Rob Gronkowski's Camille Kostek

Rob Grownkowski's girlfriend Camille Kostek ‚Äčis a New England Patriots cheerleader and has apparently been dating him for not so long. But as social media shows us time and again, it's amazing what a little picture of getting an innocent ice cream cone can do, as the picture recently made the rounds on the net. That's one of the perks of dating early on versus later when both parties get comfortable-- you can ask a cheerleader/model type out to get ice cream and she'll say yes because she doesn't want to reject you, but later on there'll be no more trips to the ice cream parlor-- mark my words.

The nation weeps with the news of Rob Gronkowski's girlfriend. The men have lost their idol - single men knowing the caliber gal Rob brings home, and the spoken for men seeing what could have been. The ladies all across the globe seem to love the big galoot, and Camille Kostek is now New England lady enemy numero uno.

Camille recently starred in a curious little music video by a fellow named Jack Fiskio called "A Little More You." I suppose you could call the style of music mellow country rock. In it, Rob Gronkowski's girlfriend Camille Kostek plays the love interest of Jack Fiskio, a goobery looking little guy with gelled hair, Ray-Bans, and a crush. Here's some samply lyrics: "All day diamond eyes that are ocean blue/ trying to keep my poker face/but I'm going all in for you." Okay, well, the video features Camille essentially just lazing around with this guy (who is basically the physical opposite of Rob Gronkowski) and kind of bobbing her head and half-dancing while sitting next to him on a wicker divan.

Personally, I have a problem with the way Jack sings and the way his vocals are doubled and thickened in the production. It's meant to strengthen the vocals, but it serves to make him sound like a machine. The chorus is also sung weakly and features an annoying banjo in the mix. Anyway, Rob Gronkowski's girlfriend is lovely as can be in the video, and there's a few shots of her in a bikini at the beach. I'm very curious if the guy in the video is her cousin or something. Or was she paid well to be featured in it? Camille has also done a little bit of modelling work and posted a few shots of being photographed on her Twitter. Other than that, she's still very young and excited to be with Rob.

04/19/15 (Updated)

Kirk Hinrich's Wife Jill Hinrich

Kirk Hinrich's wife Jill Hinrich just gave birth to twins in September of 2014, so she's very busy taking care of their stable of four children. Their kids are named Kolton, Kinley, Kenzie, and Kyla. I'm seeing a pattern here, Kirk. Maybe Jill will think about changing her name to Kelly.

Jill had a very athletic history before she became a professional mom. Kirk Hinrich's wife Jill Hinrich was once simply Jill Fisher, and she was known as a state champion long jumper for Bishop Heelan high school in Sioux City, Iowa. The couple has been dating since 1997, according to the Sioux City Journal, and they've known each other since high school. So chalk another professional athlete's relationship under the old high school sweethearts column. Being an NBA wife is tough, and that means Jill had to say goodbye to what was called her "dream house" when Kirk was traded from Chicago to Washington. The house was 9270 square feet and cost $4.4 million. Then the guy gets traded back a few years later, and they're right back where they wanted to be.

Kirk and Jill also do a lot of nice charity work. Kirk's got a charity golf tournament called Camp High Hopes, and the aim there is to help special needs kids. I think he should start a charity for his wife, who's now got to take care of 4 little kids while he's away shooting jump shots. I don't imagine Jill longs to be back in Sioux City, but they do visit there often enough to see family and old friends. There's speculation around the internet that Kirk will seek employment working for the Bulls organization when he retires, and that would suit Jill and the family nicely, as they've mostly put down roots in Chicago. I wonder if they reacquired their dream house. My guess is it was sold within the three years time that they were away.


Brittney Griner's Girlfriend Glory Johnson

Brittney Griners girlfriend Glory Johnson has to put up with Brittney being (in her own words) "a grumpy little light bright, and a stubborn 6'8 fool sometimes." That was what she said on her Instagram, and she thanked her girlfriend and fiance Glory.

Brittney asked Glory to be her wife back in April. The moment was documented in pictures, and Brittney told USA Today  "I was more nervous (proposing) than anything in my whole life. I almost passed out." Well, the moment is over, and now her life is much enriched. Some of the videos she posts on Instagram are pretty funny, by the way. Brittney is definitely a big sports fan, and she got a kick out of the Antonio Brown kick-to-the-face of Spencer Lanning play. There's often amusing soundtracks to go with her posts. Once you get used to her extremely deep voice, she's really funny. In one video she tries to wink at the camera but uses the wrong eye and looks like she's having a seizure, at which point she says "Gotta' wink wit' my good eye, not my bad eye." As you might know, Griner threw down the first dunk in WNBA history.

But let's not forget that Brittney's girlfriend Glory is also a talented WNBA player. She plays for the Tulsa Shock, while Brittney plays for the Phoenix Mercury. Both of their home team states had gay marriage bans, which was as annoying to Brittney and Glory as you can imagine. Then Attorney General Eric Holder swooped in and made gay marriage legal in Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia, and Wisconsin. I imagine that makes their decision on which state to get married in a lot easier. It must be weird having to play against the person you're about to get married to, though. What if one of them is forced to intentionally foul the other, and they do it too hard and flagrant-foul instead? Hypothetically, could you call that an abusive relationship?