Darren Sharper’s Girlfriend Elizabeth Morris and Alleged Rapes


  1. mpg

    You black boys are going to get enough of these White girls. You boys can’t see that the only reason they are around is for the money and fame, Don’t you remember when you couldn’t eat at their table now that you have money you can not only eat at their table but you can buy the table and feed her white daughter. Black boys wake up…..

  2. mpg

    Leave these white girls alone when will you black boys learn one thing for sure we know black boys will fall for anything….When you make a millon just look around the corner no doubt there will be a white girl. Do you think these white women would want you if you didn’t have money lose it and you will find out…..STUPID that’s what they are calling you…White girls will love you until the money is gone..

  3. [email protected]

    It is not about black or white. Women have allegedly been raped while drugged without having consented. Based on the multistate/multiwomen accusatiion I sense it will be revealed as truth as the case (s) proceed through the justice system. As a mother and black woman, I am outraged that ANY man would take advantage of someone’s daughter. I’m also disappointed that the only comment mpg left for this black boy was mpg’s disdain for this former NFL safety’s preference for white women.

  4. Christen

    Funny how these insecure black folks are on here crying about leaving a white woman alone. Seriously, when are we going to stop blaming all of our issues on race? We already have the media trying to make us look bad at every corner. We don’t need to be doing this to ourselves as well!

  5. Anonymous

    Yes it’s a white girl thing and everyone know it is! White folks always bring black people down and black men need need to wake the hell up!

  6. greg

    Black women are just as materialistic as white women. Being a former ball player I have encountered users from all races, male and female. Black women like range rovers and white women like porches. Also, I had this creepy experience with this black guy who I thought was my friend. One night I was getting some advice from him about a disagreement with my wife. I stopped by his house in my lambo to have what I thought was a beer and a little conversation. My so called black friend answered the door in high heels, wig and gstring. Now I know why he was always telling me, your so good looking you can have any women you want. Anyway, if Sharper drugged those women, he needs to pay the price. Getting tired of successful black men throwing it all away on crime and bimbos.

  7. JoZellner

    I knew that Darren Sharpner was stupid when he was signed by the Green Bay Packers and he had the gall to say, Where is Green Bay? He might have graduated from USC…….but what did he major in, stupidity????

  8. E Ray

    I am not judge and jury, dont know if guilty or not but I feel for both of you and wish you both the best. I not sure if you are his woman or was his woman, but i learned a long time ago one woman is enough. Not that I am emplying he had more than one but with a star like you are, there is not need to look at another may god be with you and Darren and its in Gods hands now he will fix it.

  9. k

    sounds like a lot of bitter black women who were left for white women! Get over it! people are attracted to who they are attracted to! Why are there always ignorant people making comments about race! Who gives a shit what race he dates? Are you all so bitter because you thought you had a chance with some of these men? Makes no sense! Ignorant, bitter, jealous people. Do we hear this shit when a black woman dates a white man, are the white women sitting there crying, and posting ignorant comments, and causing issues because the “black women stole our men”? NO! Get over it and maybe check your attitude, you might get a man then, or maybe they want leave you for a white woman next time! Smh!

  10. L

    Daren Sharper im praying for you.These women want drugs and money not sex .They fake it to get what they want.If all these women was rape .How come other women haven’t come forward.Lazy women don’t want to work so they go after men with money.Men wake up and smell the coffee .If you giving a women money stopThey going to lie and say you rape.What happen to Daren can happen to anybody.Rape they need to change law if they don’t report it RET away and know evididence .Throw case out.To many innocent men go to prison.Why its ok for a white man to. have unsafe sex with 100 women and don’t get lock up????

  11. j

    Interesting, Darren Sharper wanted those beckies so bad that he was willing to rape. Did he really think that they saw him as a “different” kind of black man? Not hardly. To person calling black women bitter I hope you have that stance when the police shoot you for no reason. I would hate to see these “bitter” black women marching for you like they always do.

  12. Dave

    You people are mental. All we know is at least 7 women raped and at least 11 women were drugged. The women who testified were anonymous. In every case Mr. Sharper picked these women up at a bar, gave them a drugged drink, then raped them. Who cares what color their skin was?

  13. Dedra R. Adams

    Bitter black women? Hoe please , bitter about the fact yall lay your ass out in the sun trying to look like a black women? Putting collegen in your lips to look like black women? Black women dont need to change their attitudes because its those attitudes that only allow for strong black men who arent attracted to the weak white woman, that is why those black men date yall because youre easy pray, yall give up sex without effort . Lmao real talk

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