Damien Woody’s Wife Nicole Woody


  1. Anonymous

    That was rude you didn’t have to comment on her weight. It is her personal business to be the size she’s wants to be. I think she looks beautiful!

  2. None

    It’s not about size, but health. There’s no need to be so rude or ignorant as to believe that EVERY man wants a hungry looking barbie doll. There are many reasons to lose weight and become active..pleasing a judgemental public is not one of them. Healthy weight is healthy weight no matter what, it’s no healthier to be 5’9 and 100 lbs. With your rib cage showing than to be over weight. When young ladies are DYING to be skinny, there’s a peoblem..when people are dying from poor choices, over eating, and lack of exercise..that’s also a problem. Again, it’s about HEALTHY CHOICES!!!

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