out a picture which shows the couple each wearing the same outfits from fight night. Not impossible they lined up outfits a second time,... but let's be honest - he just signed in the NFL. He has new clothes (Oh and PS - Mike Evans turned 21 yesterday).

Ashli Dotson is a college student still living in College Station, attending Texas A&M. Originally from Houston, Ashley officially declared herself in a relationship with Mike as of February, 2014, though there are pictures of them before that date. Mike has a daughter MacKenzie from a prior relationship, whom he struggled to see regularly during his playing days at A&M, being two and a half hours away. No word on how difficult this will be 6+ hours away in Tampa Bay now. Hopefully, his girlfriend Ashli Dotson will be around to help provide some stability to the 21 year old. The video above shows a kid who still has some growing up to do.

No word on any disciplinary action from the NFL