Rob Kardashian’s girlfriend Dollicia Bryan (Darren Sharper’s ex-girlfriend)


  1. loval

    Never be famous for a sex tape, because no one wants to see you f……. your pimps. And a mother, dear, this pics do not scream MOTHER.. hopefully your son will not see these pics ever!

  2. Anglesea

    GOD!!! shes a whore, dear jesus me. She has slept with the whole world and has a son, how old is this chick. Rob, you failed on this one. Go get a pretty girl who doesnt shake her ass for money and one that hasnt slept with Reggie Bush! that just…wrong. Shes a slut

  3. S A House

    Hey all you hoe haters, first of all you punk A dudes would be happy to kiss that pretty blk As. I spent much time overseas and all you gray boys all ways be the first ones to try and fk the lil nasty foreign super hoes. Been to Brasil lately???

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