Dan Gilbert’s wife Jennifer Gilbert

Dan Gilbert’s wife Jennifer Gilbert is the founder and CEO of a company called Doodle Home. This company was recently acquired by another company called Dering Hall, and Jen made a personal statement on the old website for her company that said Doodle Home had not only been acquired but that she’d joined Dering Hall’s Board of Directors. So now Doodle Home is being “redirected into a new venture called Amber Engine.” We can’t really…

Shane Lowry’s wife Wendy Honner

Shane Lowry's fiancee Wendy Iris Honner -Twitter

Shane Lowry’s wife Wendy Honner just removed the title of Shane Lowry’s girlfriend after marrying in April of 2016. The couple met for the first time randomly on a night out with friends and were instantly drawn together. They were engaged in December of 2014 and is hoping to tie the knot at some point in 2016. The future Mrs. Shane Lowry is not afraid to let the world know when she’s proud of him….

Patrick Reed’s wife Justine Reed

Patrick Reed's wife Justine Reed

Patrick Reed’s wife Justine Reed helped her husband become a rising star on the PGA Tour carrying his clubs through 18 holes. But to the surprise of many, Justine Reed recently announced her temporary resignation from her caddying duties. A few months before Justine gave birth to daughter Windsor Wells, “Team Reed” decided Justine Reed will now support her husband from the other side of the ropes. It hasn’t been easy for the Houston Texas…

Christian Hackenberg’s Girlfriend Tatum Coffey

Christian Hackenberg's Girlfriend Tatum Coffey- Instagram

Christian Hackenberg’s girlfriend Tatum Coffey is a vivacious beauty spreading joy and cheer wherever she goes. She’s also dipping her toes in the cash-stream pond on Instagram, it seems. She’s mentioned a few brands by name on her account, though I’m not sure if she’s seeing any profits from it just yet. She’s got around 8000 followers presently, and that’s not nearly enough to get money coming in, I think. She does sideline reporting work for…

Sergio Garcia’s Girlfriend Katharina Boehm

Katharina Boehm

Sergio Garcia’s girlfriend Katharina Boehm may have been a PGA first. Following the 2013 Thailand Classic, Katharina Boehm might have been the first caddy to celebrate a win with their golfer by making out after holing out the 18th. Hiring Katharina as his caddy may appear to be a cheap publicity stunt, but let’s face it. With the way Sergio has performed the last few years, some positive press would be a nice change of…

Jerry Lawler’s Girlfriend Lauryn McBride

Jerry Lawler's Girlfriend Lauryn McBride

Jerry Lawler’s Girlfriend Lauryn McBride is only 27 years old and a shocking 39 years younger than the 66-year old King. The pair began living together when she was only 22 years old, when Jerry was 61. Just that statement alone leaves me with so many questions, I don’t even know where to begin. Can he possibly have that much money to make an arrangement like that worthwhile? I guess it could be for love, but the…

Gyasi Zardes’ Wife Madison Zardes

Gyasi Zardes' Wife Madison Zardes- Instagram

Gyasi Zardes’ wife Madison Zardes married him in 2013 and they already have two kids. Their first child is a boy named Gyan, and their second child is a girl named Maylie. From what I can tell, Madison gave birth to Maylie in the middle of March. Her life has changed considerably from the time she was in college to now. She is somewhere in her mid twenties and has fully immersed herself in motherhood….

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