Mike Tirico’s Wife Debbie Tirico


  1. Jon

    Tirico can be cool at times – aloof at others. He is lucky to be working at The Mothership because not long after he was hired in 1991 he got involved in an incident described in Pages 180-183 (or so) of the Michael Freeman ESPN Book.

    Edwin Van Dusen – who was highly thought of there and was on a fast track to superstardom there sent inner office messages to Mark Corcoran describing in graphic details what he wanted to do to fellow PA C.J. Silas – the latter interned for Tirico when Mike was in Syracuse. Tirico was also involved in the incident and was very lucky not to be fored, too.

  2. Grown Up Man

    Well now, Mrs Debbie, this will be either your finest…or worst community “project”….take no advice–yet, from Roger!…-Michael, as a REAL father of 2 girls ( me), I’d be your WORST nightmare: (

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