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Archie Manning's wife and Peyton and Eli Manning's mother, Olivia Manning

With Eli Manning leading the Giants into the Super Bowl being hosted in Peyton Manning's hometown team's city, we know that the Manning family will be prominently featured during all the various game coverage. With that in mind, let's meet the Olivia Williams Manning, aka the matriarch of the Manning family; the wife of Archie Manning and the mother to Peyton, Eli and Cooper.

Archie Manning met the former Olivia Williams while attending Ole Miss together. Archie, obviously leading the Ole Miss football team followed every stereotype in the book, when he began dating Olivia, who also wound up being the homecoming queen her senior year. The two were married in May, 1971, shortly after Archie was drafted by the Saints with the 2nd pick in that year's draft.
Archie and Olivia had their first son Cooper in 1974, with Peyton and Eli born in 1976 and 1981 respectively.

Aside from being the only female in an entirely male and entirely football crazy household, Olivia has developed a name for herself as an incredibly devoted charitable figure. Olivia has worked tirelessly in the family's hometown of New Orleans, especially following Hurricane Katrina. Though the Manning's home in the Garden District escaped significant damage, Olivia joined a foundation, "Women of the Storm," which aided in the efforts to help rebuild the city.
Women of the Storm is a charity which states it's mission as, "to educate leaders and gain attention to the scale and breadth of devastation caused in the wake of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita by inviting all members of Congress and others who set the national agenda to visit New Orleans and coastal Louisiana to see first-hand the unprecedented damage, the challenges of rebuilding, the signs of progress, and how Louisiana’s recovery has a direct impact on every state in the nation."

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9 Responses to “Archie Manning's wife and Peyton and Eli Manning's mother, Olivia Manning”

  1. Karen cieslak

    Olivia has done a wonderful job in raising her children. They all are wonderful caring men whom represent the embodiment of role models. Fantastic job Olivia!

  2. Lydie

    you say sanchez got a lot of money but he relaly didnt. theres 2 years on his contract where he has NO MONEY. also im not saying sanchez is good but people make him sound horrible and hes relaly not. im not saying 26 td and 18 int is that good its pretty bad but people talk about him like he threw 10 td and 30 int

  3. Marge

    To Olivia Manning - -It is with great pleasure I have been reading about all your family. How proud you must be of all of them! Your 3 sons sound like wonderful men. I always watch the game when Peyton and Eli are playing. It won't be long, as the season is just about upon us. My husband and I have visited NOLA 3 times and love the city. Our prayers to everyone for safety in the wake of Hurricane Issac. Take care and thank you for your lovely family.

  4. Sherrie Buras

    Olivia - If you look up the word Mother in the dictionary you should find a picture of you. Your sons are incrediable men. They are great role models and they are demostrating what a person can do if they say honest and true to their dreams. I have always told people that you should write a book on how to raise a boy to be a man. I want to give kudos to Archie because he has played a big role in leading his sons. You are both wonderful people and New Orleans is truly blessed to have you living here. Just a side note I have Archie's signature from his Saint's days. I was with my parents out eating and I saw him sitting at a table not far from us. First my father told me no that I could not bother him but he finally let me go over. Archie was so kind. I was 9 or 10 I am now 51 and I still show people my Archie Manning autograph.

  5. Jane Edgington

    Mrs. Manning - I am from Michigan and would never be untrue to the Lions, but I follow the Broncos and Giants every chance I get. Your sons Peyton and Eli are excellent role models for young athletes and all young people as well. You and your husband did a great job raising them, congratulations.

  6. Gale stanley

    Watching the Broncos and Giants.. Saw you and Archie. I sure would not want to be in your shoes. It brought a tear to my eye.

  7. Hal Jaffe

    Olivia, Did you work for Robert Krivcher at one time? Just curious. Also, if you did, did "Eli's" name have anything to do with knowing my father's name?

  8. Jen

    I wonder if Olivia Manning had a girl what her name would be?

  9. Santiago

    Hi Olivia Manning i was wondering if you could tell me about my grandmother Susan Harper/Guidry. I was told that you knew and my mom Alicia Harper, who had gone to Newman. My grandmother died in 2003 when i was only 2 so i did not know much about her,So i was wondering if you had any stories to tell.