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Sean Payton's wife Beth Payton

UPDATE: 07-03-2012: Wow, talk about a bad year. First the bounty scandal gets outed and ends up costing Sean Payton an entire year suspension. Now, he is filing for divorce just a week prior to the couple's 20th wedding anniversary. Sounds like Beth Peyton either has a real problem with the bounty scandal herself, or Sean just can't stand the idea of spending an entire year with his wife while he serves his suspension. Either way, tough year for Payton - especially money wise. While a year suspension will cost him some serious coin, we're guessing that a divorce may just cost more. If I were Beth, I think I'd be watching my back for a Jonathan Vilma blind-side hit...

Sean Payton's wife Beth Payton formed the "Payton's Pay It Forward Foundation" in 2008 stating it's mission as aiming "To improve the lives of families and children in the areas of health, education and social welfare. Geographical areas to be served are Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Texas."
The foundation holds multiple high profile fundraising events annually, which resulted in a donation of more than $350,000 to 9 local charities in early 2009.

Sean and Beth Payton have two children together: son, Connor and daughter, Meghan.

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  1. glenn @ kristen Regmund

    I also have started a pay it forward in Weatherford, Texas ...it works , GOD is good.... Glenn works as VPO with Clint Merchinson at the old stadium .... We are working hard its our dream to open a autiusm camp for disable children , we have a st barbard that is 11 yrs old works with alztimers patients here in Weatherford, tex..... I have 3 austisum kids aka i just lov them did not give the birth to the 3, the one thst i cannot live with out is ansley , and avery they are my granchildren , ansley has a rare disease called DE GEORGE SYMDROME, SHE HAD 2 OPEN HEART SURGERIES THE DAY SHE WAS BORN AT MEDICAL CITY DALLAS, TEX..... AND DOING GOOD SHE SIGNS WHEN SHE WANT SOMETHING TO EAT OR DRINK... , I dont think we get the tickets like we used too , but my husband does not talk about work at home it's family time..... . The kids cannot wear the team jerseys , i will frame them . And also buy the jerseys if needed ' if you can get them signed '.. I dont think it matters they will never know who it is , and 4 of them would like to go to the new stadium one day and see a real game ,,,,,,If this is asking too much i apologize , i know you are for family and GOD, AND SO ARE WE JUST me , wished i looked as pretty as you , and as famous....NOT ..... the famous world is tooo hecteck for our family ...... JUST LET ME KNOW .. God for you is where you sweep away all the mysteries of the world, all the challenges to our intelligence. You simply turn your mind off and say God did it"-- carl sagan Kristen Regmund 8177334721...... GOD BE WITH YOU ....

  2. Daniel Flannigan

    I know Sean Payton has a house with chinese drywall. So does mine, it burnt. I have valuable info for him. I am not asking for anything other than an e-mail address to contact him.
    Daniel Flannigan, CPA, Raleigh NC

  3. john

    i am so sorry to hear about you and your husband splitting.i am much happier myself after my split.hope you are also

  4. Jason

    Hey Beth,
    Come over to Chicago now :)