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Mike Modano's wife Willa Ford

08/07/2012: It never seems to last forever.

Mike Modano and Willa Ford are calling it splits. The all-time leading US points scorer in NHL history is apparently less charming without a day job, as just a year has gone by since Modano retired from the game. In a joint statement to people magazine, the two said,

"It is with great sadness that after five years of marriage, Willa and Mike have decided to divorce. They remain friends and wish each other success and happiness.

Modano is 41, and Ford is 31.

NHL players do all right for themselves.

Take Mike Modano for example. In the twilight of the impressive career, Modano hooked up with 90's pop star Willa Ford. The two dated for a couple years before Willa Ford broke the news of their engagement in November, 2006, and the two were married in August, 2007. When Ford broke the news of her engagement to Modano, she admitted that he popped the question while they were in bed together in October, 2006. But like most men who would be able to get her in bed, promises were made that he wasn't able to fulfill right away, as it took him almost a month to get the ring, and it was finally made official over Thanksgiving.

Ford entered the public eye in the late 90's due in large part to her relationship with Backstreet Boy Nick Carter. At that time, she was a kid friendly pop artist. After a split with her record label, Ford re-entered the picture in 2001 with the sexually tinged singe, "I Wanna Be Bad."
In 2005, she came back to the spotlight, hosting a MMA reality TV show, which led to her short romance with The Iceman, Chuck Liddell(which happened long before Modano was in the picture). She later went on to become a contestant on the disturbingly successful "Dancing with the Stars," and has most recently played Anna Nicole Smith in a posthumous biopic about the model turned trainwreck.

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10 Responses to “Mike Modano's wife Willa Ford”

  1. Abraham

    She looks happier with her ex-boyfriend Chuck Liddell than with Mo. What's up with that?

  2. Sylvia

    So let me get this right, she's famous for being with famous men? Way to go Mo. lol

  3. paul

    It's nice to see that Mo is into older women. Good luck Mo.

  4. miley

    When is the baby due?! I didn't know your wife was so far along. How exciting!!

  5. Randall

    Why is Chuck Liddell taking pictures with Mo's wife? Did they split up already? That was fast!

  6. Barbara

    Hey Willa! It is nice to see you and Chuck together again. I saw y'all together in Vegas a few weeks ago and wanted to say hi, but I figured y'all wanted to be left alone. Good luck!!

  7. thinds

    If we didn't make this clear, we apologize. Willa dated Chuck Liddell in briefly 2005 before meeting Modano

  8. Flower

    Why doesn't she go by her real name instead of her porno name.

  9. StarsFan

    You could do so much better, Mike.

  10. KitCatCat

    I believe Mike Modano is 10 years OLDER than Willa, not younger.