Mike Modano’s wife Allison Micheletti


  1. starfan

    It’s great to see Mo looking so happy…the previous (Ford) was a waste of time. I know it’s too soon, but, I could see some beautiful babies?!

  2. Fan

    I agree, she’s much more beautiful than that trash he was with. I met Allison, very sweet and smart. Mike couldn’t keep his hands off of her, in such a sweet way. You can see the genuine love between them.

  3. Michael

    This is the perfect time for Mikey Mo to settle down and build/raise a family with Allison. And if she is the family-oriented girl she apparently is, she is the perfect mother for Modano’s children. Having recently retired, Mike can be the kind of father that it’s tough for a professional athlete to be, having to travel all the time.

    The two seem like as perfect a match as one could ask for… Allison was raised in a hockey family with an NHL pedigree (her uncle and father played in the NHL and is the color commentator for the New York Rangers), and Modano is an avid golfer.

    Instead of fighting with his future wife over “golf time” and “wife time”, they can both enjoy their passion of golf TOGETHER. It might sound corny, but that is what a happy marriage is all about. Not to mention, they can also watch hockey TOGETHER since she is a major hockey fan.

    I am so happy for both of them. Mike Mo is an American hockey legend and my childhood idol, and she is absolutely gorgeous. I see children in the not-so-distant future!!

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